• Metaphor – an implied comparison between to unlike
things by saying something ‘is’ something else; A
comparison that is not announced; A comparison that
does not use ‘like’ or ‘as’.
Her eyes are jewels!
• Simile – comparison using ‘like’ or ‘as’.
The pumpkin was as small as a snow globe.
• Imagery – language that appeals to our 5 senses.
The pale pink rose filled the room with a sweet scent,
but it pricked my finger and made me bleed.
• Alliteration - Repeated consonant sounds occurring at
the beginning of words or within words. Alliteration is used
to create melody, establish mood, call attention to important
words, and point out similarities and contrasts.
“The tiny tot told two tales that totally twisted the
• Personification – giving human qualities to an animal,
object, or idea.
Freedom smiled upon her as she walked out of the
court house that day.
• Onomatopoeia – words that mimic sounds.
"The fire crackled and the popcorn popped."
• Hyperbole – a strong exaggeration.
I’ve told you to clean your room a million times!
• Assonance – repeated vowel sounds.
The June moon loomed over the tomb.
• Allusion – a cross reference to another work of art or
history. Allusion is never a detailed lengthy description.
My boyfriend dances like King Kong.
He’s a Nixon if I’ve ever saw one.
• Paradox –something that at first seems like a
contradiction, but in reality it’s true.
“A little learning is a dangerous thing.” - Pope
• Symbolism – something represents a completely
different thing or idea. If something reoccurs a lot in a
story or book, it could be symbolic of something else.
Roses often symbolize love.
• Antithesis – saying the opposite of what you really
You skipped detention with Mr. Farley? That was a real
smart move, man.
• Idiom – expression in a language, that does not mean
what it says.
Cat got your tongue? Or Your driving me up the wall!
• Pun – play on words.
Give us a brake! (On the back of buses or road work signs)
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