Daniel Cervantes
My goal in CGT is to obtain a wealth of
knowledge related to web development. In
doing so I hope to gain a stronger
foundation in this area. After graduation I
hope to work at a Chicago based web firm.
Minchao Jin
In this course, I want to know more about
CGT so that I will actually have an idea of
what to do in the future. Now, I’m very
interested in CGT and I hope I can work for
companies and make advertisement. I love
designing and creating new things.
William Oh
My professional goal is to become a lead, or
head director of character design/animation
in either America or Japan. I want to make
an animation that can give dream to the
young, rest to the workers, and memory to
the old.
Brian Fu
After completing this program I would like to
have the skills necessary to obtain a career
in media design or web design.
Cameron Greene
I would want to be a media graphics designer
or 3D model maker preferabley for a digital
gaming company.
Brad Lunsford
At the conclusion of this course I plan to
pursue the advancement of my already
existing knowledge of auto desk inventor. I
plan to fully and ultimitaly learn the Katia
After the completion of college I plan to
design anything from pencils to automobiles
for the highest paying company that will
accept me.
Joseph Rogers
I want to work either in movies animating
special effects. Or, I want to animate for
some game development company. Perhaps
the cinamatic team…
Kelly Fan
I would like to either be working in postproduction CG or in animation, so I want to
be knowledgable in after effects and Maya.
Would also like to improve on my drawing
skills….Pixar/Dreamworks is an ultimate
goal of mine to work at.
Ben Scott
My goal is to graduate with a master’s
degree in Animation/Gaming. I want to
someday work for top notch gaming
companies like Square Enix, valve,
Activision, Infinity Word, etc.
Tyler Wright
At the end of my collegiate career my goal is
to become a competitive webdesigner/web-developer. To achieve this
goal I will work hard to learn cutting edge
software and cutting edge programming
languages so that I will diversify my skills
and sharpen my talent in the graphic design
James Ross
I want to be a video game designer ever
since I got my first system, the Nintendo 64,
I have wanted to make games. My dream
job would be with Bungie or Nintendo
working towards the next generation of
Tami Dizon
My career plan is to manage my own
multimedia advertizing company. I want to
be the building block of other companies
career. Spread their word in catchy,
different ways.
Priya Johal
My professional goal is to become a skilled
3D modeling artist and concept artist, so
that I can, hopefully work in character
development for an animation studio or
video game developer in the near future.
Arnav Palnitkar
After pursuing this CGT course I would like
to become a gaming expert. I would like to
become a specialist animation developer. I
hope to be a project leader in EA company
for a gaming project in next 8 years. I would
even like to design 3D projects for
residential firm.
Sung-Yun Kim
At the end of the course, my goal is to be a
good 3D graphics illustrator and become a
developer in graphic games. Also, I want to
be able to design buildings and homes.
Chris Gaeta
As of this moment, I hope to find a satisfying
career in video game development or digital
animation. Such companies I would like to
work for include Square (gaming) and Pixar
(animation). I’d prefer work in the gaming.
Robert Beal
After college I plan to go into the video game
industry, and someday own my own game
design company.
John Moran
When this program comes to and end, I hope
to enter into video game design. I’m not
sure about the specifics, but somewhere in
that area is where I want to be at the end of
this program.
Julie Ziolkowski
At the end of this program I think I want to
focus on either animation or game design. I
think I would rather focus on animation, but
I don’t know enough about either of them to
truly decide.
Jeremy Homer
I am interested in being a computer
programmer for a company. I want to be the
guy (or guy in a team) that writes and
constantly upgrades/fixes the programs
used by the company. I’m also interested in
being a computer game programmer or
doing something with web design.
Therefore by the end of the program I want
to have the skills and knowledge neccisary
to perform those jobs.
Caitlin Barnett
At the end of my education, I hope that I can
can get a job involved in film or television.
This can be through animation with a
company such as Dreamworks or Pixar.
