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Speaker:- James Knight
• On January 10th 2003 James Knight Director
of Business Development for Senior King
Communications gave a presentation to over
300 delegates at the 2nd International
Conference on Tourism in Bulgaria.
• The international conference was supported
by the Bulgarian government, and
Ministers,ambassadors,American and
European tourism experts and businessmen
took part in this prestigious event.
• The following is a recap of Mr Knight’s
presentation entitled “ Capturing the heart
and mind of the UK market.”
Dobr’e Utro
My purpose in being here is to talk with you
about something that is of interest to all of
us,that is increasing the number of visitors from
the United Kingdom to Bulgaria. This is important
to all of us because it will bring millions of dollars
into your economy and benefit the lives of
people living within the communities throughout
your country.
Senior King Communications is one of the top
advertising companies in the UK. We have been
helping our clients get the right message across
to the right audience for over 20 years.
We are experts in the travel and leisure sector.
What qualifies us as an expert ?
We are currently doing it, have a successful
track record, know the principles, fundamentals
and concepts involved and are interested in
you and Bulgaria’s success.
Offices Throughout the U.K.
Milton Keynes
Thames Valley
Some of Our Clients
• Beulieu
• Oasis Forest Holiday Villages
• Butlins
• Reed Business Information
• English Tourism
• SkyDeals.com
• Environment Agency
• Southeast Southern Tourist
• Hampton Court Palace
• The Tower of London
• Hotelworld.com
• Warner Holidays
• Isle of Man Tourism
• Kensington Palace
• London Luton Airport
• Yorkshire Tourist Board
A Recent Success Story
“The Isle of Man”
Located just off the coast of England . Our
challenge was build the desire to visit a place
that was in direct competition with Spanish resort
areas and took about the same amount of time
and expense to reach.
Our representation and brand development
positioned the Isle of Man as a relaxing place to
escape the stress and strain of modern life.
Campaign Results
• 100,000 Brochure Requests
• 35% increase in applications
Yorkshire Board of Tourism
Another one of our recent success stories.
Yorkshire suffered quite badly from the foot and
mouth crisis this past year. Through our
appointment in both representation and
advertising we presented it as ideal for
weekend breaks.
Campaign Results
50% increase in web visitors
180,000 Brochure Requests
8% Response from Direct mail
£18 million increased revenue
The Internet
We were among the first in the UK to anticipate
the impact of this new technology and set out
in 1994 to develop what has become one of
the most frequently visited sites in the UK.
In 1995 we launched Camelot Village one of
the first websites in Great Britain .
The strategy was to develop a virtual Britain
focusing on history ,heritage ,pageantry and
This award winning site introduces the concept
of ‘Edu-tainment’ making it fun to learn.
Camelot Village - Top UK Travel Guide
7 million visitors since its launch in June 1995
Averaging 120,000 unique visitors per month
4 million pages viewed per month
From 23 countries
Using the Law of Magnetism and Attractiveness
that says “like attracts like “ we have created a
giant magnet that is attracting people from all
over the world that are interested in
history,heritage, and tradition.
• http://camelotintl.com
• http://tower-of-london.com
The British Market Is the Market For
The British Market sends more people
to Europe than the United States.
British Holidaymakers
• 38.8 million Britons holiday abroad
• Spending $ 37.6 Billion
British Holidaymakers
• Of the 38.8 million travellers and
$37.5 Billion
• Bulgaria receives 0.03%
Why is Bulgaria getting such a small percentage of British
Holidaymakers ?
Bulgaria is outside the UK Travellers Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone
Throughout history the differences between people have
often kept them apart.This goes all the way back to the
story of the Tower of Babel. Records have shown that
languages, values , traditions and beliefs have separated
us, one group from another.
Throughout Europe there are dramatic differences in
human behaviour . Not only do we often speak
differently,but we also differ in the ways we dress ,in the
way we eat,and in our mannerisms and traditions.There
are significant differences in people,and the way we
behave.Every country has their own special way of
doing things .
When we are presented with something that is new and
different from what we are familiar with we are outside
our comfort zone and uncomfortable.Let’s take a look at
the current comfort zone of the British Traveller.
Where are The British comfortable in
visiting ?
