Doing Business with the
A new perspective in Foreign
Language Business Classes
Marie Léticée
Maria Redmon
Foreign Languages & Literatures
The Caribbean basin
Do we know them now? …Good!
A wonderful basin of communities of:
Collectivistic Values
Large Power Distance
High-Context Verbal Rituals
The Foreign language Department has a large
pool of Language Combination Majors/Minors
Both Languages have latin roots.
Both languages are spoken in the Caribbean.
There is a need to invest in and give back to
the Caribbean community.
There is a need to use to the US advantage
what the Caribbean has to offer.
Develop a four-week segment of joint
activities centering on the business
environment of the Caribbean-basin nations,
Spanish, French as well as creole.
Business norms
Expand students knowledge of business
environment in The Dominican Republic
and Haiti.
Acquire and appreciation for the
cultures and languages of the
Present curriculum
Business French
Primarily centered on France
Bourse de France
Business Spanish
Segmented view of the Caribbean
Objectives in Current Syllabi
FRE 3441
Introduce students
to the world of
business and
technology in
Familiarize students
with vocabulary and
terminology in the
French business
SPN 3141
Introduce students
to the International
world of business.
Use the world wide
web to investigate
the business world.
Learning Outcomes
Students will know about the Caribbean
cultural environment.
Students will have acquired knowledge
of the business environment of La
República Dominicana and Haïti
Students will have developed a glossary
of Creole, French & Spanish business
Learning Process
Students will:
develop web modules on:
• Aspects of surface culture
• Aspects of deep culture
pair up with partners from Business
Spanish/Business French classes and
research different areas of the Caribbean
business world in those countries.
Learning Process
Students will:
develop a glossary of business
terminology in three languages
• Creole
• French
• Spanish
Learning Process
Instructors will:
Facilitate learning experience
Bring in host from the community
Contact chambers of commerce in both
Provide language support for both learning
Comhaire-Sylvain, Suzanne. Le creole haitien. Morphologie et syntaxe.
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L'auteur, 1936.
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Dominican Republic. David Howard. Oxford [England] : Signal Books ;
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Caribbean close-up [videorecording] : Dominican Republic, Haiti.
Maryknoll, NY : Maryknoll World Productions, [1998?] 1 videocassette
(28 min.)
Vilsaint, Fequiere. Pictorial English/Haitian-Creole dictionary. Fequiere
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Reference Materials on the Web
Library of Congress Area Study: The Caribbean
Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Texas
Research Data Base
United Nations Women Watch (Statistics on women in Latin
America and the Caribbean)

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