My name is Bianca.
I am 13 years old.
I have brown and long hair. I have blue eyes.
I have a sister younger then me (a year).
I like animals, especially dogs.
I have a pretty and little dog. His name is Tomy.
I speak 2 languages: French and English.
My favourite colours are pink, blue and green.
I like summer.
My favourite fruits are strawberries and apples.
Hi! My name is Bora Octavian, but my
friends call me Tavi.
I have brown eyes and black hair.I like music,animals,parties, PC
games and also to compose songs and
Sing, too. I practice karate.
I go in the park and play with my friends during
all the day in my free time.
About school, I can tell you that it has an important
place in my life. Last year I had great marks,only nine and ten. For
me school is a place for education and fun.
I am in a theatre club, and in the same time I
work as a junior reporter, and I administrate club’s site. I think
these things are funy, and I do it with pleasure.
About my family, I love them. My mother is a manager
of a school, I admire her because she does a lot of things in a day
and she is not tired ever and she doesn’t forget because she is my
My dad is am engineer, he works hard but he doesn’t say
this ever. My sister is a student at the Tehnique University. She is a
very good student. My brother works in the army.
This is me and this is my family.
Hello! My name is Cristina.
I like to dance, to sing, to listen to music. My hair is
brown and my eyes are green. I`m tall and slim. I`m a
volley player and I love this sport. I have a dog, his name
is Egrut.
It has black fur and it`s a hunting dog. I have a
brother and his name is Cristian. He`s 19 years old.
My favourite school subjects are: Math,
English, Art, Computers and Music. My favourite music
bands are: Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Tokyo Hotel.
I have many friends and my best friend is
First name: Gabriela
Last Name: Szasz
I live in a modern house.It is located in the center
of the town.
My familly has 3 members, and I have a cat called
Tiger.It is small and sweet.I like very much its
green eyes. I like to brush his fur every day.
I like to sing in my free time. I like to go out with
my friends, to walk in the park with my boyfriend,
chating on messenger.
My favourite food is pizza and fruits. I’d like to
visit the New York, because it’s very populated,
beautiful and so big.
My favourite colour is blue, because it’s the colour
of the sky. The school subjects that I prefer are:
English, French, Maths and Computers. I like to
meet a lot of people, and to have a lot of friends.
First name: Rusu
Last Name: Catalina
I live in a modern apartment, located in the
Flower Hill neighborhood.
My family has four members:
mother- Gabriela, father- Gavril and my
sister-Roxana. In my free time I like to go
out with my friends. I'd like to visit New
York because is so big and populated.
My favourite food is pizza. My
favourite colour is pink.
The school subjects that I prefer are:
English, Informatics and Maths.
I like to meet a lot of people.
First name: Niste
Last Name: Ioana-Anamaria
I live in a modern apartment, located in the Flower Hill
My family has four members: mother-Ioana,
father-John and my sister-Roxana. In my free time I like
to go out with my friends, but especially to spend my
time with my boy-friend.
My favourite food is French fries, pizza and
fruits. I'd like to visit Washington DC because it’s very
populated, beautiful, and so big. My favourite colour is
red because it is the colour of love.
The school subjects that I prefer are: English,
Computers and Biology.
I like to have a lot of friends.
Hello! I`m Cristina. I`m 14 years old.
I live in a village, which is close to a small town.
I`m a simple, creative, ambitions and intelligent person. My
hobbies are photography, design, listening to music and
My favourite stars are Michael Jackson, Celine
Dion, Tom Cruise and my favourite TV programme is
"Doctor Who", SF drama. I prefer different music styles. I
like pop music, clasic music, folk music, jazz, rock...I speak 4
Languages besides Romanian : English, French, Spanish and
Hungarian. My plan is to learn the Russian language in the
following year. I wish to became a psychologist, because I
like everything in this domain.
I also like philosophy, art, astronomy and acient
history. My favourite historical personality being Alexadru
the Great, the emperor of the Macedonian Empire.
My favourite place to live would be a windy place,
maybe somewhere close to the sea or to a lake. My dream is
to visit the big cities of the world, beginning with Paris.
I think I am a friendly person being capable of
building nice friendships.
Bye Mican Cristina Anamaria
Hi, my name is Raluca. I am 14 years old
and I am from Romania.
So about me: I am honest, sensitive,
calm, nice, serious and quiet. I love to travel to see
new places from around the world.I love the sea,
the rain, the stars, the winter (because it`s my
birthday), the snow, hot chocolate
and of course the Christmas.
I really like photography, the nature,
watching movies and listening to music a lot. My
favourite colour is green, I love the dogs and the
penguins. I dream of a better world without hate. I
dream to travel in an Arabic country, to live in a
medieval castle, to be a witness to a miracle.
I like to learn new things.
Bye Sipos Raluca
My name is Jeler
Cristina Maria.
I like school, but I like more the breaks. There are
some school subjects which I like more: Literature,
English, French, History and Maths.
I have a sister older than me, called
Georgiana. She`s a student, too.
We have a little dog which is very funny and
cute. We love him because it is small.
Bye Jeler Cristina
My name is Nemeth Eduard Cristian.
I`m 12 years old and I live with my parents in Dej.
My favourite sports are volleyball, bascketball and
football. I like Pc games in my free time. I know a
few languages, I speak fluently Romanian and
Hungarian and I also know Eglish well and French.
Every time I listen to hip hop music,
because that's my favourite kind of music; and I
watch cartoons because I find them funny. I like art
and also to play the guitar. My favourite food is
My height is 1,48m. My eyes colour is
dark-brown. My hair colour is brown. I am a
friendly person. I like having fun with my friends.
Bye Nemeth Eduard
My name is Ivan
Diana Cerasela.
I have medium high, black eyes, black and long hair.
My friends consider me funny and modest. I like to
have fun very much.
I like to go out with my friends or to play computer
games, in my free tine.
My favourite school subjects are: Sport because I
like it; History because it is interestig and Geography
because I learn many things about our country.
Everyday after school I`ve got to practice the
ayhtlestim. I like very much this sport!
My name is Prunean
I am 13 years old. I have brown and curled hair.
I have hazel eyes.
I am tall and energetic.
I like Chemistry, to read, to watch TV, to go
out with my friends, even if I don`t have too
much time.
Everyday after school I`ve got to practice the

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