Duxbury Braille
Translation Software
Gaeir (rhymes with “fire”) Dietrich
High Tech Center Training Unit of the
California Community Colleges
Software Specifics
Duxbury 10.7
During install load the Word template
– Nice information in help on using it
Best news: We now have undo!!!! We
can do math in Word with MathType!
Designed to Accept Word
Use Word paragraph styles
– Normal, Body Text
– Headings One, Two, Three
– List, Bulleted List, Numbered List
– Index levels one-nine
Can also use attribute styles
– Strong (for bold)
– Emphasis (for italic)
With Template
Preset styles for
– Foreign languages
– Computer Braille Code (CBC)
– Stairstep indents
– Headings
Also, styles based on Braille indents
Transcriber Speak
Standard Braille page
– 40 cells
– 25 lines
– Begin in a particular cell
– Runovers (i.e., following lines) go in
particular cells
Might begin in cell 3 with runovers in cell 1
Attaching the Template
With the Braille template installed
– Open the Word doc
– Go to the Tools menu
– Select Templates and Add in
– Check the update box
– Browse to the BANA* template
* Braille Authority of North America
– Select Attach
Attaching BANA Template
When to Use the
For complex formatting
For foreign language
For computer code
To see how the document will look in
When Not to Use
Do not use the template when you
have a lot of tables
Duxbury will automatically create a
stair-step indent
– The template requires that you apply the
stair-step styles
Taming Word
Hardest part is knowing what Word is
up to…
Go to Tools menu > Autocorrect
Autoformat As You Type
Autoformat as you type is automatic.
Autoformat is manual.
Go figure…
We now want
– “smart quotes” okay
– Em dashes and en dashes okay
We still do not want
Superscripted ordinals
Special characters (e.g., ©)
Ellipses character
Curly quote apostrophe at front of a word
Autoformating lists is your choice
Smart Tags
To completely disable “smart tags”
Deselect under Tools > Autocorrect
Options > Smart Tags
Deselect under Tools > Options >
Edit > Cut and Paste Options
Basic Smart Tags
Cut and Paste Smart Tags
Format Files
Use styles
Unknown styles are brought through
as “none”
– Flush left, no indent
Use search and replace (Ctrl + H) to
change publisher styles to standard
Handy Style Shortcuts
Heading One
– Ctrl + Alt + 1
Heading Two
– Ctrl + Alt + 2
Heading Three
– Ctrl + Alt + 3
Change case
– Shift + F3
File Clean Up
The good news is…there hardly is
Duxbury 10.7 can handle most Word
The bad news is that what’s needed is
a bit tricky…
Opening Apostrophe
10.7 still confuses an opening apostrophe
with a single quote when curly quotes are
– ‘tis
– ‘o
You can turn off the smart quotes entirely!
– But you don’t have to: turn off just while
searching; search for space apostrophe
Fixing Opening
Search for single quotes, but do not auto
Change to straight quote
– Select the apostrophe
– Retype
– Immediately Ctrl + Z if smart quotes
are turned on
OR turn off “smart quotes” just during
search and replace
From Scratch
If you are entering open apostrophes
from scratch
– Use Ctrl+' then '
– You will get a curly quote going the
correct direction!
– Duxbury handles these correctly!
Selecting Text in Word
Shift click
– Click mouse once where selection begins
– Move to end of selection
– Hold down shift key and click mouse once
Select a single word
– Double click on word
– Use arrow keys with shift key down
Selecting Continued
Select a paragraph
– Triple click
Select one line
– With cursor at beginning of line
Hold down shift key and tap down arrow once
 Hold down shift key and tap end key
Ctrl + down arrow
– Moves you to beginning of next
– Very handy for inserting “bullet” asterisks
Ctrl + home
– Moves to top of document
Ctrl + end
– Moves to bottom of document
Auto Page Numbering
Text on Word page must match book
Use hard page breaks
– Ctrl + Enter
Adjust margins or font sizes as
Set Page Numbers
Insert > Page Numbers
Not page one?
If the document does not begin with
Arabic number one (1)
– Choose Format
Done in Word
Formatting and clean up complete
Save document
Close Word
– Important for running macro
Open Duxbury
Duxbury Settings
Global > Word Importer
Please Note
If you are using the BANA template,
do not select Duxbury’s courier to CBC
That will undo to template settings.
Embosser Setup
Global > Embosser Setup
Two Embosser Settings
For individual documents not following
Document > Embosser Setup
Opening File in Dux
File > Open
Select template
If using BANA template in Word, use
BANA template in Dux
– Includes textbook page numbers
If not using Word template
– Can use standard if no page numbers
– Use textbook template for page numbers
– Can use textbook all the time
In Duxbury
– Ctrl + T
– Ctrl + E
You’re done!
Standard Braille paper is 11 x 11.5 in.
Buy it 19-hole punched
Get a comb binding machine
Use Duxbury to create a title page
Can use Braille paper for front/back cover
– For larger volumes, cut light poster board paper
to size
– Plastic covers available from APH
BANA site
– www.brailleauthority.org
– Great resource for formatting questions
High Tech Center Training Unit
– www.htctu.net
– Basic information on using Duxbury
Braille Sources
American Printing House (APH)
– www.aph.org
National Library Services (NLS)
– Good source of Braille music
Alternate Text Production Center
– www.atpc.org
– Sells Braille outside CCCs—many

Duxbury Braille Translation Software