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Edited by Biblioteca Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Federico Triana Jimeno
Where to find us
Rules and regulations
Opening hours and calendar
Contact us
Searching for information – Research tools
Borrowing material – Loans
Photocopying services
Computers in the library
Section One
About the Library – SECTION ONE
The Sant’Anna library supports the School’s research and teaching by
building and creating information resources and providing services for
students and staff.
The library holds a permanent collection for social and applied sciences. It
also has reference works and a literature collection. You can access 70.000
books, 160 current printed periodicals and about 30.000 e-journals.
How to reach the library
Inside the library
About the Library – SECTION ONE
Rules and regulations
Please behave with due consideration for others:
When you go into the library:
• Leave your bag in the lockers; you can ask the library staff for a locker
• Sign the library register
• If it’s your first time in the library, apply for your personal library card
at the reference desk. You will need it to access the library and its
Users are required to read the detailed rules and regulations that are posted in the library
About the Library – SECTION ONE
Openig hours & calendar
Public opening: Monday to Friday,
from 8.30 am until 6 pm.
Authorized affiliated members can access
every day (Mon. - Sun.) with the badge of the
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, from 7.30 am until
01 at night.
→ Total or partial closures may occur during
public and summer holidays
About the Library – SECTION ONE
Contact us
Chair of the Library Committee
Prof. Eloisa Cristiani
• Library Manager
Carla Papa +39 050 883.230 [email protected]
• Purchases and Accounting
Carla Papa +39 050 883.230 [email protected]
Vania Campana +39 050 883.229 [email protected]
• Cataloguing Service
Maria Teresa Nevigato +39 050 883.223 [email protected]
Vania Campana +39 050 883.229 [email protected]
• Historical Archives
Silvia Alessi +39 050 883.228 [email protected]
• Electronic Resources and Online Services
Maria Teresa Nevigato +39 050 883.223 [email protected]
Cinzia Pardi +39 050 883.708 [email protected]
• Library Web and Intranet
Silvia Alessi +39 050 883.233 [email protected]
Maria Teresa Nevigato +39 050 883.223 [email protected]
• Periodical Service
Cinzia Pardi +39 050 883.708 [email protected]
Silvia Alessi +39 050 883.228 [email protected]
• Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan
Cinzia Pardi +39 050 883.708 [email protected]
Sabrina Vannozzi +39 050 883.228 [email protected]
Massimo Catassi +39 050 883.227 [email protected]
• Loans and Users Management
Silvia Alessi +39 050 883.228 [email protected]
Sabrina Vannozzi +39 050 883.228 [email protected]
Massimo Catassi +39 050 883.227 [email protected]
Section Two
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
The library holds an important collection of printed material
(books, printed journals) as well as many electronic resources
(e-journals, databases), providing several tools for your
study/research activities.
Next slides will explain how to get a document through the
library resources.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
The Sant’Anna library is an open-shelf library which means you can
access books directly from the shelves.
You can collect the books/journals you need and consult them in the
main hall or in the reading rooms at the second floor.
Main Hall
2 Floor reading rooms
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
If you want to know which books the library holds and where to pick
them up, search in “OPAC Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna”, our online
catalog which allows you to search the collections of the library via
the Internet. Open the online catalog from the library’s web site, as
shown here:
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
To display the catalog English version, simply click on the little flag on
the upper menu bar:
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
Now you can easily search the catalog to find the book you need!
For example: if you enter “climate change” in the basic search dialog box
you’ll find all the books containing these words in any of the fields
avaliable (tiltle/author/subject/etc.). See the example below:
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
On the right-hand side of the results list there is a field (Loc./Holding)
book/journal/document has a code consisting of a capital letter followed
by a number. The letter indicates the knowledge area (collection) and the
number the position (e.g. A-2293).
A – Agriculture
E – Economy
D – Law
F – Political Science
I – Engineering
M – Medicine
L – Literature
P.K. – Peace Keeping
S – History
V - Interdisciplinary
Knowledge area codes
Book location code
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
With this code you can find the books in the shelves following the green
signs. You can get help in finding materials from our staff.
The green
signs indicate
The OPAC allows affiliated members to easily manage their loans,
renewals and reservations. If you have any problems, from outside
the School, just click on the HELP button (top frame of the catalog
menu bar) to find out the best way to use the OPAC facilities .
You can also go through the section “borrowing material – loans” of
this tutorial to learn how to use some of the online catalog services.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
Printed Journals:
All printed journals are listed by title in the library’s website, just click on
Printed Journals. If you are looking for a current issue (current year) you
can collect it in the room on the ground floor, just before the main reading
room. If you need a past issue (from the previous year or earlier), ask for
the key (at the loan desk) and go to the special rooms on the second and
the ground floors.
