World Languages Webinar
December 2008
Robert Crawford
Coordinator, World Languages
West Virginia Department of Education
Program Showcase
Program Updates
Pilot Opportunities
Upcoming Professional Development
• Student Opportunities
• County Announcements
College Board Chinese Guest
Teacher Program
China Initiative
• State Superintendent
Steve Paine joins
College Board trip to
• 21st Century Skills
Initiative committed
to World Language
education and global
• Eight districts in West Virginia currently host
College Board Visiting Chinese Teachers (Barbour,
Harrison, Kanawha, Lincoln, Mason, Monongalia,
Putnam and Wood)
• Cultural ambassadors that have generated
awareness of China and Asia
• Diversity of language offerings
• Reciprocal sharing of culture, education and belief
• Connecting to the global world
2008/2009 College Board Teachers
Benefits of the China Guest Teacher
• Chinese language program can be launched with
minimal initial investment
• Similar programs in other states
• Students can learn authentic Chinese language
and interact with native-Chinese speaker
• Teacher can serve as a cultural resource in other
• School can build pipeline to AP Chinese classes
About the Chinese Teachers
Teaching certificate in China
Speak Standard Mandarin
Bachelor’s degree (or higher)
Three or more years teaching experience
Selected through rigorous screening process
Travel with J-1 visa
May work up to 3 years
Host Institution Responsibilities
• Sign contract with the College Board
• Pay administrative fee of $2,000 (cover visa
processing etc.)
• Provide housing (school facilities, rented
apartment, homestay)
• Provide local transportation
• Provide mentoring and access to regular
professional development opportunities
• Verify intent to continue Chinese program by
hiring a full-time teacher
Host Institutions Responsibilities
(Potential 2009 Updates)
• Visa sponsor policy change
• Potential of increased funding required by
• Decrease in the number of basics and amenities
required from districts
Application Process
• Notification of interest to WVDE by Friday,
January 16, 2009
• Application must be submitted to WVDE by
Friday, January 30, 2009
• WVDE will review applications, provide
technical assistance, make recommendations &
submit to College Board.
Selection Criteria- Making the Case!
• General College Board selection criteria:
▫ Potential for consistent or expanding student
enrollment in a Chinese language course
▫ Evidence of program support
▫ Teaching Assignment
▫ Ability to serve as model for other districts/schools
Program Updates
• Instructional Materials Adoption
▫ Materials were approved by the West Virginia
Board Of Education
▫ RESA Caravan
February 10 - RESA III
February 11 - RESA V
February 14 - RESA I
February 16 - RESA VII
February 19 - RESA IV
Upcoming Pilot Projects
• Middle School
LinguaPod Program
• Piloting in the 2nd
quarter of spring 09
• Application
▫ Deadline: January 9
Upcoming Professional Development
• E-Learns World Language Course
▫ Start Date: March 11
▫ Registration Opens: February 1
• WVFLTA call for proposals
▫ Deadline: January 31
▫ Access proposal
Student Opportunities
ACTFL student podcast contest
Will celebrate Discover Languages month during
February 2009. For specific contest rules, go to or
Announcements & Questions
• County Announcements
• Questions ?
• Next Webinar: March 2009

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