My Autobiography
I, me &
• My name is ..
• I’m 15 years old and
I was born on March
the 27th (1992)
• I live in Finland and my
hometown is Turku
Find out more about
me at the following
pages! 
The way
I look
I look quite ordinary. My hair color is
reddish brown (I’m going to dye my
hair to pretty dark brown) and I also
have a long hair. My eyes are green
and they also have brown and even
yellow. I have weird eyes, but I like the
colour. I’m not skinny but not fat
either, or that’s what I think.  I am
pretty short, too short maybe. :c Only
158cm (about 5’’2), but it’s OK. My
shoe size is 37.
I wear normal clothes. The color of my
clothes is often black, but I don’t know
why. Maybe I should try to buy more
colorful clothes.. Especially now, when
the summer is coming and you just
can’t wear black at summer! My
favourite color is green and it also
shows at my clothes. I think that I have
like fifty-fifty black and green clothes.
:D Of course I have also something else
than black and green but you know
what I mean.
The way
I am
It's pretty hard to describe
yourself, but I’ll do my best.
I am quite normal girl of my
age. I think that I’m pretty
nice person. I’m not
aggressive or anything like
that. (:D)
My fundamental character
isn’t very outgoing. I may
seem even a bit quiet and
shy. I am a little bit shy with
people that I don’t know so
well. But with friends I’m
laughing, laughable and
My pets
I have always loved animals, but I have
never had many pets. I love dogs the
most, but unfortunately I don’t have
one. (Read more about this dog-thing
from “My hobbies”.)
I have one fancy rat named Åke. She’s
a girl, even though she has a boy’s
name. Åke’s color is English Lilac
agouti. I think that Åke is quite typical
rat. She’s pretty old already in the rat’s
age (~2-y), but she still keeps going. Her
favourite food is water melon. ;)
My previous rats were Siru and Oona (in
the picture) and they were absolutely
wonderful pets.  And they were my
first ones. Siru and Oona were sisters,
they were from the same litter. I guess
that their favourite food was roasted
rice. Siru’s kennel name was Zaya’s
Silver Cholite Ursa and Oona’s was
Zaya’s Chocolic Ulothricious. Siru and
Oona were very intelligent like fancy
rats usually are.
Fancy rats are great pets and I’ll have
more rats someday (that’s for sure)!
My friends
I have only a few friends, but I’m totally
OK with that ‘cause those friends that I
have, are the best. ;)
I’m not very good at making friends.
My friends are quite similar comparing
to me. I guess that’s why we are
friends. We have many things in
common, but also just enough
differences, so we don’t get along too
well. :D
My friends in Helsinki
My best friends are at the same class
with me, so I see them almost every
day. Of course we see each other at
our spare time also.
I have one more friend. I have known
her about 11 years, so I know her pretty
well. :D
I have had many friends in my life, but
unfortunately our paths has gone to
different directions.
My hobbies
Me and a dog
named Vicky.
I took care of Vicky
when her family
was gone for a
Me as a
little scoutgirl (year
I don’t have many/any “real” hobbies, but who
defines what’s a real hobby and what’s not?
I think that a real hobby is something that you
have to pay for. I mean the membership fee
My hobbies are reading, postcrossing, music,
cycling and I’m also a 4H-dogsitter.
I used to do scouting and I played piano, but
got fed up with those so I quit.
My latest hobby is dogsitting. It’s really fun,
rewarding and that’s my biggest dream; to take
care of dogs and I just love being with dogs and
go for a walk and so on..!
I also enjoy reading. I read all kinds of books. I’m
reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
right now. I started to read the Harry Potter series at the beginning of this year (2007).
One of my favourite books is called “Sannan
Music has a huge place in my heart, even
though I don’t go to any instrument lessons
anymore. I just love singing and listening to
music. I still play piano at home, but not so
I really like cycling and I often cycle to school
even though I have about 7 kilometres to school.
Postcrossing is pretty fun too. The thing is that first
you got to register to
and then you’ll get an address and then you
have to send a postcard to that person who’s
address you’ll get. Find out more about
postcrossing from that same internet address. 
My interests
I’m into couple of things
and I'll list those here..