Sean Heckman
I want to graduate with the credentials and
experience necessary to be hired in an
entry-level position in animation at Pixar or
Justine Vogie
The goal I hope to accomplish by the end of
this program is to either work on the
graphics and buttons for web pages or
become a video game designer. I have
already taken some web design classes and
they interested me quite a bit. That is the
goal I hope to accomplish.
Nick Hamby
At the end of my time here at Purdue
(hopefully in 2 years) I will have a
batchelors degree in CGT with a focus in VpI.
I would like to work for a company that does
modeling for factories.
Thomas Haley
My goal by the end of my college career is to
get a job designing video games. I hope to
become a designer for a company and some
day become the lead developer.
Erik Kaiser
I would like to become an authority on
computer modeling and design. This will
have placed me into a successful internship
and leads to many job opportunities. By
working in virtual product integration I can
accomplish this goal.
Vaughn Thompson
I want to be a computer animator with a
steady and successful job at Pixar, or
another big name company such as E.A. or
Michael Baeza
By the end of the program, I would like to have
the knowledge and skills aquired for
animation so I can build a career off these
skills. During my career, I would like to be a
lead animator for a widely known animation
Steven Wise
At the end of this program I hope t have a
solid understanding of animation as well as
web design. I really want to get into the 3d
animation world but also love programming
web sites. I’m hoping to figure out which
works best for me and then continue on to
get a master’s degree.
Garrett Rood
At the end of this program I intend to go into
animations and possibly be a movie
designer with Pixar or Disney. I also hope to
be able to create video games in spare time
since I really enjoy graphics and video
games both.
Leah Thompson
My professional goal is to work for a large
company in advertising. I hope for my ads
to appear in magazines, billboards, and on
the internet. I also may want to do
animated graphics for advertising in
Liz Irk
I want to know the ins and outs of my future career choice,
whether that means I am an architecture illustrator or not,
I want to be successful. Not only do I want to be
knowledgable in my particular field, I also want to be
confident that I can physically do the things I have the
knowledge to do. I want to be confident that what I learn
provides me with the skills to be able to do and figure out
what exactly I want to do. I do know one thing, I do not
want to second guess myself and I do not want to be
scared. I want to be sure that architectural illustration is
what I want to do.
Taylor Bloom
At this moment if I were asked what I wanted
to do when I graduated, I would have to say
work with digital design. I hope to use CGT
to have a background of graphic design. I
want to be able to use my creativity to work
with advertising. I hope to either work for a
non-specific advertiser, or go into magazine
layouts after graduation. Most of all my goal
is to be working in something I enjoy.
Matthew Huff
Obtain a degree that qualifies me to hold a job
as eiher drafter in the construction or
drafter in the manufacturing areas.
Kyle Deak
I want to do something in computer
animation, either in the form of a video
game designer or film production.
Jack Jordan
I would professionally like to focus more on the web
design and programming aspects of CGT rather
than the animation/art aspects. I hope to design
and set up websites of quality for large businesses
around the world. If database or network
programming is also involved in this major, I wish
to professionally pursue both of these as well. I
plan to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver
extremely often in my career.
Zach Babcock
My professional goal is to be apart of a special
effects team in the movie industry. I have
always been fascinated with how people
have made their ideas come alive on the big
screen that can’t quite be accomplished
without the use of special effects.
William Jordan
I want to either be a video game designer, or
animator, if not both. I would like to work
for a company like Blizzard, Bungie, or Pixar.
Brandt Cotherman
I am not sure exactly where I want to be at
there end of the course, but I would like to
have experience in building websites and
something to do with small businesses.
Matthew Farrenkopf
At the duration of the CGT program I will have
a full understanding of the computer
graphic industry, practices, and
expectations. I will be able to exceed these
expectations and excel in my career.
