Challenges in the healthcare system
Present demands on health services are causing a decline in the
quality of care due to
• Ageing population
• Increase in allergies & diseases in general
• Mass movement of people which leads to language and communication
• Lack of access to past medical histories
• Pressure for cost savings
• Antiquated record system
• System overload
Official response…
Recognized need for digital medical data transfer system
Centralised systems are being developed but are still a long way from
offering real diagnostic help now or in the near future
Extreme language limitation (reason for Medistick development)
… needs work
Polls show doctors & patients are unhappy with this solution
Concerns over data protection/security
Concerns over the cost of implementing system
Concerns over Privacy/Liberty etc.
The MEDISTICK solution
MEDISTICK GmbH has recognised these needs. Whilst MEDISTICK was
developed primarily to address the language problem for use in any country, it
also addresses all the recognized deficiencies and concerns in the present
system and offers a unique, efficient and cost effective solution:
• An innovative medical data record and transfer aid via USB drive
• Medistick software powered by JAVA
• Offers personal medical records in 5 languages anywhere in the world
• Totally independent, secure and usable anywhere in the world
• No central data base issue (everything is on the stick)
• No card reader needed
• No web connection needed
• Highly secure Encryption
• Offering the benefits without the drawbacks now
• Completely portable
• Inexpensive
• Swiss quality product and full customer service
Benefits and Advantages
Up-to-date record of allergies, medications, treatments, doctors reports etc.
in 5 languages
Facilitates fast accurate diagnoses and treatment
Possible life-saving in emergency situations
Less stress for the doctors
From hospital to hospital and country to country
Helps to eliminate unnecessary repeating of tests and examinations
Savings on unnecessary waste (time and materials)
The software can accommodate the whole family (great for holidays)
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