Pick up a Passport & Project Sheet and keep
them both on your desk!
On a separate sheet in English, write a
complete sentence about something you are
interested in learning about the Spanish
language this year. It can be anything!
Fechas importantes:
Duolingo: 31 de agosto (100 XP)
Internship: 21 de agosto
- Para el 1 de septiembre
- ¿Preguntas?
y escucha
How many people on Earth do you think speak
English as their first language?
How many people on Earth do you think speak
Spanish as their first language?
Take a wild guess …
You’ll be able to communicate with the
estimated 350 MILLION people who speak Spanish
as their native language across the 21 countries
where Spanish is the official language
English is right behind that- between 325 and 350
million people speak English natively
Spanish is the second
most commonly
spoken language in
the world. More
people speak Spanish
natively than English!
1. Chinese2
Approx. number
of speakers
2. Spanish
3. English
4. Hindi
5. Arabic3
Are you looking for a career in business?
Healthcare? Education? Government?
An article by AOL jobs explains how being
bilingual can affect your career
“Thirty-one percent of executives speak two
languages, according to a poll of 12,562
visitors to the Korn/Ferry International Web
site. An additional 20 percent speak three
languages, 9 percent speak four languages
and 4 percent speak more than four”
“Employees who are bilingual in English and Spanish are
particularly in demand. Latinos are now the nation's largest
minority group, accounting for half of the nation's population
growth since April 2001, according the U.S. Census Bureau.
This group brings big potential for profits. Hispanic buying
power reached nearly $700 billion last year, according to
estimates by HispanTelligence, a division of Hispanic Business,
Inc. That buying power could reach as much as $1 trillion by
“The need for bilingual workers is most
pronounced in the
South and West, where
the concentration of non-English speaking
residents is highest.”
UGA Foreign Language Requirement
Georgia State Foreign Language Requirement
West Georgia Foreign Language Requirement
Speaking two languages can
literally make you smarter
Today you’ve learned lots of reasons for learning
Spanish- but there are definitely more out there!
Take the rest of class to use what you’ve learned
and start jotting down ideas for your project on
the back of your instructions sheet. During the
last 5 minutes of class I’ll stamp your trabajo in
clase after I look at what you’ve written down.

Why Study Spanish?