Zip Zoom English
This 3 level print and technology program
for K-3 English-language learners is
proven to develop and build:
•Oral language and vocabulary in English
•Phonemic awareness and phonics
•Sight word recognition and beginning
reading skills
Build Oral Language
Speakers of English come to school knowing thousands of words
which they will be using to read and spell in order to communicate
But beginning-level English-language learners need to be taught that
same vocabulary before they can participate in phonics and reading
instruction. Otherwise they are just “word callers”- decoding but
having no comprehension of what they are reading.
Zip Zoom carefully introduces vocabulary necessary for Englishlanguage learners and teaches high meaning and high frequency words
which will accelerate and facilitate their learning of English.
With this need for formal instruction in vocabulary in mind, each Zip
Zoom lesson begins with building oral vocabulary through ReadAloud trade books followed by a presentation of lesson vocabulary
through the Word & Picture Books.
Build Oral Language
•Read-Aloud Books
•Word & Picture Books
Build Oral Language
Using the Zip Zoom “Word Buzz” software, the
student again receives instruction in the lesson’s
key vocabulary.
Here is an example from the level one, lesson three
theme, MY FAMILY.
Build Oral Language
Build Oral Language
The vocabulary instruction on the software is followed by a
comprehension activity to ensure that students have understood the
new key words for the lessons.
Build Oral Language
Sounds & Letters
Once students have received instruction in vocabulary, they will proceed
with instruction in Phonemic Awareness and Phonics skills.
Each lesson in Zip Zoom English targets selected letters and sounds.
In class, students participate in teacher lead songs and chants that
highlight the targeted sound/letter followed by teacher lead direct
instruction on the same sound/letter.
This is done through the Song & Chant Poster Book and audio CD.
Sounds & Letters
•Song & Chant
Poster Book
Sounds & Letters
The “Alpha Beat” section of the Zip Zoom
software presents the same songs and chants
learned in class and features additional
instruction in some of the same sounds and
letters as the instruction received in class.
Sounds & Letters
Sounds & Letters
The “Alpha Beat” section of the Zip Zoom software also contains a
comprehension activity based on the targeted letters, sounds and
vocabulary covered in the lesson.
Sounds & Letters
Reading…isn’t that why all children come to school? To learn to read?
Well the final lessons in Zip Zoom bring together the vocabulary,
phonemic awareness and phonics skills taught in the Zip Zoom lessons
to enable students to decode and read short little books called “CriticalWord Readers”.
These little books were designed especially for English-Language
Learners and contain carefully controlled vocabulary which includes the
use of high meaning and high frequency words which were taught in the
Zip Zoom lessons.
Students receive direct instruction in class on the little books as well as
in the Zip Zoom software “Book Blast.”
•Critical-Word Readers
After reading the Critical-Word Readers in the “Book Blast”
section of the Zip Zoom software, students work on “Make a
Book” to create and personalized their own take home “criticalword reader” to practice the lesson’s high meaning and high
frequency words at home.
Professional Guides
The Zip Zoom Professional Guides bring together all the components
of Zip Zoom English print and technology so that teachers have all they
need to successfully implement Zip Zoom English.
Each lesson contains scripted, direct instruction for teachers followed
by differentiated practice for each lesson available on the Teacher
Resource CD .
Professional Guides
Teacher Resource
Professional Guides
For planning ease, there is an overview for each lesson and
all the sessions contained within it.
The lessons are divided into:
• “Listening & Expressing” and “Speaking &
Communicating” which are the oral language and vocabulary
building parts of the lesson that coincide with the “Word
Buzz” software on Zip Zoom.
• “Connecting Sounds & Letters” which are the phonemic
awareness and phonics lessons and coincide with the “Alpha
Beat” software.
•“Reading & Writing” which coincides with the “Book Blast”
part of the software.
Professional Guides
Each Zip Zoom lesson is wrapped up by an
assessment which tests the lesson’s targeted oral
vocabulary, phonics and reading of high meaning and
high frequency words.
Student performance is recorded in the teacher
management system.
Teachers receive detailed reports on student performance
on assessments and achievement over time.
The Zip Zoom English program includes enrollment in the
Scholastic RED online professional development course
titled Reading Success for English-Language Learners.
In this new Scholastic RED online course, teachers learn
how to adapt instruction, assess progress, and reinforce
learning to help every English-Language learner become a
successful reader.
In addition to the Scholastic RED course, there are 15
professional development video workshops that stress best
practices in English-Language Learner classrooms. These
15 videos can be found on the Teacher Resource CD.
Zip Zoom English
Print and technology that teach EnglishLanguage Learners:
•Oral language and vocabulary in
•Phonemic awareness and phonics
•Sight word recognition and
beginning reading
Support for teacher professional