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The Great Wall Of China
• The Great wall of China is about 5,500
miles long.
• It was made to protect the Chinese from
northern invaders
The Forbidden City
• This is located in Beijing, China
• The Forbidden City was home to 24 of the
Ming and Qing dynasty.
The Terracotta Warriors
• These warriors were made in the Qin
dynasty by emperor Shihuangdi.
• These soldiers were found in 1974 by
some local farmers
Chinese Money
• China was the first country to use paper
money as a currency.
• In china money is called Renminbi
Chinese Symbols
• There are about 13,500 Chinese
characters in the Chinese language.
Buddha Temples
• There are many Buddha temples
throughout China
• Most of these temples were built between
Shanghai, China
• Shanghai is the largest city in China
• This city has more than 20 million people
living there
Beijing, China
• Beijing is the capital of China.
• This is the second largest city in China
with nearly 17 million people living there.
Hong Kong, China
• Hong Kong is one the biggest cities in
• This city is about 426 sq. miles
• This city is about 95% ethnic Chinese and
only 5% of other groups.
The Yangtze River
• This is one of the major rivers in China
• The Yangtze River is about 3,915 miles
The Yellow River
• The Yellow River is another major river in
• This river is an estimated 3,395 miles long.
The Taklamakan Desert
• This is the biggest desert in China.
• This desert is located in the largest basin,
Tarim in the Xinjiang Province
The Himalayas
• The Himalayas borders China in the south
• The Himalayas include over 100 different
The Karsts Mountains
• These are the Karsts Mountains in the
southern province Gauguin and is a very
popular tourism sight in China.
Dazu Rock Carvings
These are located in the Dazu
• This place includes 75 sights with over
50,000 sculptures.
Mount Tai
• This is located in the northern part of
• At the bottom of this mountain there is the
Temple of God of Mount Tai.
The Mangao Caves
• They are located in
• This is a system of
492 temples for

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