Warm-up – 8/18/15
 Each student gets a scavenger hunt grid. (They’re all
the same.)
 When I tell you to begin, walk around the
room and find OTHER students that fit each of
the descriptions in the box. The other student
writes THEIR name in the box that describes
 A fellow student may only sign ONE box.
Example: Even if Karen’s favorite color is blue and she
plays a team sport, she can only sign one box!
Next Up: Create Information Index Card
 First & Last name
 Address
 Birthday
 Parent/Guardian name
 Parent/Guardian email
 Phone numbers! Cell, work, home
 Warm-up
 Locker assignments
 Introduction
 Student Information Survey (turn in!)
 Overview of Class Procedures
 Rewards & Behavior Expectations
 Review– Scratch Paper
 Student information sheet, welcome letter,
signature page
About Me
 Mrs. Katie Herriott
 6th year teaching
 Became a teacher based on love of reading &
writing, grammar – inspired by Mom
 Lives in Ninety Six with husband Wayne and two
“fur babies” Penny & Charlie
 Hobbies include reading, listening to music,
surfing the Internet, and playing Candy Crush
 Originally from Indiana; graduated from Indiana
University in 2008. Taught 1 year in Indiana, ~2
years in Florida, 2.5 years in Ninety Six
Your Turn
 Complete the survey provided
 Please answer each question in detail – that
means complete sentences!
 You have 15 minutes!
 Attitudes drive behavior
 Your body language is a result of your mental
 By choosing your attitude, you get in that mood
and send out a message that everyone
understands, consciously or unconsciously
 The choice is yours; make the best one!
 Attitude
 A feeling or emotion toward a fact or state
 A positive, upbeat, warm state of mind
 A cocky, cool, defiant, or arrogant manner
 Attitudes are the established ways of
responding to people and situations that we
have learned, based on the beliefs, values and
assumptions we hold.
 Attitudes become manifest through your
 Recognize the signs
 Know what they mean
 DON’T assume, ask
Morning Routine/Schedule
 All students report to Homeroom at 7:50 AM.
 Homeroom study period is from 7:50 AM – 8:20 AM.
 If you come to school early, you will be sitting in my classroom, either
A.) completing homework OR B.) silently reading.
 This is not 30 minutes of social time. This is not a 30-minute nap
 There are multiple helper tasks that you may sign up for in the
morning. Signing up is on a first come, first serve basis. Helping out in
the morning will earn you wildcat paws for your ID card!
Entering Classroom Procedure
 Go directly to your assigned seat.
 Look at Board and begin on the warm-up
assignment SILENTLY.
 Take out and place any homework assigned from
the night before on your desk for me to check.
Turning in Work Procedure
 Place your completed work in the tray assigned to
your class.
 Make sure you are turning work in to the correct
tray – If I can’t find it, I can’t grade it! If you’re
not sure, check the sign on the wall above the
 When finished with work, read SILENTLY until
everyone else has completed their work.
Missing Work Form
 If you do not have an assignment completed at the
time it is due, you must fill out and turn in a Missing
Work Form.
 If the absence is excused, you have an extra day to
turn in the assignment without penalty. If the
absence is unexcused, you will lose 10 points each
day the assignment is late.
 Example: A homework assignment is due Monday.
Johnny turns it in on Wednesday, even though he was
at school all three days. He misses 1 of the 10 questions,
for a score of 90%. But the assignment is 2 days late, so
20 points are then deducted. Johnny’s final grade on
the assignment is 70%, D.
Late Work Form
 When you turn in an assignment later than the day it
is due, regardless of the reason why, you must fill out
and attach a Late Work Form. Fill out this form
completely and staple it to the back of the assignment.
What about when I’m absent?
Use a student computer to go to
http://www.greenwood52.org and click on Mrs.
Herriott’s classroom.
2. On the Assignments page, read about what went on
during the class time you were absent – write
down/respond to the warm-up, do DGP, etc.
3. If there was a handout given in class, go to the purple
bin and look in the folder for the day(s) you were
gone. Make sure you get handouts in a timely
manner, as they will be switched out weekly.
*To save time, access my website & complete all that you
can at home before you return to school. Remember,
you have 3 other core classes to complete work for!
Bookshelf Procedure
 Only TWO people are allowed at the bookshelf at
a time.
 NO TALKING at the bookshelf.
 If you want to check out one of my books, ask
permission first! Then write your
name, the title/author of the
book, and the date you’re taking it
on the sign-out sheet next to the
bookshelf. When you return the book, write down
the date you’ve brought it back.
Restroom Procedure
 Go to the restroom during permitted times –
before and after class.
 You may go to the restroom during class time for
emergencies only. Repeated requests to use the
restroom will result in immediate parent contact
and loss of social time.
Leaving the Classroom
 You will receive three emergency restroom passes
and locker passes each semester (NOT each
quarter/grading period). Put your name on them
immediately and use them wisely!
