Christopher Columbus
By: Rafael Verduzco
Walter Stiern Middle School
Ms. Marshall
Standard 7.6-7.11
 In about 1492, he sailed from Spain to the
west to an unknown sea
 He went to 4 voyages in to central,
southern America, and the west Indies.
 The first in 1492-1493.
 His second was from 1493-1496.
 The third was in 1498-1500.
 The last on was from 1502-1504.
• The year which he was born was 1451
Christopher was born in the port city of
Genoa which was an important trade city.
• He was the first kid out of 4 others.
• Yet we don’t know much about his studies
and he stop at his early tens.
• In about 1476 Columbus toke a job as a
sailed and got attacked by privateers, so
he had to abandon ship.
• He later found him self in a shore near
Lagos. He later meet him self with his
brother named Bartolommeo.
• His brother was a map maker. Christopher
studied Latin and other languages.
• He was taught by a Catholic friars.
• When Columbus was in his 20’s people
started asking what was beyond Asia,.
• He started to study. He thought that that
China and Japan were only a couple
hundred miles away.
• We know that isn’t true but Columbus had
made him self believe in that theory.
• Yet he was going to need money
 Since Columbus needed money for his ships. He
first approached the king of Portugal.
 At first the king became interested but later, He
said “No”.
 He later went to Spain. Yet in about 1487 a
group of people who had studied Columbus’s
calculations said No because they said that the
Indies were further that Columbus thought they
o Columbus got 3 ships. The first 2 are the
Niña and the piñata. The 2 ships that were
provided by Marian Alonso Pinzon. He
was an important ship owner.
o Martian even to the decks to get sailors to
risk their ships. He even saw him self as
Christopher’s partner.
o Columbus later got the 3rd ship called the
Santa Maria. He filled the ships with
enough food and water,
First Voyage
 On the 3rd of August year of 1492 is when the
legendary first voyage. He got 90 crew members
the left from Palos, Spain.
 He hade the 3 ships. On September 6, west, but his
man were getting mad at Columbus so he offered a
 On October the 12th of 1492 they landed in the
Bahamas. Christopher thought he was at the east
near Japan. He even claimed it for Spain. The crew
later went to find Cuba. In December they found
Hispaniola “The Spanish Island.” the Santa Maria
was wrecked and Christopher lift in the Nina to
Spain. He became the Governor of his Island.
Second Voyage
• In about 1493, Isabella and Ferdinand asked Columbus
to take a larger amount of ships across the Atlantic. He
took 17 ships with him that had horse, cattle, and sheep.
• They left on September 25, 1493 from Spain. They
landed south of the first voyage and there he found
Leeward Islands and Porto Rico. His base on Hispaniola
was destroyed by natives.
• After that he left back to Spain to defend himself
because some colonies Invaded a ship and had gone on
to complain to Isabella, in march 10, 1496
3rd voyage
• After he Cleared his name with the Queen,
Isabella And Ferdinand gave him a 3rd voyage.
Although Some rumors started of the conditions
at Hispaniola.
• On May 30, 1498, Columbus sailed from Spain
and about two months later he landed on
Trinidad, They later went to the Gulf of Paria and
then to Venezuela.
• At Venezuela Columbus found a river and soon
began to doubt his work. Those rumors caught
on and a new government went to arrested
Columbus and was sent to Spain.
4th Voyage
By the time Columbus got back to Spain he was let
go, but his reputation was over. He still hoped to find
a way to get to Asia.
On May 5, 1502 they set sail with four ships and
landed on Central America after surviving a
They landed on Honduras at the end of July. He kept
going, But his ship was destroyed by natives.
Columbus later became sick with Malaria and had to
go to Spain. The bad weather caused unrepaired
damage. They had to stay on Jamaica for one year
until help came, and made it back to Spain on 1504
• Columbus died on May 21, 1506. he was
not the first because Vikings really were
there by the 1000’s
• Many of Christopher’s work and document
were forgotten and gone by the time we
realized what he did.
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