The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
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Знаменской школы Титова
Дарья (руковоодитель: уч. анг-го
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1. Развитие страноведческой компетенции
2. Умение работать с текстом и использовать полученную информацию в практических целях.
3. Использование визуальных средств для
развития познавательного интереса к
4.Использование и развитие лексикограмматических навыков в занима-тельной
The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
It is the official name of the
state . The UK is situated
on the British Isles. Four
parts constitute the UK:
England, Scotland, Wales,
Northern Ireland. The
country is divided into
counties. There are no
great forests in Great
Britain. Historically
Sherwood Forest is wellknown. It is located to the
north of London.
The British flag
The British flag is
sometimes called the
Union Jack. The flag
combines the red
cross of St George of
England, the white
cross of St Andrew of
Scotland and the red
cross of St Patrick of
The National Anthem of
the UK
People all over the world know the first line of the
national anthem of Great Britian which is called
“God Save the Queen”
God save our gracious
Long live our noble
God save the QueenSend her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Queen.
Seas, Rivers and Lakes.
Great Britain is washed
by seas all around. The
western coast of Great
Britain is washed by the
Atlantic Ocean. The
eastern coast is washed
by the North Sea. The
Irish Sea is between
Ireland and Great
Britain. The southern
coast is washed by the
English Channel or La
The chief rivers of
Great Britain are:
the Severn, the
Thames, the Clyde,
the Tweed.
Population and
People outside the
British Isles often call
the inhabitans of the UK
the English. This is
incorrect: the English,
the Scots, the Welsh,
the Irish. English is not
the only language that
is spoken in the UK.
Wales is officially
bilingual. Both English
and Welsh are spoken
in this part of the
The Scottish and Irish
forms of Gaelic
survive in some parts
of Scotland and
Northern Ireland. The
English language that
is spoken by
educated people in
Britain is known as
Standard English or
the Queen´ s English.
Large Cities of the UK
The largest and most
important cities in the UK
are the following: London
Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast,
Glasgow, Swansea,
Birmingham, Liverpool,
Manchester, Bradford,
Leeds, Sheffield,Oxford,
Cambridge, Stratford-uponAvon.
Match and quess:
1 London
2 Edinburgh
3 Belfast
4 Glasgow
5 Cardiff
6 Liverpool
7 Manchester
8 Oxford
9 Stratford-on-Avon
Is the capital of Scotland
Is the capital of Wales
Is the hometown of «Beatles»
Is the most industrial centre
Is educated town in England
Is the hometown of Shakespeare
Is the capital of England
Is the capital of N. Ireland
Is the biggest port in England
The Political System of
the UK
The United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland is a
parlamentary monarchy (or
constitutional monarchy). In
law, the Queen is the head of
the state . In practice, the
Queen acts only on the advice
of her Ministers. The power of
Her Majesty the Queen of the
UK is limited by the British
Parliament. Parliament is the
legislative power of the country.
Political Parties
The Main British
poli-tical parties are
- Conservative ,
- Liberal
- Labour
- Liberal Democrats.
Holidays in the UK
New Year´ s Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
May Day Bank Holiday
Late Summer (August)
Bank Holiday
Christmas Day
Boxing Day.
St. Valentine´ s Day
Shrove Tuesday
(Pancake Day)
April Fool´ s Day
Mother´ s Day (Mothering Sunday)
Father´ s Day
Guy Fawkes Night
There are many cooperative organizations between
the UK and our country:f.e.
British Council. British
Council it´ s the main
agencey for British cultural
relations overseas and is
represented in 100
countries. It´ s activities
are: helping to study,
teaching English,
promoting education, arts,
science, technology.
British Council is cooperated
with our Tambowe Unstitute
of Training Teaches (the Kabinet of Methodology of
Foreighn languages. Konina
I.A.) And there are some
cooperative organisations in
industry as sugar factory in
Znamenka was cooperated
with Sugar Corporation in
Answer the questions?
What parts are in
the UK?
How many caunties
has England?
By what is washed
the UK?
What are the main
What are the
languages in the
Who is the head of
the state?
What is the role of
What is the name of
the Britain´ s flag?
Fill the right word into the sentences:
The United Kingdom of Great Britain is divided into …
parts: England, …, …, …, and …. The country is
washed by the A… ocean. The longest river is S….
The national flag of the U.K. Is called …. The national
symbol of England is …. The national symbol of
Scotland is …, of Wales is …, of N. Ireland is …. The
Head of the U.K. is …. The capital of England is …, of
Wales is …, of Scotland is …, of N. Ireland is …. The
fashionable shops are in the … End of London. … is
an administrative part of London, … is busy part, … is
the mountains part of the U.K.