End of the
main reading
Stairs to the
2nd floor
2nd floor
Stairs to the
ground floor
How to reach the printed journals special rooms
Entrance to
the journals
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
There are thousands of e-journals (abstracts or full text),
interdisciplinary and sectorial databases, plus a collection of CDs and
DVDs containing journals, e-books and special databases.
You can access these electronic resources from the website.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
The library offers access to an increasing number of electronic journals
available through the Internet. You can access these journals from the
Electronic Resources menu, clicking on E-journals.
From the research mask you can browse e-journals by title, subject
category or ISSN number.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Searching for Information – Research tools
The databases are useful tools for finding scientific papers (full text
and abstracts). You can access the databases subscribed by the
library through the web page - click on Databases in library’s home
CDs - DVDs:
The library holds a collection of optical disks providing access to the
electronic version of some printed journals, as well as a wide range of
scientific papers and monographs.
You can view the titles list by cliking on CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs
from the Resources menu.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Seeking Information
Online catalog – OPAC
Summary of the research tools available in the library
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
Rules & regulations
Loans are possible respecting certain rules:
• Number of volumes and length of the loan:
Affiliated members can borrow 10 sets of volumes at a
time, for 2 months.
Alumni can borrow 4 sets at a time, for 1 month.
Non affiliated members can take out 2 sets of volumes
at a time, for 1 month.
Users may request a longer loan period for foreign
language books used in semester classes.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
• Renewal: if the borrowed items are not requested by other users,
they can be renewed twice. You can do renewals at the
reference desk or online from the OPAC website (the
online procedure will be explained later).
• Due date: if the borrowed items are not renewed or returned on
time, the user’s loan privileges are blocked for the same
amount of time as the overdue period.
• Loan exceptions: items with a red tag or marked “E” in red (special
collections, periodicals and non-printed material)
may not be removed from the library.
• Urgent call: the library may recall items within 48 hours if they are
needed for urgent consultation or for inventory or
cataloguing purposes.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
Online management of your loans
You can manage your loans online from the library’s catolog, e.g. for
renewals, reservations, requests, etc.
You can learn below how to use the catalog (OPAC) facilities for the
most common functions regarding loans:
To use the online services you need to sign in the OPAC.
To sign in enter your library card number twice: you will be asked to
change the password after the first time.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
1. How do I know if the book I found is available?
Once you have found a book in the OPAC, if you look in the column
“Bib/Items” you will see two numbers in brackets (x/y). The first number
indicates the number of copies held in the library, the second indicates the
number of copies currently on loan.
In the second case, (2/1) means that there are 2 copies of the book and
only 1 is on loan.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
For more detailed information about book availability, click on the
numbers in brackets or on the location code.
When a date appears in the column named Due Date, it means that the
item is currently on loan, otherwise On shelf will appear. If there are
several copies of the same book, as in this example, you will see the
availability of each copy.
Under Item Status column you can see if the book can be borrowed or not
(Loan / Not on loan).
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
2. How do I reserve an item?
If the item you’ve interested in is currently on loan, from the Holdings
frame click on the underlined Request link to place a hold request.
If other requests have been posted, they will appear under the column No.
of requests. When you click on the Request link you’ll be directed to a
form to complete and submit. You will be e-mailed when the item is
available. You have three days from receiving the e-mail to collect the book
at the loan desk.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
3. How do I renew an item?
If you have borrowed a book and the loan is about to expire, you may
extend the loan period. You can do this easily from the OPAC by cliking on
My library card at the top of the frame. This will access your personal
information page. In the Loans list select the item to be renewed by
cliking on the underlined number in the No. column. In the loan details
screen the Renew button will appear only if you have not exceeded the
renewals allowed.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Borrowing material – Loans
Interlibrary services
Interlibrary services include ILL Interlibrary Loan (for monographs) and
DD Document Delivery (for journal articles).
The library’s interlibrary services are available under the following rules:
•you cannot request more than three ILLs and/or DDs at a time;
• requests must only be for items not owned by the library or by the
“Sistema Bibliotecario Pisano” (the network of libraries of the Pisa
• you must fill in the ILL/DD form available in the library’s home page
below the “Services and forms” menu or use directly the NILDE platform.
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Photocopying/scanning services
The library has two photocopying machines for study and research use, in
compliance with copyright laws. You can get a prepaid card from the General
services office (affiliated members) or buy it from library staff (non-affiliated
members). You MUST NOT photocopy:
• items that do not belong to the library’s collections;
• rare or damaged items.
You can also scan documents and send them to your e-mail account as PDF
files; scanning is free. Photocopying/scanning must be done with extreme
care to avoid damaging the items.
card reader
Library Services – SECTION TWO
Computers in the library
The library has 7 computers and 3 printers which can only be used for
bibliographical researches and study pourposes. In all the reading rooms a
wireless connection is available for personal laptops; ID and PASSW are
required to login (you need a Sant’Anna School e-mail account).
Computers & printers
If you have any suggestions for improving this tutorial,
don’t hesitate to contact the library staff