- languages
- travelling
- dogs
- music
- decoration
- reading
- friends
- photographing
- surfing at the internet
and chatting via
messenger with friends
My home
I live in Turku. My home is a
rowhouse/ terraced house.
It has about 100m2 .
We have two floors.
We have four rooms and a
big kitchen. We have two
toilets and the shower is in
the upstairs’ toilet.
We have small yards in the
back and the front of our
apartment. We have also a
big balcony and patio in
the backyard.
My room
I don’t have any picture of my
room, so this must be ok. :D
I have collected cow stuff
and these fellows are
definitely a part of my room
My room is quite small and it’s
always messy. I’m not very
good at keeping my room
tidy. And as a matter of fact I
find my things better when
everything lies on the floor.
I have two windows,
wardrobe, desk and a
bookcase. I have a
“parvisänky” (I didn’t find that
word anywhere), it’s like a
bunk bed, but without the
bottom bed.
I don’t have a computer or TV
in my room, but I have a
radio/CD-player and that’s just
fine to me.
My school
An old picture of
our even older
main building 
My school is old and it has had
many names before this one. First,
back to 1928, when my school was
founded, it was called Turun II
Suomalainen Lyseo. Nowadays my
school’s name is Puolala school,
but before the primary school and
the secondary school was united,
my school was called the
Puolalanmäki school. So now
when the whole comprehensive
school is together, our school has
a lot of pupils! Maybe about 900?
My school has many buildings, but
we have lessons only in the main
building, S-building and home
economics in Eskeli.
My favourite subjects are English,
Swedish and home economics.
My future
My future. Me and
my friends with
student caps
I don’t really have any idea what
I’m going to do on the future.
I think that most teenagers of my
age do know at least what they
are interested of. Well I know it
too, but not so clearly, I guess. :D
First of all, I do know that I’m going
to the gymnasium, but I’m not
even sure which. Maybe I stay in
Puolalanmäki, but I wont go to the
music class. I have also thought
about going to IB-school, but I’m
not sure if I’m good enough.
(Particularly with maths, ‘cause if
you go there you have to be
pretty good with it..)
My future occupation is not clear
at all, but I’m interested in
something where I could speak
English (and/or some other
language) and interior decorator
would also be amazing.
Key English 8
(9A) My Finland
(10A) Travelling
(11A) Vehicles
(12A) Comparing two
(13A) Shopping
(14A) Four Seasons
(17A) Bullying
(18A) Heroes
My Finland
Typical Finland-view
Everything that
Finland is famous of
Finland is a quite small country situated
in the Northern Europe. Finland is often
called “the country of lakes and forests”
‘cause about 250 000km2 of Finland’s
area is covered with forests. Finland has
about 187 888 lakes. Finland is quite flat.
Finland’s population is about 5,3 milj.
That’s not much, but just perfect for me.
The weather is very different in a
different season. In the summer it may
be +30 and in the winter it can be even
-30, but that happens very rarely.
But Finland isn’t just all about forests and
lakes. It produces stuff
like Nokia mobilephones, Iittala-glasses
and Marimekko is also Finnish invention.
Lordi and Iittala
(Aalto) Vase
I love Finland and (almost) everything
about it. (Turku is the best town ;)) The
midnight sun is amazing, even though its
sometimes hard to sleep.
I love travelling abroad.
I have been in (Finland,) Sweden,
Estonia, Denmark, Germany, France and
Switzerland. That’s not very much and I’d
like to go anywhere.
Me and my cousin at the airport,
trying to get to our gate.
View from the window of
the aeroplane
I have flown with an airplane only once,
to Paris. First I was even a bit scared, but
soon it turned out to be very nice and
not scary at all. Turku Airport was really
small, but I knew that Charles de Gaulle
(International Airport) is going to be so
much bigger. Going through the
customs was a new experience to me.
The custom inspectors emptied my
cousins backpack, even though she was
carrying only some stuffed animals. :D
When we went to the baggage reclaim,
we heard that all the baggage of some
flight has gone to a wrong place. We
were lucky that that wasn’t our flight and
soon we got our baggage.
Vehicles are very important factor
in our everyday life.
Long journeys are easy to drive with
a car, it’s fast and like I said, easy.
Car is a really good invention.
Anyway, nowadays I prefer a
bicycle or a public transport. Bike is
also a good invention, ‘cause you
can go with pretty high speed, it’s
a good exercise and it doesn’t
pollute the environment. Public
transport is also good (mostly buses
to me) because they carry a lot of
people at the same time, so it
doesn’t pollute as much as if
everybody in that bus would go
with their own car. And a bus ticket
is really much cheaper than gas.
Our car, Fiat Punto
the breakwater of
two cities
My first impression of both of the cities was that
they are amazing and very good tourist
changing of
the guard
Pärnu is Estonia's “summer capital” and
everybody can see it. It is very good summer
location because it has a huge beach and
very good sea that you can swim in. I didn’t
get to know a Pärnu’s public transport, ‘cause
we spent most of our time in the beach and if
we went somewhere, we took a taxi. Taxis
were OK. The drivers were nice and they
understood Finnish. Food was good and of
course very similar to the Finnish one.
Stockholm is not at all like Pärnu. It is a capital
of Sweden and there are lots of historical
buildings and the changing of the guard is
nice and very official. It was easy to
communicate with Swedish people in English
(I couldn’t speak any Swedish by then). Food
was good. We ate smörrebröd even though
it’s a Danish invention. The taxi drivers in
Stockholm were very quiet and they didn’t
speak much.
Normally I don't like
shopping, but sometimes it’s
OK. I like to shop alone and
without a rush.
I buy my clothes from a
normal stores like H&M and
Seppälä, I guess. I like big
shopping centres, but we
don’t have many of those in
Finland. But Mylly is a big one
to me. :D You can get
everything there, so it’s a
good place.
Four Seasons
I love that fact that we have four seasons in
Finland. You don’t get so bored with the
There is something good with every season.
Sometimes the winter may seem a little bit too
long, but it’s OK, when you see the first birds of
the spring. I like the snow, but sometimes it’s too
cold. It is very dark, that’s not good.
Spring is the shortest season in Finland. It’s when
the snow melts away and everything starts to
Summer is my favourite season (in addition to
spring). It’s very warm and it’s about 18-28’C all
the time. You can do everything at summer
and you don’t have school! That’s definitely
the best thing.
The autumn is never nice, because then you
have to go to school and everything starts to
wither. There is one good thing with autumn;
there is amazing colour in the nature so you’ll
get good pictures of it!
Bullying can be either physical
or mental and both are very
bad. I think that maybe
mental is even worse. I don’t
know why someone likes to
bully, but it’s really stupid.
Maybe the bullies have a low
self-confident and they have
to bully someone to get more
self-confident. Some people
get bullied because of their
looks, skin colour, but I don’t
understand why. Different
people make this world
complete. Bullying isn’t fair
and if someone is bullied and
you know it, you should tell to
a grown up who can help!
I don’t really know how to
define ”a hero”. Everyone is
a hero in a way.
I don’t have any special
hero. I think that doctors
(nurses.. etc..) and firemen
are a huge heroes, because
their job is to help people
and save lives.
Everyone who helps
someone who is close to
them is a hero.
I’ve collected my
comments from every
single project to here
so you can read what
I think for example
about James Bond!
I’m starting from the
old ones..
My Sunday
Usually at Sundays I sleep as
long as I want. So I get up
about eleven o'clock. :'D I
dress up, eat breakfast and
watch TV, I think.
Sometimes I go somewhere
with my friends, but last
Sunday, which was
yesterday, I didn't do
anything 'cause weather
was bad and I read to the
exam of English. Usually I
don't do anything special...
I listen to music and read.
Maybe I check if I haven't
done some of my
homework yet.. Most of my
time I sit in front of my
computer. n_n; I chat at
MSN Messenger with my
friends. It's fun and time
flies. ;D Eh. ^____^;
Yep, that was it. ”My
Sunday” and those
other old projects are
really SO old that I
don’t even recognize
that I’ve written those
‘cause I don’t write
that way anymore.
My Sunday. :D
Well that’s not
me, as you
can see, but
you know
what I mean.
Me trotting the globe! 
I haven't been abroad so many times,
that I could tell you something
interesting.. I've only been in some
Nordic countries and Middle Europe,
and their culture doesn't have very
many differences comparing to us.
One thing, that I do now know, is that
for example French people are much
more polite that we are. That doesn't
mean that Finnish people are impolite,
but being polite just isn't natural to
must of us and for example cheek
kisses are not a part of our culture.
I just love travelling and I hope that
some day I have enough money to
travel where ever I want. :D
First locations that I want to go to are
(among others) Thailand, England,
USA etc.
Keeping Up
I haven’t done this project
(I suppose because I didn’t know what to
write), but I’ll try to write something..
I liked watching Keeping up appearances
at our lessons. It has weird British humour
and it was fun to watch a British sitcom
series and learn at the same time. Some of
the characters are very funny, especially
Hyacinth, because she’s the main
character. Hyacinth is very bossy women
who desperately tries to be a part of the
upper-class (even though she is very
middle-class), so she answers the phone
"The Bouquet residence, the lady of the
house speaking“.
I can’t really name my favourite character,
‘cause they are all so funny/good actors,
but still, Elizabeth is one of my favourites.
She is afraid of Hyacinth and she always
spills her coffee/tee to Hyacinth’s precious
The best thing in this show is just everything.
The situation comedy is so amazing. 
My letter to
Santa Claus
Dear Santa,
First, I hope that you have time to read my letter.
I think I've been kind enough this year. I have
been working hard in school this autumn.
I think that you should bring lots of presents. Even
thought I admit, my room is a real mess and I
haven't cleaned up in a while. I should do that,
I know.
I hope that there would be a lot of snow this
Christmas, but I think that that is too much to ask,
'cause there is about 7 degrees and only about
two weeks to Christmas. There must be snowing,
I'm going to spend my holiday just relaxing and in
the Christmas eve I'm probably with my family
and/or friends. I don't like the most of Finnish
Christmas foods. For example the food called
'rosolli' is disgusting. What foods do you like?
Sooo, as I said, I wish for white Christmas, but
something else also. iPod would be nice. I don't
know what else to ask, but I count on you!
Have a great Christmas and don't get too tired
going around the world in only one night! :)
With love, Little-Em.
Britney and
I don't really have any opinion of Britney
or/and Kevin's marriage/divorce,
because I don't understand why it is
anyone else's business than Britney and
Kevin's and their families.
But still I can tell my opinion of Britney.
I think that she is a good singer and
talented, 'cause she has started so
Her music isn't even near of my taste.
I don't like her image.
I don't know anything about Kevin
Federline, but I don't like him either.
I don't like rap and I don't know him, so
I can't tell anything good about him! :D
Britney's New Look Is Bald!
Haha. I think that Britney has really lost
her mind this time. But I don't know.
Maybe media is just making it look that
On the other hand I agree with Julle.
I mean if Britney really has a
depression (+ the alcohol problem),
they should leave her alone and let
her recover.
I'm not so interested what Britney
does 'cause she isn't really my
closest friend, you know. ;)
-------------------------------------------------Yep, I agree with you all (/two :D) !
When I said that I'm not so interested
what Britney does, I really didn't
mean that it would be the same to
me if she died or something. Of
course she should have a happy life
like everybody else.
And like Klaara said, she must be
REALLY tired! She has had a huge
career already and she is still pretty
Beauty behind
the make-up?
In this project we were supposed
to make a conversation about
two videos made by Dove.
(You can watch the videos in
Here’s what I thought:
Uhh, I found the first video even a bit
scary. She was changing so fast and
the photoshopping-part was so weird.
Media is photoshopping commercials
and other things all the time! I think
that's sad, 'cause natural people are
usually the most beautiful. That's what I
The other video is really sweet. I've seen
it couple of times before so it was
familiar to me.
I think that people (mostly girls/women)
shouldn't worry so much about their
Dove has made really good job with
doing those videos, 'cause hopefully
it makes people to think.
(Klaara, I want to ask you something;
how do you define "normal"?)
