Study software that helps students:
•Learn faster
•Retain facts longer
•Convert notes into games, flashcards and tests
Created by Jeff Computers
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Does StudyX Already Have Your Study Content?
1. Click Open.
Built-In Study Material Includes:
English Terms: Basic Literary Terms
Foreign Language Vocabulary Words - 48 Languages
2. Double Click a file.
History Facts:
US Presidents
US Civil War
US Colonization
US War & Diplomacy
Practice Basic Math (+,-,x,%) with Math Game
Geometry Terms
Note: Save as a
different file name
before adding/deleting
questions in case you
need the original data
Scientific Terms:
Animal Types & Habitats
Forces of Nature
Geological Terms
Living Cells
Scientific Names of Animals
Periodic Table of Elements
Social Studies Facts:
US State Capitals
Country Capitals
US Government
US Geography
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Students Learn Facts Faster & Have Fun!
Study smarter for tests – whether an elementary, secondary or graduate student
Easily memorize languages, vocabulary, science terms, history facts, math and more
Have fun learning while playing interactive study games
List of benefits of
Way beyond flash card functionality – study options include games, practice tests (multiple choice, fill-in-theblank, matching), study sheets and flash cards
Efficient - study while performing other computer tasks using the autopilot option
Intelligent engine tracks students’ progress while studying on-screen:
Tallies correctly-answered questions
Focuses on questions needing the most studying
Congratulates students on mastering material after correctly answering all questions twice
Eliminate costs (paper and ink) of traditional flash cards with on-screen option
Print study aids if preferred – Avery/plain paper flash cards, practice tests, study sheets
Growing study material database with both StudyX and users adding content
Powerful tool for teachers and homeschooling parents – automatically generates multiple versions of tests
Collaborate – share study files with others directly or via the StudyX forum
Easy to use – simple interface with pop-up instructions mimics Microsoft Word
Save Time – built-in database is easily expandable: English, History, Math, Science, Social Studies, and 45
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Add Your Own Study Content
1. Click Add Questions
to add your own
questions to study
2. Type a term
and then press
Tab on keyboard.
3. StudyX will
automatically download
the definition from an
online dictionary, or you
can type your own.
4. Click Add.
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Import Study Questions from Excel
1. Click Import (on the
Home Tab).
2. You can easily import and
export from Excel CSV
View: for more
help and to download a trial.
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Study: On Screen or Printed Aids
Click Study Tab.
On screen study
options keep track of
your progress.
Print three types of
practice tests or study
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Study: Autopilot Studying
1. Click Study Tab.
2. Click ‘Autopilot
Study’ icon.
Study while you
browse the web, use
your computer, or
3. Select how often
to quiz.
4. Click Study.
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On Screen Studying & Testing
1. Select any of the
study options, or you
can study on the
main interface.
2. Select the correct
answer to the
Tallies correctly answered
3. Click Next.
Automatically focuses
on questions that
need studying the
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Instant User Feedback
Instant and easy-to-read
Answer all questions correctly
twice to master a study file.
Time left is based on how
long it will take to master all
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Play Games to Learn
1. Click 'Games' tab.
2. Click 'Maze' or any
other game.
3. Follow instructions in
The Maze Game, classroom
Trivia or other games.
StudyX will ask you questions and
track your progress.
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Create On Screen or Printable Test
1. Click 'Study' tab.
2. Click one of the three printable tests or
study sheet.
3. Click ‘Save’ button
to create test text file.
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View Printable Test
Print or view:
•Practice tests (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank or matching)
•Flash cards
•Study sheets
All are created with a few clicks.
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1. Click the Print‘ tab.
Print study aids (Study Sheets,
Plain Paper, Avery Flashcards),
or Practice Tests by clicking the
corresponding buttons.
2. Click 'Print‘
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If You Need Help...
1. Click the 'Help' tab.
2. Click 'Help System‘.
3. Click on any of the
underlined help topics.
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Start Studying at
Get help on our site.
Download a free trial.
Get tech support.
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StudyX Features/Functionality
Study Built-In Question/Answer Sets from StudyX or other Users
Add Your Own Question/Answer Sets
Study On-Screen, or Using Printed Aids:
Flash Cards (On-Screen, Plain Paper or Avery)
Study Sheets
Practice Tests:
Multiple Choice
List of features of
Autopilot Study Option Pops-Up Questions While Working at Your Computer
Play Games While Learning:
Multiplayer: Trivia and Decity
Ping Pong
Guess the Number
Basic Math Practice (+,-,x,%)
Question/Answer Set Options:
Reverse Questions with Answers
Relearn Files
Study File Options:
Import/Export from Excel CSV Format
Share Files – Text or Web-Based – with Others
Simple User Interface with Pop-Up Instructions Mimics Microsoft Word
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Newer
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My son has a disability that makes handwriting difficult. Each week he must make notecards for new vocabulary words and every 2 weeks
make a study guide or practice test. Your software has made it possible for him to complete these assignments independently. If he had
to do them by hand or of his own design on the computer it would take him hours. He is in regular classes and is bright as anything.
Thank you for helping him shine. …he reformats them, prints them out on label paper and sticks them onto index cards which works
quite well.
Disabled Student’s Mother
Peggy Conner
Study X is undoubtedly the No 1 study software in the world. I strongly recommend it to everyone who really wants to improve their
Blessan Pandian
Student in India
Study X has proved helpful to our students… who like to work with computers and are easily bored by routine activities. While we
all know that it takes numerous repetitions to learn new terms and information, many students don't have the patience to make the
cards that have long been the most common method used to achieve this goal.
The sheer act of entering the terms and definitions as well as questions and answers provides a number of repetitions. Then students
learn painlessly because they find that "playing Study X games are much more interesting than going over and over boring cards."
Because students are mastering computer skills at earlier ages, Study X should prove beneficial to students from the second grade
through college.
Patricia A. McLeese, Ph. D.
Director, Academic Resource Center – Webster University
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Available At
Colleges and Universities
University of Missouri St. Louis
Maryville University
St. Louis Community Colleges
Retail Stores
Jeff Computers
Online Retailers
Soon more stores near you!
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Contact Info
Phone: 636.256.7901
Address: Jeff Computers
14366 Manchester Rd.
Manchester, MO 63011
Thanks! Call us if you
have any questions.
To Load StudyX, double
click the StudyX icon on
the desktop. Then Click
the X in top right of this
window to close this
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