Cal—School Climate, Health and
Learning Survey
Survey Administration
1-888-841-7536 and
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Cal—School Climate, Health and
Learning Survey
A comprehensive school climate data
collection system…
• Customized to meet local needs
• Full-service regional Technical Assistance
• Pre Survey, Ongoing, & Next Steps.
• Every 2 years (grades 5, 7, 9, 11, NT
schools) and
CHKS and
CHKS Survey Versions
School-level version
• Elementary (Grade 5)
• Middle schools (Grade 7)
• High school (Grades 9, 11, NT)
• English
• Spanish
• Bilingual English/Spanish
• Others available via Listserv
Separate answer sheets and survey and
CHKS Survey Content
Core Module (Required)
• Demographics
• Resilience & Youth Development (external
• ATOD use, attitudes, and perceived norms
• Violence and safety
Wording, content and length change between Grade 5 Core, MS and HS Core and
CHKS Content (continued)
Complete the Core
and possible 4 questions from DASM
Complete the CORE
Plus any additional Modules B-H
B - RYDM (Resilience & Youth Development - Internal
C - AOD Use
D - Tobacco Use
E - Physical Health
F - Sexual Behavior
G- Custom Module (differs by school district/county)
H- DASM (District After-School Module)
Under ‘Download Surveys’ on website and
CSCS and
Core CSCS Topics
Staff-student relationships
Student risk behaviors (staff perceptions)
School connectedness and external assets
Parental involvement
After School Program and Student Assistance Programs
Efforts to reduce risk factors
Resources available to students
Staff and student safety and
Learning Supports Module
• School services, resources, and policies related to student
behavior, health, and overall climate.
• Discipline enforcement
• Extent of youth development, health, AOD, character ed,
violence, and harassment programs
• Resources for safety and prevention; prevention priorities
and professional development
• School-community collaboration
*For “practitioners” with health, prevention, safety, and
counseling responsibilities and
Contact your Cal-SCHLS Regional Center
Form Advisory Committee
Obtain superintendent and School Board Approval
Select Survey Modules
Obtain support of principals and identify school
• Select CHKS survey dates & CSCS 30 day window and
Parental Consent
Choose a consent option: Passive or
Confirm School Board Consent Policy
Parent Consent – develop and distribute
Monitor consent form returns
Make survey available to parents
Confirm consents and
Survey Training, Preparation, &
Technical assistance and support
Submit MOU
Select survey administrators (Proctors)
Train School Coordinators, Teachers, and Proctors
Distribute materials
Conduct survey
Mail materials to CHKS with Answer Sheet Return
Receive, read and understand the reports and
Basic Services Provided
Master copies of all materials
 Surveys
 Parent Consent Forms, Guidebooks, MOU
 School, Proctor, Teacher Instructions
Answer sheets and classroom transmittal envelopes
Data Scanning, analysis, and district reports
Technical Assistance including:
Phone consultation and monthly trainings
Survey planning and sample selection
Consultation on obtaining local buy-in and increasing return rates
Assistance in interpretation of survey results and the data reports and
Review Responsibilities
 Local site coordination and survey scheduling
 Distribution, collection, & tracking of parent consent
 Printing of surveys
 Staff training
 Mailing of answer sheets to the local CHKS center
 Receive, read and understand the report
 Spread the word about the results at local level
 Provision of data for aggregated state dataset and
CSCS Basic Fees
CHKS = 30 cents per student enrolled at 5, 7,
9, 11, and non traditional sites
CSCS = Free if done online at the same time
as the CHKS and
California School Parent Survey
Companion to the CHKS and CSCS
Administer together for a full school climate
Can be conducted on the web, on scannable
answer sheet or a combination of both
Cost is based on the size of the district
Contains 34 questions and
CHKS Online Survey
Includes the core - only
Grades above 5th
30 cents per enrolled student and
Special Reports
The Migrant, Indian &
International Education Office
Special Education and

California Health Kids & California School Climate