-------------------------------------------------AND I want to add one more thing
to this.. I really think that that
girl/women was pretty before she got
all that make-up on her. She was
looking normal! Afterwards she was
looking very unnatural and not very
" No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted."
In this project we were supposed to tell
our opinion of two IKEA-commercials
(and also about IKEA).
Here is what I wrote:
Both commercials were good in some
way. :D
First commercial (“Find your style”,
woman changing heads) wasn't really
my style. I mean that didn't like it so
It was even a bit weird. The idea was
good, but I didn't like the result.
I had to watch that video a couple of
times 'till I really understood it and had
something to say.
I loved the second video! That dog is so
cute. Quality of that video is also better
so it was nice to watch. The dog seems
to be so smart and humanitarian.
I have never been to Ikea, but I would
want to go. :c
My opinion about that
”Find your style”-video has
changed from that and
now a think that it’s pretty
good. And it sells, I think. It
is a good commercial. 
Still I haven’t visited IKEA,
but I do have one thing
from there! :D My sister
brought me a soft animal
which is called Minnen
This project’s idea was that we
make a conversation about
Finnish Idols and The American
Idol-competition. You can see
my comments here.
Finnish Idols
I like to watch Idols, but I would
never go there. :DD
I don't like the judges 'cause I think
that they don't know much about
music business. Well of course they
know, but I just don't like them..
Nina Tapio is stupid.
I think that in the finals judges
shouldn't say their opinion, 'cause it
effects a lot for the watchers. I
mean it's almost the same that
judges would decide the winner.
I agree with Siiri. But I would say that
some people go there, 'cause they
want their "five minutes in the spot
light". I mean that even if they know
that they can't sing, they just go there
for fame.
I don't like Anna Abreu. I don't really
know why. She's just too young. Her
voice is ok, but I still don't like her.
My favourite is Mia Permanto. I don't
know why either.. She just has great
personality and she has an amazing
Yep, my favourite idol 2007 is still Mia
and I hope that she will get a
recording contract soon! 
American Idol
I like to watch American Idol, 'cause
they have so many talented singers.
But still, I wouldn't say that American
Idol is much better than the Finnish
one. USA's population is about 57(?)
times bigger than Finland's, so of
course they have also more talented
singers. I agree that American Idol is
very different to the Finnish one.
Judges are better and usually they
make the right decision.
Ryan Seacrest (the host) is a good
host and also quite cute. ;))
Kelly Clarkson first,
and the best
American Idol
James Bond
I haven't seen any Bond-movies,
so I can't really tell you who is the
'real Bond'. But still, I have seen
many pictures of Bond and I think
that Pierce Brosnan is the realone, 'cause he just looks so
'bondish'. If you understand what I
mean. :D If someone says "James
Bond", his face just comes up to
my mind. I don’t think that James
Bond is a big hero. :D Because he
is so unreal. He always solves all
the problems and survives every
time (except this Daniel Graig, or
that’s what I have heard). He is
more like women’s hero.
Daniel Graig
James Bond 2006-?
American people
Uncle Sam.
He is a national
of the USA.
My stereotype of Americans is
something like this; if someone says
"Americans" it conjures up images of
(like someone has already said) fat and
lazy people. On the other hand, the US
is so big that there are many
stereotypes. Hollywood is full of famous
and rich people who's life is wonderful
and perfect. There the most of girlstudents are beautiful cheerleaders
and the boys are athletes. But then
they have also a few nerds who always
get bullied. Then some place else I see
a lot of poor people and slums. In these
areas the kids are very rebel and so on.
And.. USA makes a lot of reality-shows
so it makes us think that Americans are
crazy when they are willing to go to
that kind of shows and humiliate
themselves. But maybe they are crazy,
a little bit.. :D
Finnish people
Stereotype of Finnish people is
that they are quiet, timid and
even little bit morose. They don’t
usually smile and they are not
good with social contacts. Finns
love the nature and they often
have a summer cottage middle
of nowhere. And when they are
in sauna they just slap
themselves and other people
with a bunch of birch branch (it
is called “vasta” or “vihta”).
Maybe some people think that
Finns are Eskimos and they live in
Finnish Maiden,
the national
personification of

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