Read the text about the
parts of the UK and
answer the question
What is Hogmanay, Eisteddfod, Ulster
and Soho.
ENGLAND (Albion- White
England is the largest
and most densely
populated part of the UK.
As for the English, they
are considered to be
cold, reserved and rather
haughty people. The
Englishman´ s home is
hs castle. This saying is
known all over the world.
The oldest British
settlements were on the
territory of England. Traces
of ancient monuments
such as Stonehenge can
be found in the south of
England.Stonehenge is an
enormous structure built of
stone. The largest stones
of the Stonehenge weigh
50 tons and the smalles
ones weigh 5 tons. The red
rose is the national symbol
of England.
Westminster (administrative part)
Westminster Abbey
was built in the 11th
century. Many kings,
queens and famous
people were bu-ried
and crowned there.
Parts of the Abbey are
set asibe for the
memorials and fombs
of outstanding people.
(Newton, Darwing,
Dickens, ect.)
The name London comes from
the Romans. There was
a bridge over the river and
ships came to Londinium from
the sea. It is divided into 4
parts: Westminster (administrative part), the West
End (is a symbol of wealth and
Iuxury), the East End -(the
poorest district of London), the
City -(commercial heart of the
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament- home of the British
government. The Houses of Parliament sits in
Westminster Palace. It was build in 1840.The
style is rich Gothic.
The Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
was build in 1078 by
William the Conqueror
to difend London.
Tower Bridge is the only
Thames bridge which
can be raised when big
ships come up to the
This is the river, on
which London
stands. It is the main
river . Many ships
come here from
different countries.
Trafalgar Square
The Square was named
to commemorate
Admiral Nelson s na-val
victory over the French
at the battle of Trafalgar
in 1805. It is a place
where people meet and
a traditional place of
political demonstrations.
Hyde Park
In Hyde Park every
weekend you can
listen to people
making speeches at
the Speaker s
Corner.Anyone has
the right to speak
Albert Hall
The Royal Albert
Hall was built in
1867-1871; capable
of seating about
8,000 people. Now it
is used for concerts,
balls, boxing, public
meetings and
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace- the
London home of the
Queen´ s Gallery houses
paintings drawings and
furniture from the royal
collections. You can see
the Changing the Guard
at Buckingham Palace.
The new guard led by a
band, arrives to take over
from the old guard . The
ceremony lasts half an
Big ben
Big Ben is a symbol of
London. It s clock tower
316 feet high.
It s situated in Saint
Stephens Tower of the
Houses of Parliament. It
is called after Sir
Benjamin Hall who
rebuild it . The great
clock was installed in
the Tower in 1858.
St Paul´ s Cathedral
St Paul s Cathedral
was built between
1675 and 1710 by
Sir Christopher
Wren. It is the fifth
church put on the
same site. It is 111
m high.
Oxford has one of the
oldest Universities in
Britain, consisting of a
large complex of
colleges was founded in
1167. Other famous
buildings such as the
Sheldonian Theatre and
the great Bodlian
Library are found here
Read and match:
1. Big Ben
2. The Thames
3. The Tower of London
4. Hamleys
5. St. Paul’s Cathedral
6. Buckingham Palace
7. Albert Hall
8. Hyde Park
9. Trafalgar Square
are demonstrations
10. The Houses of Parliament
11. Stonehenge
a) a shop
b) a museum
c) a bell
d) a river
e) a concert hall
f) church
g) a queen's home
h) an ancient monument
i) a place where there
j) the home of the British
k) a park
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
(1564-1616)- English
dramatist and poet. He
was born in Stratfordon-Avon. He wrote lyric
plays, comedies,
historical plays and
“Romeo and
Comedy of Errors”
Sonnet XCL
William Shakespeare
Some glory in their birth,
some in their skill,
Some in their wealth,
some in their bodes
Some in their garments,
though new-fanglend ill.
Some in their hawks and
hounds, some in their
And every humour his
adjunct pleasure...
1. Who was the founder of London?
2. What are the parts of London?
3. What is the national symbol of England?
4. What is an ancient and poetic name for
England or U.K.?
5. What airports in London do you know?
6. What are administrative units called in
7. What is «The Derby»?
Fill in: very or much.
London is becoming a 1) …very… popular
place for American tourists. All the big
attractions are now 2) … busy in the summer
months. The crowds of tourists around places
like Buckingham Palace are 3) … bigger than
they were a few years ago. Sales of postcards
and other souvenirs are 4) … higher now than
in past years. This is 5) … good news for the
British tourist industry.
