Inspiring Teachers Behind Cadets:
Inspiring Teachers Behind Cadets
Francelia Outten
School of Employment - St. Augustine’s College
Current Position – Head of Language Department
at St. Augustine’s College
Educational Background
Has been employed there
since 1984
A teacher of Spanish and
French for over 25 years
Bachelor of Arts degree
in French and Spanish
from Northeastern
Diploma in Education
from C.O.B/U.W.I
Master of Science degree
in Psychology from
California Coast
David W. J. Lee M.A
School of Employment - St. Andrews School
Current Position – Language teacher at St.
Andrews School
Educational Background
• M.A in French Translation
• Post Graduate Certificate in
Secondary Education
• B.A Joint Honors in French
and Anthropology
•Worked in Japan as and EFL
and French Teacher
• For PGCE, spent year
teaching in Wales UK.
Advice to students - Languages give access to
exciting new cultures and
experiences. The Bahamas
should embrace their cultural
diversity and use it to make the
teaching of French and Spanish
relevant and interesting – E.g.
Haitian and Cuban populations
Ms. Michelle Andrea Carey
School of Employment – Jordan/Prince Williams
Baptist High School
Current Position – Spanish Teacher a Prince
Williams Baptist High School
Educational Background
• Graduate of Immaculate
Conception High School
• Shortwood Teacher’s
• University of the West
Indies, Mona Jamaica
Vision - To see a bilingual society that caters to
the frequent Hispanic visitors
and that will equip its citizens
to function in a global
Advice to students - Value the opportunity you
have to learn a second
language, especially in an
island enticing to foreign
Samira Coleby
School of Employment – Queen’s College
Current Position – French Teacher and also part
of QC’s Language Team
Educational Back ground
11 years of experience
for Bahamian students
Vision – To develop the French Language and to
expand a European Culture in
the Bahamas.
Advice to students – Fluency in a language can
take you to study in one of
the best schools in Paris
without any cost.
Elthinia Christina Miller-Brooks
School of Employment – Government High School
Current Position – Language Teacher at Government
High School
Educational Background
• Aquinas College
• 4 GCE’s – English, History, Spanish
and Biology
• College of the Bahamas – Associates
Degree in English and Spanish
• Teacher’s Certificate
Vision – For Spanish to be made mandatory in
schools, in pursuit of the intention that is
become the second language of the Bahamas.
Advice to students - Don’t be afraid to speak the
language. Do not hold back for fear of making a
mistake. Watch foreign language channels on
the local media and practice with others when
ever the opportunity arises.
Nadine Elizabeth Salmon
School of Employment – St. John’s College
Current Position – Spanish Teacher in the
Modern Language Department
of St. John’s College
Educational Background
• Bachelors Degree in
Modern Languages, UWI,
• Post Graduate Diploma
in Education in the
Faculty of Arts and
Education at UWI
• In progress – MSC. in
Instructional Technology
and Distance Education
Programme at Nova
Southeastern University,
Vision – To make learning a reality through
motivation and teaching. Also
to ensure that her students
have opportunities to learn a
foreign language, to
encourage there participation
in class and school activities.
Advice to students – Travel and interact with
Native speakers of the
Mrs. Charlotte Humes
School of Employment – C.V. Bethel High School
Current Position – Head of Department for
Foreign Languages at C.V.
Bethel High School
Educational Background
• Jordan Prince Williams
• Havergal College in
Toronto Canada
• Bachelor of Arts Degree
from University of
• Diploma of Education
from College of The
Patricia Romero
School of Employment – C.R. Walker High School
Current Position – Language Teacher of French at
C.R. Walker
Educational Background
14 years of teaching
University of Costa Rica
Vision – Breaking down barriers that separate people
and helping them to draw closer to
each other is an ideal and passion
in life. It is my hope that as the
numbers of bilingual persons
increase, the need to learn
languages will be passed from
parents to their children at an early
age, and that will motivate them to
take the learning process of foreign
languages at school seriously.
Advice – Don’t be afraid to communicate, even if you
make mistakes.
Demetra Rolle
School of Employment – Doris Johnson Senior
High School
Current Position – Spanish teacher of grades 1012, Coaches: Drama Club,
Future Teachers of the
Bahamas Program, Latin
Dance Club and co-advises
the Modern Language Club
Spanish teacher at Old
Bight High School, Old
Bight, Cat Island in 1999,
for three years
Vision – Teach and help children to discover
new things about the world
around them.

Inspiring Teachers Behind Cadets: