1. What is the capital of the
A) Washington
B) New York
C) London
D) Toronto
2. What do Americans celebrate on
the 4th of July?
A) Mother’s Day
B) Victory Day
C) Independence Day
D) Veterans’ Day
3. How many stars are there on
the American flag?
A) 51
B) 50
C) 49
D) 48
4. Which of these cities are not
capitals of the country?
A) London
B) Liverpool
C) Cardiff
D) Belfast
5. What is the Union Jack?
A) national flag of the UK
B) trade union organization
C) Monument
D) Mountain
6. What is the capital of
A) Derby
B) Sydney
C) Ottawa
D) Canberra
7. What is the longest river in
A) Avon
B) Honest
C) Trust
D) Darling
8. How many stripes are there
on the American flag?
A) 12
B) 13
C) 14
D) 15
9. What tradition did the first
colonists start?
A) Christmas Day
B) Columbus Day
C) Independence Day
D) Thanksgiving Day
10. What languages are spoken
in Wales?
A) Welsh and French
B) Welsh and Irish
C) English and Scottish
D) English and Welsh
11. The second highest mountain in
Britain is situated in Wales?
A) Ben Nevis
B) Snowdon
C) Appalachian
D) Rocky
12. What component of the United
Kingdom is the smallest?
A) England
B) Scotland
C) Wales
D) Northern Ireland
13. Which animal is considered
to be the king of Australian
A) Platypus
B) Dingo
C) Kangaroo
D) Ostrich
14. Who discovered Australia?
A) J. Cook
B) F. Magellan
C) F. Drake
D) F. Kruzenshtern
15. How many parts does the
United Kingdom consist of?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6
16. Which street in New York is
called the home of theatres?
A) The 5th Avenue
B) Broadway
C) Fleet Street
D) Main Street
17. What is the largest part of
the UK?
A) Northern Ireland
B) Scotland
C) England
D) Wales
18. What English cities are famous
for their universities?
A) Oxford & Harvard
B) Cambridge & Sorbonne
C) Oxford & Cambridge
D) Harvard & Sorbonne
19. What country does Canada
border on the North?
A) The USA
B) Russia
C) Finland
D) Mexico
20. Which syrup is Canada
famous for?
A) Maple
B) Cranberry
C) Lemon
D) Watermelon
21. In what province is the
Niagara Falls Situated?
A) Newfoundland
B) Ontario
C) Nova Scotia
D) Quebec
22. What river does London stand on?
A) the Severn
B) the Trent
C) the Thames
D) the Potomac
23. What is the largest park in London?
A) Green Park
B) St. James Park
C) Hyde Park
D) Regent’s Park
24. What weather is most common
in Great Britain?
A) rainy
B) sunny
C) snowy
D) frosty
25. Where does the monarch of
Great Britain live?
A) Buckingham Palace
B) Westminster Abbey
C) the White House
D)the Tower of London

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