March 6, 2008
Teacher Certification Overview
New Human Capital Profile System
NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher Overview
Question and Answer Session
NYS Certificate v. NYC License
New York State requires that all teachers and other
school staff be certified.
NY State Certificate
NYC License
•Issued by NYS after all requirements are
•Automatically generated by NYC when
staff is hired (payroll secretary can access)
•Basis for NYC License
•Depends on your NY State certificate and
NYC teaching assignment
•Will expire (except for permanent
•Specifies area for DOE Seniority
NYC Board of Examiners licenses are equivalent to State certification.
Common NY State Certificate Types
Transitional B – Alternative certification; valid for 3 years
Internship – 50% of Master’s, no tests; 2 years
Conditional Initial – Out of State certificate; 2 years
“College Letter” – Not a NYS certificate; 1 year
 Provisional – Most requirements met, save 2 yrs experience; 5 years
 Initial – Most requirements met, save 3 yrs experience; 5 years
 Permanent – All requirements met; no expiration date
 Professional – Requirements met; need 175 hrs of PD every 5 years
Expiring Certificates
Each year, we send teachers with expiring or not yet issued
certificates 4-5 letters reminding them to complete requirements
Encourage staff to visit local ISC or DHR
Call 718-935-4723 to make an appointment
Bring all transcripts, test scores, etc.
Be sure to apply with NYS Education Department
Keep copies of all documents
Terminations only occur June 30th of each year
Review list of your expiring certificate staff with HR Partner
 Must be state certified in NYC license area or have license changed
Role of Your HR Partner
Your HR Partner and ISC can help you:
 Hire new, properly certified teachers
 Evaluate teachers for certification by scheduling a meeting with a
certification specialist
 Review expiring certificate holders
 Review your NCLB BEDS reports
 Discuss Completion of Probation and Tenure concerns
 Answer additional questions
New Human Capital Profile System
How You Can Access the Human Capital Profile
Important Human Capital information and online systems can be
found on the new Principal Portal at
 Look under Key IT Systems to find a full list of the online HR Tools
available to you
On Tuesday, March 11, check Principal’s Weekly to find detailed
instructions on how to access this system
What is Highly Qualified (HQ)?
Teachers in certain “core” subjects must be HQ, which means they are:
 Certified
 Assigned to their area of certification, with limited flexibility
Core Subjects are:
English, reading, language arts
Social Studies
Foreign languages
Arts (art, dance, music, theater, public speaking, drama)
Special Education teachers must show they know the core subjects they
are teaching for credit if they have a general K-12 certificate
HQ Flexibility
Limited flexibility exists to assign teachers outside of their certification
 Teachers can teach ONE period per day outside of certification
 Elementary teachers at the Middle School can teach Math, Science,
English, and Social Studies in Grades 7 & 8
 Self-contained Special Education teachers can teach all core subjects to
special education students
These teachers must “demonstrate subject matter competency” to show they know
their out of field subject(s)
 This only applies to core subjects, not different student populations, i.e.,
General Education teachers can’t teach Special Ed students and vice versa
ONLY teachers in these three instances above can teach outside of their
certification area
Demonstrating Subject Matter Competency
for Out of Certification Assignments
Holding an undergraduate or graduate degree or its equivalent in the subject;
Passing a Content Specialty Test (CST) in the subject or a NYC Board of
Examiners test in the subject; OR
For teachers hired before 8/31/07, using the HOUSSE (High Objective
Uniform State Standard of Evaluation)
 HOUSSE is a rubric that enables teachers to demonstrate subject
matter competency using education, credentials, teaching experience
and professional development
 Teachers can access HOUSSE with their name, file # and SSN at
Determining if a Teacher is HQ
Annual BEDS Survey & Report determines if a teacher is HQ
 BEDS was open from November 14th – January 18th this year
 Reports were available to print through February 29th
Core Class (Subject to
Not Core Class (Not
subject to NCLB)
If someone has the proper certification for an
Highly Qualified
Teaching in
If someone does NOT have the proper certification
for an assignment
Not Highly Qualified
Teaching Out of
ONLY if someone is:
1) Teaching ONE Period a day outside of their
2) A CB teacher is teaching a common branch
subject (math, science, English, Social Studies) at
the middle school
3) A special education who teaches one or more
core academic subjects to a special (selfcontained) class for students with disabilities in
grades 7 – 12 (Elementary special ed teachers are
HQ by being certified in special education)
Must Demonstrate
Subject Matter
Competency- Take
Options for Non-HQ Teachers
No $$$
Reassign teachers to classes consistent with their certification area, when
May Require $$$ - Title I Schools have 5% HQ Set-Aside
For only those needing to demonstrate subject matter competency, you can use
HOUSSE, the appropriate Content Specialty Test, or a major in the subject
Help teacher gain additional certification in the assignment area using your Title I
5% set aside
 Certification Specialists at your local ISC can assist in determining if your nonHQ teacher is eligible for the Conversion Program
*Teachers cannot be excessed on the basis of their Non-HQ status
Common HQ Questions
Can Elementary teachers can teach at Middle School level?
YES, only in Math, Science, English and Social Studies, and they must demonstrate subject
matter competency in the subject(s) they teach.
Can Elementary teachers teach the Arts and be HQ?
NO. Arts cluster teachers must have arts certification to be HQ.
Can a Science teacher teach any science and be HQ?
NO. Science teachers must be certified for their specific science at the HS level. Any
science certificate is valid at the Middle School.
Can a General Ed teachers teach a self-contained class for one period a day?
NO. Special Ed teachers must teach self-contained classes. HQ applies to “subjects” not
different student populations.
Can only teachers listed as “Take HOUSSE App” on your BEDS reports take HOUSSE?
YES, with one exception: Teachers must be listed as “Take HOUSSE App” on your BEDS
reports take HOUSSE. Teachers listed as not HQ cannot take HOUSSE to become HQ.
The one exception is that Special Education teachers can take HOUSSE for core subjects
they may teach in the future.
Why is my teacher not HQ? I thought they had certification in their assignment area.
If a teacher’s certificate has expired, they may no longer be HQ. Once they have a new,
valid certificate, they will become HQ again. Please help them get certified.
How will my BEDS Survey be used?
NY State uses your BEDS Survey to determine Highly Qualified status, class size, and other
key data for your school. Accuracy is important!