 Whenever you leave the classroom, you are
required to fill out your agenda and have me sign
it. I will not write you a pass to go anywhere - You
must have your agenda as your
hall pass! If you don’t have it,
you’re not going anywhere.
Trash Procedure
 Wait until the END of class to throw trash away.
There is no reason to interrupt a lesson to go to
the trash can.
 DO NOT “throw”/“shoot” trash into the trash can.
Doing this will result in an immediate “scratch
Emergency Procedures
 Fire drill: Stay with your class!!! Quietly exit classroom
& turn right. Go out double doors by Mrs. Winchester’s
room. Walk across pavement and into grassy area. Form
a line and wait for further instruction.
 Earthquake drill: Quietly get under your desk and
wait for further instruction.
 Tornado drill: Quietly exit the classroom & turn left.
Line up along the lockers. Kneel on the floor, facing the
lockers, and cover your head with your hands. Wait
quietly for further instruction.
**Failure to follow the above procedures will
automatically result in an administrative referral.
 SSR books – Always have a “back-up!”
 At least TWO sharpened pencils w/ erasers
 Pencil sharpener
 Journals (2 – Warm-Ups & SSR)
 ELA binder
 Notebook paper
 Student handbook/agenda
 Textbook – On as-needed basis
Class Plan
 Everyone deserves respect.
 Manners are important.
 Safety at all times.
First offense: warning, student conference, and/or loss of
Second offense: parent contact and lunch detention
Third offense: parent contact and lunch detention
Fourth offense: referral to administration for more severe
EMS School Rules
 Follow directions
 Keep hands/feet/ objects to self
 Bring materials to class
 Show respect for yourself, your school, and
 ^ By following this rule specifically, you are almost
guaranteed to stay out of trouble!
Class Reward Plan
 What: Classroom Wildcat paws
 When: The class works together to demonstrate
positive behavior
 By whom: Classroom teacher, staff who
compliments individual class
 How often: Daily
 How many: Up to three per day-or none!
 Where: 10 wildcat paws redeemed in class for a
class reward
Class Plan Positives
Fun Friday Inside Game Day
Fun Friday Outside Game Day
Outside class time (Still learning!)
Fun Friday Snack Day (Still learning!)
Movie Day
Computer Games Day
Electronics Day
Class Choice (Hat/Pajama Day, extra
time at recess, ???)
Individual Rewards
 What: ID cards—Wildcat Paw stickers on
student’s plastic card worn on lanyard
 When: Student demonstrates good behavior,
character, or decision making skills
 Demonstrate model behavior
 Encourage problem students by finding/pointing out
small changes
 NOT when you ask for one!!!
 By whom: Any staff member
 How often: daily
 How many: Staff’s goal to give out 5 paws per day
Individual Rewards – Cat Cash
 Once you have filled your ID card with wildcat paws,
they may be cashed in at the front office for “Cat
Cash.” Each 10 paws will result in $1 of Cat Cash.
 You may then use your Cat Cash at the monthly “Cat
Closet.” There, various items will be available each
month for you to purchase using your Cat Cash.
 Hat/pajama day
 AM basketball in the gym
 AM computer games in the lab
Wildcat Card
 Redeemable for incentive after both sides of
card are filled with paws
 Redeem in office for Cat Cash
 Lost card- $.50
 If you forgot your tag, you will not be able to
redeem any paws you could have received that
Wildcat Card
Samantha Student 7th Grade
 Level I
 Level II
 Level III
 Level IV
Level I
 Classroom tardiness
 Eating/drinking in class
 Repeated failure to
 Repeatedly talking out of
follow directions
Improper show of
Unauthorized sale
Being out of seat
without permission
Throwing objects
Failure to identify self
Failure to bring
materials to class
Continually unprepared
for class
Level I Offenses
 All Level I offenses are turned in to
administration on the 4th classroom offense.
Students have received warnings, 3 lunch
detentions, and parent contacts have been made
before Level I offenses are submitted to
Level I
Administrative Consequences
 Referral 1: After school detention
 Referral 2: 1 day of ISS
 Referral 3: 2 days of ISS
 Referral 4: 3 days of ISS
 5th and subsequent referrals: OSS
Level II
 Cheating
 Profane/abusive
 Falsifying information
 Failure to report to an
assigned area (skipping
class), out of area
 Displaying negative
attitude toward others
 Sharing/posting of
media that disturbs
 Possession of
 An activity that
endangers self or
 Endangering self or
 Minor disrespect
 Illegal use of
 Arguing with a teacher
 Lying to school
Level II
Administrative Sanctions
 Referral 1: 2 days ISS
 Referral 2: 3 days ISS
 Referral 3: 2 days OSS
 Referral 4: 3 days OSS
 5th and subsequent referrals: 3 days OSS
*Continued incorrigibility will result in
administration presenting the student’s
disciplinary records to the board for
alternative placement or expulsion.
