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British rock musician, singer, poet,
composer, painter and writer. One of
the founders and a member of «The
Beatles», a popular musician of the XX
century. After the collapse of The
Beatles began a solo career, but in 1980
he was killed.
In addition to his musical activities,
Lennon was also known as a political
activist. His views he expressed in
songs and in public speeches. In the
famous song «Imagine» Lennon
expressed thoughts about how to be the
world works. Lennon preached the
ideas of equality and brotherhood of
man, peace, freedom. This made him
the idol of the hippie and one of the
most important public figures of the
1960s and 1970s.
British novelist.
Is one of the world's most
famous writers of detective
fiction, and is one of the most
published authors in the
history of mankind (after the
Bible and Shakespeare ).
Christy has published more
than 60 detective novels, six
psychological novels and 19
collections of short stories. 16
of her plays were set in
Books by Agatha Christie
published circulation of more
than 4 million copies and
translated into more than 100
The world-famous Scottish and English writer the author of detective works on the detective
Sherlock Holmes adventure and science fiction about Professor Challenger, humorous - about
Brigadier Gerard.
Doyle was also written historical novels ("The White Company"
and others), plays ("Waterloo", "Angels of Darkness," "Fires of
Fate", "The Speckled Band"), a poem (collections of ballads "Songs
of Action" (1898) and "Songs of the road"), autobiographical
essays ("Notes Stark Monroe" or "Riddle Stark Monroe") and
"domestic" novels ("The duo, accompanied by the occasional
chorus"), libretto "Annie Jane" (1893, co-authored).
Anglo-Irish boy band, founded in London in
2010, which consists of five young people:
Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall
Horan, Zain Malik and Liam Payne. They
signed a recording contract with Simon
Cowell called Syco Records, after his
appearances on the show The X Factor. In
North America, they signed a contract with
Columbia Records.
One Direction became world famous after
the release of their debut album Up All
Night in early 2012. The single «What
Makes You Beautiful» topped the world
charts , and the album reached number one
in US Billboard 200 . For the first time the
debut album by British band took such a
high position in the U.S. charts , as was
noted in the Guinness Book of Records . The
new album Take Me Home will be held
November 12, 2012 . The subsequent world
tour is planned for 2013 and should collect
more than $ 15 million only in Australia
and New Zealand. In addition to the music
of One Direction supports charitable
organizations and foundations , and has
agreements with advertising Pokémon,
American actress of film, television and sound,
singer, composer, songwriter, and UNICEF
Goodwill Ambassador. For his role as Alex
Russo in the television series "Wizards of
Waverly Place" (2007) won awards Kids'
Choice Awards (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), and
ALMA Award (2009).
Since 2009 is the vocalist of pop rock band
Selena Gomez & the Scene.
Selena engaged in charitable activities. She is
a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, becoming in
2009 the youngest member of the foundation
in its history.
American actress and singer. She gained fame for his role as Mitchie
Torres in the film of "Disney" " Camp Rock " and " Camp Rock 2". She
also starred in the Disney Channel series " Sonny chance." In 2009,
Demi starred in the movie " Princess Protection Program ". She also
played a small role in the TV series " Barney & Friends" .
As a singer , Demi released the album Don't Forget
September 23, 2008 . He finished second in the list of the
Billboard 200 . In the first week sales of 89,000 copies.
After that it was sold about 473,000 records. Lovato said
in an interview that the album was recorded in 10 days.
July 21, 2009 released her second album, Here We Go
Again. In the first week sales of 108,000 copies , the
album reached number one in the Billboard 200 .
American actress and singer , the daughter
of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus .
Gained worldwide fame by starring in the
title role of the series " Hannah Montana ,"
where she played an American schoolgirl
Miley Stewart, who is a pop star Hannah
Montana , but hides it . Cyrus also
recorded two soundtracks for TV series
Hannah Montana ( 2006) and Hannah
Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus ( 2007),
released under the label, Walt Disney
Records. With the popularity of the show ,
grew up and the success of Miley , which
eventually became a teen idol . In 2007,
Cyrus signed to Hollywood Records and
began her solo career. In the same year he
organized a concert tour Best of Both
Worlds Tour; recording of it went into the
concert film " Concert Tour Hannah
Montana and Miley Cyrus » (Hannah
Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both
Worlds Concert, 2008 ) . In July 2008,
Cyrus released her first solo album,
Breakout, which was a success in terms of
American singer,
songwriter and actress, as
well as a UN Goodwill
Became known for his the
single «Ur So Gay», released
in 2007, and the
international hit «I Kissed a
Girl», which topped the
charts in many countries,
including the U.S., Canada,
UK, Australia and Ireland.
Subsequent singles
California Gurls, Teenage
Dream, Firework, ET, Last
Friday Night (TGIF), Part
of Me Roar and also topped
the Billboard Hot 100.
Perry is the second singer
after Michael Jackson,
whose five singles from one
American alternative rock band.
Founded in 1996 under the name
Xero. Having been around since 1999
under the name of Linkin Park, a
group twice been awarded "Grammy".
The group has found success with
their debut album in 2000 called
Hybrid Theory, sold over 24 million
copies (in 2010 he found "diamond"
status, awarded RIAA). The next
studio album, Meteora, repeated,
though not surpassed the success of
the previous, leading in 2003 on the
Billboard 200.
German rock band formed in 2001 in Magdeburg.
The group was founded in 2001 by two twin brothers from East
Germany, Bill and Tom Kaulitz. Originally the band was called
«Devilish» (Devil). Looking at the performance of the duo of
brothers, they were joined by bassist Georg Listing and drummer
Gustav Schäfer.
Popular British rock band that
has achieved wide recognition
in the mid 70 -ies of XX century
, is one of the most successful
bands in rock history . The
media is a group of "cult " and
wrote that she still has
hundreds of millions of fans .
Critics say such a classic rock
band's songs as «Bohemian
Rhapsody», «We Will Rock
You», «We Are the Champions»,
«Innuendo», «The Show Must
Go On», «Radio Ga Ga»,
«Princes of the Universe . "
Group was released fifteen
studio albums , five live and
numerous collections . Eighteen
albums «Queen» took first place
in the charts around the world.
Concert of the band have also
been recognized as one of the
brightest and most important
in the history of rock.
Canadian pop-R & B-singer,
songwriter, musician and actor.
In 2008, Scooter Braun
acquainted with his videos on
YouTube and later became his
manager. Braun arranged for
Bieber meeting with Usher in
Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Bieber
was soon label artist Raymond
Braun Media Group (RBMG), a
joint venture between Braun
and Usher, and later DLA Reid
invited him to Island Records.
To date, Justin has sold 15
million albums worldwide.
Jewish rock band from, founded in 1960, which included playing
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr. Also,
at different times in the group were Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe and
Jimmy Nicol. Most of the songs The Beatles set up co-written and
signed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
American R & B-singersongwriter, musician,
composer and actor. Has
dual citizenship, qualifying
for Canadian citizenship
through his father.
His albums, originally sold
under the name of Teak,
contain predominantly R &
B-music [1]. Teak is a
songwriter for many
celebrities including
Jennifer Hudson, Usher,
Mary J. Blige and Raven
Simone. Teak is also known
for its significant
participation in the
preparation and
American rapper, actor, composer and
music producer. Winner of 13 awards
"Grammy". Around the world, selling
more than 100 million copies of his
albums, which makes one of Eminem's
best-selling musicians of the early
2000s and one of the most popular
rappers of all time .Discovered
Eminem rapper and producer Dr. Dre .
Later, an aspiring rapper signed to his
record label, Aftermath
Rapper and singer-songwriter . Noticed the talent of the
young girl Lil Wayne , who , having heard mixtapes
Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty
signed a contract with her in the name of his label Young
Money Entertainment in August 2009 .
After the conclusion of the contract Minaj began work on her
debut album Pink Friday, which is already in the first week of
sales fell to second place the Billboard 200 . Minaj became the first
artist in history, whose seven songs are all located in the Billboard
Hot 100 . Her second single , «Your Love», chart-topping Billboard
Hot Rap Songs, that could not be done any other repershe a solo
artist since 2003 . Minaj became the second repershey (after Lil
'Kim), which included a list of MTV Annual Hottest MC List . A
month later, after the release of Pink Friday received a platinum
certification by the American Association of record companies.
Minaj is also known for its collaborations with other artists. In
mid- 2012 she signed a contract with the U.S. show American Idol
judge and became the fourth season of 12.