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Wednesday, October 5th 2011
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September 13th & 15th
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Career Conference
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•Complete Registration Form by 9/16
•Return to Viterbi Career Services – RTH 218
•Bring a refundable $20 deposit
What is a Resume?
A brief, customized summary
of your skills, interests and
A method of marketing and
advertising your most
valuable skills
A tool to help you secure an
interview or meeting with a
potential employer
Purpose of a Resume
Resume Sections
• Your name and contact information
• Specific and positive statement of the type of opportunity you are seeking
and its fit to your skill-set
• List of your education background (degrees, institution, date or expected
date of graduation)
• Relevant coursework
• List of technical skills according to skill type (programming languages, lab
equipment, etc.)
• List of language fluency
Purpose of a Resume
Resume Sections
Academic Projects
•Highlighted list of academic project experience as relevant to the available opportunity
Work Experience
•Summarized list of tasks and projects completed during a work opportunity
•Focus on leadership, results and achievements
•Activities or organizational participation outside of the classroom that demonstrate
transferable skills
•Relevant activities that are unique and interesting
Resume Basics
Includes Name, Address, Phone Number and Email
Tommy Trojan
555 Omaha Lane, Apt. B
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Jane Bovard
3650 McClintock Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Josephine Bruin
3550 Hilgard Ave ◦ Los Angeles, CA 90095 ◦ 213-555-5555 ◦
Objective/ Profile
What types of positions are you seeking?
Seeking a challenging position at a
growth-oriented organization.
Seeking a summer internship in biomedical
Seeking a summer internship in technical support
to apply my interpersonal skills and two years
professional experience in customer service.
BS in Electrical Engineering
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Relevant Coursework:
Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
Optical Fiber Communications Systems
GPA: 3.5 (as applicable)
Expected 5/2015
Linear Control Systems
Principles of Radar
Highlight tools and languages unique to your skill set!
• Technical Skills
Programming Languages, Software Applications, Lab Equipment
• Language Proficiency (verbal)
Work Experience
Office Assistant
USC Engineering Student Affairs
•Data Entry
•General Office Tasks
Sept 2011 – Present
Office Assistant
Sept 2011 – Present
USC Engineering Student Affairs
• Update and maintain Access database of student records
• Schedule appointments for 8 advisors
• Respond to phone and in-person inquiries
Academic Projects
Cargo Plane Completion
Fall 2011
Team Member
•Designed, built and tested prototype aluminum wheels
•Helped build carbon fiber fuselage and foam tail glass
with fiberglass skin
Ozone Flight Sampler
Fall 2011
Team Leader
• Collaborated with a team on the thermal design of
reciprocating engine and rocket propulsions
• Optimized properties in order to reach upper stratosphere
Writing an Accomplishment Statement
What organizations and activities utilize your time?
• Professional engineering organizations a must!
• Campus & community involvement
• Stress leadership roles in organized activities
• Interests should be UNIQUE & INTERESTING
Resume Checklist
 Proofread for grammar and spelling!
 Make sure your resume is easy to scan by the human eye and
online bots
 Font size between 11 to 12 point
 Use bullet points to identify accomplishment statements
 Consistency in formatting
 One page resume
 Adjust margins between .5 to 1 inches
 Use white or off white resume paper – very positive and professional
 Avoid templates (MS Word resume templates)
Resume Checklist
 Do not exaggerate and BE HONEST
 Delete unnecessary information – keep it relevant!
 Watch tenses and utilize action verbs
 Do not use the same examples for academic projects
and work experience. Variety will maintain interest!
 By the way… PROOFREAD!!!