Modern Languages Events
Barbara Thomson
Engagement Team
A Curriculum for Excellence
Learning and Teaching Scotland
“ The curriculum must enable young people to build up a
strong foundation of knowledge and understanding and
promote a commitment to considered judgement and
ethical action.”
A Curriculum for Excellence 2004
Skills for Scotland – A Lifelong Skills Strategy
critically &
...plan and
to learn with
...take risks
The Scottish Government, Edinburgh 2007
Key developments 2007-08
• Publication of Skills Strategy: Skills for Scotland
• Phased publication of draft Learning outcomes
and experiences
• Curriculum architecture
• Consultation on SCQF levels 4 & 5
• Recognition of achievement
• Roll-out of GLOW
Definition of the Curriculum
The ethos and life of the school
Curriculum areas and subjects
Interdisciplinary projects and studies
Opportunities for personal achievement
Curriculum Architecture
• development of the 4 capacities
with clear aspirations for each
• provision of literacy, numeracy and
health and wellbeing
• planning of outcomes and
experiences across the curriculum
• planning for progression,
especially at transition stages
• building upon learning at home
and beyond school
• arrangements for assessment
Curriculum Architecture
pupil voice
Work-related learning
deployment of staff
use of resources
within and beyond the
“We need a curriculum which will enable young people to
understand the world they are living in, reach the highest
levels possible of achievement, and equip them for work
and learning throughout their lives.” A Curriculum for Excellence 2007

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