= 10.750,000
Netherlands =
All other countries
Source Mintel
Why is Bulgaria outside the UK Travellers Comfort
We are comfortable and confident about the
things we know the most about.We are also the
most enthusiastic about the things we know the
most about. We think in terms of pictures and there
is no clear picture that comes to mind to people in
the UK when someone says “Bulgaria”
How can Bulgaria be included inside the UK
Travellers Comfort Zone?
By teaching them about Bulgaria and creating
a positive picture in the mind of UK travellers
We think in terms of pictures
If someone were to say to you the word car
you wouldn’t think “C A R “ in your mind ,but
rather you would visualise a car,one that you
own or would like to own. The same thing
holds true when someone says the word
“Bulgaria” at this time for the majority of British
no clear picture comes to mind . This is a great
opportunity to make the UK aware of your
country for the first time.That means you are in
essence telling them to “WAKE UP TO
“Wake up to Bulgaria ©“ and picture a
country with...
Rich in natural resources
Mediterranean climate
Healthy relaxed lifestyle
Great food, music, culture and folklore
Thousands of years of history
Warm friendly people and a welcoming smile
Bulgaria’s Greatest Asset
Bulgarians are different from most Europeans
and that difference yields wonderful benefits.
Your greatest strength being that you are
welcoming, warm, and accepting.
This is a valuable asset that should be the
foundation on which a marketing campaign
is built.
This is a great opportunity
To Introduce Bulgaria to the UK for the first
time and to create the type of picture that will
stay in people’s minds whenever they hear
the word “Bulgaria”.
The Plan
• Introduce Bulgaria to the UK Market
• Create a Positive Image as a destination of choice
• Use Dynamic laws to affect, influence and control
what people think
The Primacy Effect
Anytime people are introduced to something new the
primacy effect is activated which simply means that:• First impressions act as a filter
• All other information is filtered through this new
belief system.
• First impressions are lasting
• For the sake of the future success of the country the
first impression must be positive!
Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
Understanding and using dynamic laws to
affect influence, and control what people
think will be a key ingredient to success .
It is important for the message to get through
loud and clear that Bulgarians like the British
and want them to visit their country. We want
to convey this right from the beginning to
make use of the Law of Reciprocal Affection.
When we find out that someone thinks well of
us we are driven to find him /her more
Law of Reciprocal Affection
• We like people that like us
• The best way to make a fantastic first impression
- Smile -
A Smile Means I like you !
• The best way to make a fantastic first
impression is to smile.
• A smile conveys:
• Confidence
• Happiness
• Enthusiasm is contagious ,the more happy
and excited you are the more excited others
will become.
• Acceptance
• Here are a sampling of how this principle
could be used by introducing the idea that
“We Smile in the Same Language”
Law of Association
90% of all decisions are based on the
emotions. We want to arouse the emotions in
order to persuade people that Bulgaria is the
place where they choose to spend their time
and money.
We are drawn to people who are
excited,passionate ,and happy about life and
being alive.
Law of Association
• By pairing Bulgaria with pleasurable stimuli the
UK will associate Bulgaria with this feeling
• Bulgaria - The Place to be Happy is here!
Law of Repeat Exposure
Familiarity breeds fondness.The greater the
exposure the more positive the response ( as
long as the initial reaction is not negative).
This is why we sometimes advertise just a
picture of a product or a name , without a
specific feature or benefit of using the
product,we don’t need to tell how
wonderful it is the exposure is all we need.
Clarity, Creativity, Consistency
The key to our success will be the clarity of our
message,creatively presented and consistently
implemented through Press, Magazines, Outdoor
Media, Radio, Direct Mail and the Internet.
The Cycle of Development
We accelerate our development through a
positive attitude toward making changes,
seeking the knowledge from an expert that
knows the principles, fundamentals, and
concepts involved and someone who is
interested in us and our development.
By practising the right things under a coach
we soon become skilful in this area.
By following the formula set out in this
presentation Bulgaria will become a
comfortable option to UK Travellers and their
destination of choice!
Dream Area Conference
Get excited and enthusiastic about your
dreams. Excitement is like a forest fire ,you can
smell it,taste it,and see it a mile away. Have a
big dream an exciting dream. Emerson said “
You have only to move in the direction of your
dreams to meet with success unexpected in
common hours.” He also said, “ Do the thing
and you will have the power.If you do not do
the thing you will not have the power.”
“Whatever you can do,
or dream you can do begin it.
Boldness has genius, power
and magic in it ”
Blagodaria !
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