Level III
 Deliberate
disobedience/refusal to
Trespassing by a
suspended student
Major disrespect
Bullying, threatening,
intimidating, taunting, or
harassing another
student or teacher
Vandalism ($26-$99)
 Minor theft ($26-$99)
 Fighting/physical harm
 Possession of lookalike
drugs/ weapons
 Possession of
 Any behavior which
causes a major
Level III
Administrative Sanctions
 Referral 1: 2 days OSS
 Referral 2: 3 days OSS
 Referral 3: 5 days OSS
*Law enforcement may be notified by either school
officials or parents if deemed necessary.
Level IV
Assault & battery
Bomb threat
Possession, use or
transfer of dangerous
Sexual offenses
Vandalism (above $100)
Furnishing, selling, or
possession of controlled
 Distribution, sale,
purchase, manufacture,
or unlawful possession of
controlled substances
while in or within a
radius of ½ mile of
school grounds
 Threatening to take the
life of or inflict bodily
harm upon a teacher,
principal, or members of
their family
 Pulling fire alarm
 Certain instances of
Level IV
Administrative Sanctions
 Referral 1: 10 days OSS, notify parents/law
enforcement, & recommendation for expulsion
LUNCH – Scratch Paper
Every day
Required to report to
detention teacher (Mrs.
Jones) in cafeteria
Bring pencil & scratch
Failure to report will result
in another scratch paper
You are allowed only
THREE scratch papers.
After three, you will
receive an administrative
 Tuesday & Thursday
 3:30-4:00
 If you miss, ISS will be
SCRATCH out Misbehavior
at EMS!
 Lunch detention
 In lunch detention, you
referrals have been
replaced with “scratch
 All Level 1 offenses
qualify for scratch paper.
 The teacher gives you the
scratch paper, which you
bring to lunch detention.
will complete the scratch
paper, and then the
scratch paper is mailed
home to be signed.
 You are only allowed
three scratch papers
during the entire school
EMS Scratch Paper
Raise hand.
Keep area
Clean up your
Keep hands on
your tray/food
Wait patiently.
Keep area
Use low voices.
Be prepared
for class.
Stay on task.
Face the front
of the line.
Use low voices.
Use low voices.
Flush toilets.
Place trash in
trash cans.
Remain in
seats until
Keep hands,
feet, and
objects to self.
Report any
Pick up any
objects on the
Keep hands,
feet, and
objects to self.
Wash hands.
Manners are
Safety at all
Walk quietly.
Walk on the
right side of
the hallway.
Protect and
admire the
word of staff
and students.
Face the front.
Keep hands,
feet, and
objects to self.
 Quick Outs are used when students disrupt
the learning in the classroom.
 A Quick Out places the student in ISS for
the remainder of the class period.
 When a student has accumulated 2 Quick Outs, the
student will conference with administration.
 After 3 Quick Outs, the student will be given a full
day of ISS for continued classroom disruptions.
 As Quick Outs accumulate, ISS/OSS will be
Electronic Devices
 Cell phones, cameras, handheld games, MP3
players, etc. must be turned off and put away
upon entering the school building and are not
to be used throughout the school day.
 Must not be visible and must not be used
without teacher permission
 Visibility/use of devices will be taken for
seven days & returned to the parent/guardian
 Level I consequence enforced
 Refusal to comply will result in law
More About Electronic Devices
 If it is found that a student’s cell phone has
been used for parental contact, dismissal, or
any other reason, a level II consequence will
be given.
 All devices are to remain with the owner at all
 Devices are brought at your own risk! School
and staff are not responsible for any loss or
theft, though attempts will be made to
recover missing devices.
Dress Code
 Proper shoes must be worn at
all times
No vulgar, revealing, obscene
or otherwise inappropriate
symbols, will be permitted
Shorts and skirts must be no
shorter than 4” above the
middle of the knee
Tight fitting clothes are not
Exposed midriff is not
 Tops must be 2” or wider
 See-through clothing is not
Undergarments should not be
Hats are prohibited inside of
No holes allowed 4” above the
knee revealing skin
Chains, fish hooks, nose/lip to
ear chains prohibited
Pants must be worn at natural
Dress Code Sanctions
 1st Offense: Correct violation and documented
 2nd Offense: Correct violation, lunch detention
& parent contact
 3rd Offense: Correct violation, parent contact
 4th Offense: Correct violation, parent contact
 5th & subsequent offense: Correct violation,
parent contact & OSS
Overview of 7th Grade ELA
 ELA-English Language Arts
 Reading
 Novel Units: Charlotte Doyle, A Christmas Carol,
 Short Stories: selections from textbook
 Informational text: selections from textbook
 Digital media
 Writing
 Personal Narratives, argumentative essays,
informational essays
 Journals
 DGP - Grammar & Language
 Research
 Poetry
What to Expect
 In-class assignments
 Independent, partner,
& group work
 Homework
 Blogs
 Note taking
 Book reports
 Quizzes
 Tests
 Research paper
 Poetry anthology

Welcome to Mrs. Herriott's class