World’s Religions
And some Interesting & Fun Facts
No religion teaches hatred, every religion tells about love & affection towards others
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Buddhism- 4TH Largest Religion
• Buddhism was founded in India during the 6th century
BC. Although there are many schools of Buddhism.
• Buddhism is a religion which has variety of traditions,
beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings of
Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha.
• Two major branches of Buddhism are: Theravada ("The
School of the Elders") and Mahayana ("The Great
Vehicle). The foundations of Buddhist religion are the 3
Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings), and
the Sangha (the community)
Buddhism –Interesting Facts
Buddhism word is derived from Hindi word Budhi , which means WISDOM. In that sense Buddha
means wise man.
In initial days, a Buddist monk was not supposed to cook food, he could only ask for food in alms.Purpose
was to spend all the time in spreading awareness about Buddhism
This religion is unlike any other religion. They do not believe in gods. They believe in kindness and
life after death. If you live a good life, you will have a better life in the next life and it will build up
good Karma. If you live a bad life, you will have bad Karma the next life.
Buddhists go to temple, not at a special time or day, but when they can.
Nuns - women can hold a position as a nun.
Nuns are not allowed to criticize monks but monks are allowed to criticize nuns.
Although Buddhism originated in India, but now there are almost no followers .It is more widely
spread in Thailand,Japan,China .
More than 50% of Buddhism Teachings are part of Hinduism, the most popular religion in India.
The "Smiling Buddha" in Chinese restaurants is not a statue of the Buddha, rather it is Hotei a Budai
from Chinese folklore
Buddha was not a fat man - his lifestyle of moderation in eating and walking about teaching would
have made him fit not fat
A Buddhist should eat whatever food is given to him, but should never ask for an animal to be
slaughtered for his meal
Hinduism- 3rd Largest Religion
• Hinduism is the major religion of South Asia. Other
name for it is Sanātana Dharma. Demographically,
Hinduism is the world's 3rd largest religion, after
Christianity and Islam. Major books are the
Upanishads, Purāṇas , Mahābhārata and Ramayana.
The word Hindu is derived from word Sindhu, the
local name of a river called Indus which has
disappeared now. Hinduism is generally regarded as
the world's oldest organized religion.
Hinduism –Interesting Facts
• Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world
• There are 8.4 million different gods & goddesses in Hindu religion, so one can
ick & choose the god or goddess of his/her own liking
• In a family, every member can follow his or her own god or goddess, there is
no restriction for choosing one god only
• In most of Hindu marriages, the bride & bridegroom have to take 7 circles
around holy fire ,by taking 7 different oaths to help & commit to each other
• There is no restriction on eating meat , >40% of Hindus eat meat.In earlier
days, animals were slaughtered to please deities & gods
• Most of Hindus believe in re-birth. The belief is that if one person does good
deeds in this life, his next life would be better. And if he does very good deeds
,then he can merge in God & does not need to come back on earth by re-birth
• Ganges ,a river in India,is considered to be very holy by many of the Hindus &
they believe that a holy dip in Ganges would purify their bodies & all of their
sins would be forgiven .This is similar to confession tradition in Christians
Islam –2nd Largest Religion
• Islam : The word Islam means 'submission to
God. A follower of Islam is called a Muslim.
Major book is Quran, which is considered to
be the word of God. Most Muslims belong to
one of the two groups; with 80-90% being
Sunni and 10-20% being Shia. Islam is the
second-largest religion and one of the fastestgrowing religions in the world.
Islam –Interesting Facts
The Majority of Muslims do not live in the middle East. The most populous
Muslim country is Indonesia, the 4th largest country in the world with 184
million Muslims.
There are more Muslims in India than the combined population of Syria, Iraq,
Jordan, Palestine and the whole of the Arabian Peninsula.
"Allah" is an Arabic word that means "God". Muslims also believe that "Allah"
is the personal name of God.
Muslims neither worship Muhammad ;the prophet & founder of Islam; nor
pray through him. Muslims solely worship the unseen and Omniscient Creator,
Muslims pray five times daily, usually while kneeling on a mat, facing toward
Ka'ba shrine, located in Mecca
The word "jihad", though it means holy war, has two meanings, the first is the
struggle against non-believers, the second is an internal struggle to remain
pious in their faith and submit to the will of Allah (God)
During Ramadan,(a special period in the year for Muslims), Muslims fast from
sunrise to sunset for an entire month.
Christianity –Largest Religion
• Christianity: It is based on the life and teachings of
Jesus of Nazareth. Followers of the Christian religion
are known as Christians. Moderns Christianity
teaches Jesus as the Son of God and the savior of
humanity. The three largest groups in the world of
Christianity are the Roman Catholic Church, the
Eastern Orthodox churches & the various churches
of Protestantism. Christianity has around 2.2 billion
followers. Christianity is world's largest religion
Christianity –Interesting Facts
There are Seven things ,which are considered as deadly Sins in Christianity. These are:
1. Pride 2. Greed 3. Lust 4. Envy 5. Gluttony 6. Anger7. Sloth
Number of Bibles distributed in the U.S. every day: 170,00. About 50 Bibles are sold
every minute
Because the Bible is the world's number one bestseller, it is also the most
shoplifted book in the world
The most mentioned crop in the Bible is ‘corn’
In Christianity, if you confess all your bad deeds to Father (priest of the Church) , then
you’re considered to be forgiven by God .(Father is not supposed to see your face )
Christians' two most observed holidays are Easter (celebrating the resurrection of
Christ) and Christmas (celebrating the birth of Christ).
In the Bible , there are around one hundred different names used for God.
The Bible has been translated into 1,200 different languages, including Klingon, for
the Star Trek enthusiasts.
Most of the Christians undergo a ritual called being Baptized , a TRADITION that
involves application of water to the head, or full body submersion. This symbolically
represents the washing away of sins, and a rite of acceptance into the Christian faith.
Christians believe in one God, but that God exists in three forms, God the Father, God
the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
• By Navisha
Teacher at Scottish New World School
Gurgaon, India