Señora Neumann-Hayes
Horas de consulta
 Antes de la escuela (Campo Sur, Aula 404)
 Períodos 5, 6, 10(Campo Norte, despacho de los
profesores de lenguas extranjeras)
 Por cita (después de la escuela – Campo Norte)
Descripción del curso
 Class will be conducted in Spanish and students will
be expected to use Spanish daily in the classroom. It is
recommended that students use Spanish outside the
classroom as well.
 To practice and apply their skills, students will
participate in Spanish in daily activities and class
discussions. They will write compositions in Spanish
as well as give oral presentations and complete projects
individually and collaboratively.
Política de asistencia
 Attendance is extremely important because new
material is presented daily at a rigorous pace.
Therefore, frequent absences will be detrimental to
student success. Being late disrupts the class, so
please come to class on time.
 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tardies – warnings
 4th tardy (and subsequent tardies) – Saturday
detention (per school policy)
Política de tarea
 Daily assignments must be completed at the beginning of
each class period. If you fail to complete your
homework, you will receive an after-school 20-minute
detention. If you fail to serve your detention within 1
week, you will receive a Saturday.
 When there is no written assignment, you are expected to
review vocabulary and notes on your own.
 Students with an excused absence have ONE WEEK to
make up tests and quizzes in the study hall. If you miss inclass listening activities, you have ONE WEEK to make
them up and they must be done by appointment with the
profesora. After that, your grade will remain a ZERO – no
Grading Scale
 Criterios para evaluar
al estudiante:
Escala de calificación:
 90 - 100
 20% listening
 80 – 89.99
 20% reading
 70 – 79.99
 20% writing
 60 – 69.99
 20% speaking
 ≤59 .99
 20% grammar
** Semester and final exams are worth 20% of your grade. There is NO
extra credit available. Also, grades will NOT be rounded at the end
of the semester! You must earn at least a 75.0% in order to continue
to Spanish 4.
Reglas de la clase
 1. Respect your classmates, your teacher, languages, and other
cultures. Be courteous and listen when others are speaking.
Disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated.
2. Be on time and come prepared, with all of your materials and
3. Participate using only Spanish in the classroom!
4. When you miss a class, it is YOUR responsibility to find out
what you missed.
5. Make sure to do your own work.
***CHEATING IS UNACCEPTABLE. If students cheat, all
persons involved will earn a ZERO! SEE CHEATING /
Ojo: plagiarism includes using an online computer
6. Be accountable for yourself!
El club de español
 Spanish students (1-AP)
 2012-2013 activities:
 No membership
 septiembre: scavenger hunt
 Events announced in
 octubre: Día de los Muertos
 Once per month
 Some activities are free,
others have a fee
 noviembre: CLV (15-18)
 diciembre: “Fiesta Mexicana”
 febrero: proyecto de servicio
 marzo: noche de inmersión
 abril: una película
 mayo: lección de cocinar
Concordia Language Villages
 Bemidji, MN
 November, 2012
 Immersion experience
 Culture
 Counselors from Hispanic
 Cost
 Program fee: $207
 With transportation: $250$260
 Need registration form, health
form, $50 deposit (check) made
out to Concordia Language
 25 spots available
 Contact Profesora Charles:
 June, 2013
 Any AHS student that has
completed Spanish 2 or higher
 Base cost: $3,000+.
 Hotels, host family stays (1-1),
meals, transportation, all
 Additional – transportation to
O’Hare, fuel price increase,
personal spending money
 Payment deadlines
 October: 1st payment due
 Informational meeting:
(NC 136)
 Contact Profesora Psket:

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español 3!