Introduction to CICA
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About Context Inspired
Component Architecture
• Syntax-neutral architecture
• Facilitates creation of XML business messages
• Enables X12 to use the same architecture as
future markup languages are developed
– Protects an organization’s investment in business content
development by creating a reusable common structure that
can be expressed in a variety of syntaxes, e.g., XML
schema, industry specific implementation guides, X12 EDI
transaction sets or future markup languages
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About CICA Cont.
• Enhances the reusability & interoperability of
message structure
• Facilitates a common reusable vocabulary
across multiple industries
– Creates an environment for convergence with
other standards organizations, industry
associations or data content committees
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Benefits of CICA
• Establishes a common vocabulary & framework,
enabling developers to operate in an
environment of flexibility & agility
• Once your business information is built into the
CICA model, you have a complete & reusable
repository of modular business data that can be
inserted into any kind of business document
– This enables businesses to reduce development
costs and achieve a more rapid return on
business messaging investments
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CICA Components
• Generic objects of business process, such as
“name” or “date”
• As these components are inserted into their
appropriate place within the process, they
acquire specific meaning, e.g. the “purchaser’s
name” or “date of birth”
• Since CICA data is built only one time,
components can be reused to fulfill a myriad of
business data exchange needs
– CICA data structures can be used for multiple
industries, e.g., insurance, finance, health care,
transportation, etc.
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CICA Components
Neutral Line
Neutral Line
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CICA Components - Diagrams
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We Build a Template
Delivery-Based Invoice Slots
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Invoice Identifiers
Line Items
We Look at the Data
• Data Points
Delivery-Based Invoice
Invoice Number
Invoice Date
Invoice Date Due
PO Number
PO Date
Invoice Identifiers
Line Items
PO Line item
Item ID
Item Description
Invoiced Quantity
Unit Price
Extended Amount Due
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Bill to Name
Bill to DUNS Number
Bill to Address Line 1
Bill to Address Line 2
Bill to City
Bill to State
Bill to Zip code
Bill to Country
Remit to Name
Remit to DUNS Number
Remit to Address Line 1
Remit to Address Line 2
Remit to City
Remit to State
Remit to Zip code
Remit to Country
Ship to Name
Ship to Location ID
Ship to Address Line 1
Ship to Address Line 2
Ship to City
Ship to State
Ship to Zip code
Ship to Country
We Create Modules
Delivery-Based Invoice
Line Items
Line Number
Item ID
Item Description
Unit Price
Unit Price
Extended Price
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Line Items Module is
comprised of three
CICA Blocks with
Primitives under each
We Create Blocks &
Buyer Module is
Delivery-Based Invoice
comprised of two CICA
Assemblies with two
CICA Blocks under
Bill To
Bill To Party
Organization Name
“Organization Name” Primitive
DUNS Number
Organization Name
Bill To Location
“DUNS Number” Primitive
DUNS Number
“Address” Component
Ship To
Ship To Party
Ship To Address
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Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Code
How to get Help
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