John Pourcho
I had originally hoped to be a wombat skinner living
in Africa, but recently I’ve found that would just
get too boring. As such, I’ve decided to become a
Visual Product Inteurator. As a junior CODO from
Civil Engineering I’ve had a long time to observe
what fantastic programs Purdue has to offer and
found that I would not only be good at VPI but
enjoy it too. My goal is to gain a masters in VPI
and land a solid job modeling for a company with a
80k+ salary within five years.
Casey Chastain
By the end of this program, I wish to be able to
be a design manager. I wish to design game
characters and scenery and also know the
coding side of the gaming. I want to work
for Value Entertainment.
Kelly Rettinger
I plan to work in Web Development and
Design. At first, I think that I will work at a
company. Later if I have a family, I would like
to stay at home with my kids and freelance
from home. I would have to continually
keep myself educated in the newest
developments. I might get back into a
company at some point in time.
Keegan Hrybyk
I am not 100% sure on what I want to be, but I
would like to work on graphics for
construction jobs. Specifically in residential
construction. If I could make blueprints for
residential construction, I would enjoy that.
This is what I hope to accomplish.
Colin Stearns
When I finish my senior year at Purdue, I wish
to pursue a carrear in the field of animation,
or video game design. To achieve these
goals I wish to learn about the aliumni from
Purdue and find out how they became what
they are today. I also plan to find an
internship this upcoming summer to better
my marketability for when I get my degree.
Kearsten Olson
By the end of this program I would like to be
in the gaming industry. I would like to be a
part of the planning process but also work
on the graphics/animation part of the game.
Brian Rosensteel
At the end of this program I would like to see
myself in a stable job in the fields of either
construction modeling or animation. I
would like to be a part of the well known
company that focuses in advertising such as
Crispen and Petteror a part of an
archetecture firm.
Kaileen Kraemer
I will strive to be successful at the end of this
program by either entering graduate school
or entering a job that suits my faney. I
would like to be an illustrator, but after I
take more tech-based classes and learn
more about programming, I might want a
career that focuses more on the
technological side of modern art.
Jessica Carducci
I want to attend graduate school, then work as
a video game designer/animator for a
popular company (Lucas Arts, Bungie).
When I have enough money saved, and have
paid off my student loans, I would like to
start my own company.
Josh Band
My professional goal after my years at purdue
is to work in animation. I would love to
make animated movies. I’m also interested
in web design because I really enjoy HTML
and visual appearances. Either would be
Courtney Ballard
My professional goal is to become an
animator/be involved with animation. I
would like to be in the preliminary planning
stages of strong boarding, and character
Brent Jackson
By the end of my journey at Purdue, I wish to
be educated in the studies of Computer
Grahics Technology enough to be efficient in
creating video games or animations for a
movie company.
Todd Swardenski
I want to be a professional web
designer/developer and graphic designer.
Working full time initially would be
preferred and I would like to eventually
start my own firm or freelance full time.
Jessica Theurel
At the moment my goal after this program is
to be a web designer. I hope to work for a
non-profic organization but if I can find a
job that pays I will take it. I care most about
getting a job that is actually in my field,
allowing me to use the skills I gained at
Purdue University.
Philip Callam
I would make an effort to, with the knowledge I earn
from CGT, pursue a career in the video game career
path/industry. My goal is to understand what is
needed to be successful as a video game designer.
After graduation, I will pursue a job for companies,
such as Bungie, Activision, and Ubisoft, and work
at character design and/or concept art. If possible,
I would attempt to establish my own game design
Joey Pietrzak
My goal is to aquire skills in 3-D modeling,
game design, programing, and animation. I
want to pursue a carear in animation game
design or a related field.
Juan Dengel
Be successful animator in the world of
entertainment. (Movier, Gaming etc.) Also
work in the field of illustration for comics,
movie posters, book covers and other
hands-on arts, like free-hand and drawing.
Layne Goodman
By the time I graduate I honestly do not know
what I would like to do. It would be the best
for me just to graduate and get the degree.
If I had to pick something it would be web
design of some sort.