Scotland is divided into
three regions: Highlands,
Lowlands and Southern
Scotland became the part
of the U.K. In 1707.
One of the things
Scotland is famous is the
kilt. It is a kind of skirt
made of a checked stuff
and worn by men in
The pipers maths playing the
The Scots speak English with
their own accent. In the
Highlands the ancient Scottish
language, Gaelic, is still heard. A
lot of Scottish surnames start with
Mac or Mc (e.g. MacDonald,
McDonald.) Mac means “son of”.
The thistle is the national symbol
of Scotland.
An interesting custom is
observed in Scotland. It
is connected with the
New Year s Eve and is
called Hogmanay.
Scotland is associated
with the names of
Walter Scott, Robert
Scotland Edinburgh
Scotland- lies north of
England, includes many
groups of islands. The
capital is Edindurgh.
Edinburgh was built upon
hills in a superd natural
setting.It became the
capital since the 15th
century. It has the title
“Athens of the North”. The
international Festival has
been held here annually
since 1947.
Scotland´ s national
instrument is the
bagpipes. The
bagpipes make a
very loud sound.
They say Scottish
soldiers played them
before a battle, and
the noise frightened
the soldier on the
other side.
Multi Activity Centres.
Scotland is the ideal place to put the more
adventurous side of your nature to the test and
indulge in some of the fantastic outdoor activities
on offer. The brethtaking backdrop of the Scottish
countryside and the range of activities and
locations should be enough to quench the thirst
of even the most seasoned thrill - seekers.
There are many camps and activity centres in
Scotland. You may use this address and choose
any caps for your holidays abroad:(British Tourist
Authority, Thames Tower, Black’s Road, London
W6 9EL, England).
1. What is the highest mountain in Scotland?
2. What is the national musical instrument and the
clothes of the Scots?
3. What do the Scottish surnames mean?
Underline the correct word, adjective or adverb. 1.
The waters of the Severn is quiet / quietly.
2. It
was raining heavy / heavily yesterday.
3. She
speaks perfect / perfectly English.
4. Have
you seen Big Ben recent / recently?
5. This trip
was good / well.
6. The view
of London is nice / nicely.
7. In Scotland
there are many great / greatly poets.
Wales is it the west of
Britain. Population- 3
mln people. CapitalCardiff. It is a
mountainous country.
The Mount Snowdon is
1, 085m. LanguageWelsh. The beauty of its
landscapes attracts
many tourists.
The Welsh call their country Cymru [ kimru]. Wales is
the land of rocks, mountains and valleys. Snowdonia
and its scenery is the pride of Wales. The largest
cities in Wales are Cardiff and Swansea. Cardiff is
the main city of Wales and Swansea is its industrial
center. Wales is often called«a Land of Song». Wales
is famous for Eisteddfod. It is a festival of bards and
singers of Welsh culture. Wales has two national
symbols - the daffodil and the leek.
In Wales there are
many castles,old
wells.People throw
money into the
wells. They think
wishing wells can
help them in their
The Gates of the King’s
This is a beautiful
architecture view
.The architects used
the same local stone
favored by the
Find the mistake and correct it.
1. We are going swimming on Saturdays
2. I have written a book last year. ___________
3. My bag is heaviest than yours. ___________
4. Look out! The wall will fall down. ___________
5. Will we go to the beach tomorrow? __________
6. He have seen that film three times. ___________
7. I have been a teacher since three years.
Northern Ireland is the smallest
part of the U.K. «Ulster» is
sometimes used as equivalent to
Northern Ireland. Ireland is often
called «the Emerald Isle».
Belfast is the capital of Northern
Ireland. It is a great industrial
center and large port. The
shamrock and a red hand is the
national symbol of Northern
Put the verbs in brackets into Present S.,
Cont. or Future tense.
Gary: What 1) … are you planning … (you/plan)
to do after the exams? 2) ……..(you/stay) in London?
Angela: No, I 3) …… (leave) on Seturday. I’ ve
bought my ticket already. 4) …… (visit) my brother in
Wales. What 5) …… (you/do)?
Gary: I think I 6) …… (start) looking for a job. I 7) ……
(need) some extra money because my mum 8) ……
(come) here in August.
Angela: When exactly 9) …… (she/arrive)?
Gary: Her flight 10) …… (arrive) at Heathrow airoport at
4:30 p.m. On August 3rd. I 11) …… (meet) her there.
Read & match the facts and the picturies
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