Alex Deason
At the end of this course I plan to be: skilled
enough in the field of computer graphics to get
a job in the video gaming industry. I want to be
able to apply my skills and knowledge gained
from Purdue to work on a team of video game
designers. If I do not decide to go into this field
I would like to work for an engineering
company making 3D models of the they are
currently working on.
Megan Weiland
At the end of this program I would like to
finish my degree in CGT in the field of
building construction. I would like to
pursue a career as a drafter for
architectural firm.
Jahil Johnson
My professional goals consist of working in the
technological part of game design/animation
at a well-known graphic company. I want to
be a designer who can evaluate one’s
artworks or computer designs and give them
feedback. Generally, I want to work in some
kind of graphics design, animation, etc. that
involves the computer part, rather than the
hand-drawn artistic part.
Jiwon Park
My professional goal is to work in gaming
industry, probably console gaming in areas
of overall production. I don’t want to limit
myself to one specific field and a specific
job. So I want to be able to go into many
jobs, ranging from overall designing to
specific parts design.
Jill Fontes
At the end of this course I hope to have a
better understanding of what my major has
to offer me. I know CGT is the major I want
to study, without doubt, but I hope to gain
better knowledge behind it. I want CGT to
go past all my expectations as a freshman
starting my college career. In the end I hope
to become a graphic designer involved in
Brenan Moore
At the end of this program, I want to get a job as
a game designer. Ever since I was young I
have been fascinated by games, and have had
the desire to have a job that deals with them.
I would like to get a job working for a console
based game development company like Valve,
Ubisoft, Bethesda, or Activision. Hofefully I
can start off with a decent wage and work my
way up so I can buy my own house.
Nicholas Head
At the end of this program I would like to be
prepared to go into the career of video game
design. I would like to have some contact
with companies in the industry before I
graduate. Eventually I wish to create my
own video game company.
Evan Watkins
After finishing college, I would like to go into
the area of web design. I’m not sure exactly
what career exactly, but I think that I would
enjoy anything in the field of web design.
Rachel Dockter
My goal is to become a professional animator
or character designer for a major movie or
video game company.
Mike Pindara
At the end of my CGT courses, I would like to
become a professional animator. After
working with computer graphics, I plan to
use the animation skills in a gaming career.
Upon completing my CGT course, I plan to
attend any other graduate classes to give me
the greatest versitility in animation for
video games.
Devin Stalbaum
My ultimate goal is to get a designing job at
Nintendo. I want to be the guy who replaces
shigera Miyamoto, also known as, the father
of gaming.
Nick Acosta
I would love to be an expert in game
design/animation and work for a major
company. Also, if the timing is good, I’d like
to begin coaching wrestling at a high school.
Dennis Yerlstein
I would like to be qualified for a job at an
animation studio like Dreamworks or Pixar
or be able to achieve a job that can further
my progress towards these and graduate
with an engineering degree as well. I am
also interested in using 3D graphics to
sculpt models for model making and
miniature companies.
Julia Delong
My goal for myself is to work on graphics for
major movies. The graphics in 2012,
Knowing, A-Team, The Losers, and many
others have made me want to do graphic
animation and design. I like photo
manipulation and animation.
William Huyah
I would like to work for a gaming company. So
by the end of the program I would like to be
good at gaming/animation. I would also like
to be able to program the game.
Erick Morales
At the end of this program I would like to be a
proficient and versed web designed and
developer. I want to also understand
multimedia aspects to be able to
incorporate them into dynamic web sites.
Edgar Garcia
My professional goal at the end of this
program is to work at a company that
creates advertisements and
graphics/designs for print, television, and
the internet.
Ariana Filippini
My goal by the end of this program, I would like
to get a job at Pixar Animation Studios as
either a 3D modeler or 3D animator. After
working at Pixar I would eventually like to
work for Industrial Light and Magie to work
on the more realistic special effects in movies
such as Transformers, Iron Man, etc.

Daniel Cervantes - Purdue University