-Be able to talk about where someone is from
and what nationality they are.
-Talk about what language someone speaks
-Be able to use ask and answer in the Yo, Ud.,
él/ella form using ser, hablar, llamarse, and
possesive adjectives: mi, tu, su
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Speaking Assessment
-En grupos de 3: Students count off 1-2-3
-Give a part to each student. Have students act
out their part: funcionario/asistente/extranjero.
-For more practice they can act out a second
time and the foreigner pretends to be a different
-Students then exchange cards and switch roles
so that they can play all the parts.
Count off 1-3 in your group.
Rotate parts after each round:
Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:
Funcionario de la embajada
A- You work for the Cuban government embassy. A foreigner is trying to get a Visa to
your country. You must ask certain questions to make sure he/she is not a spy (un
espía). You are worried that the spy knows your voice. In order to throw the spy off
you tell personal assistant (asistente personal) to find out the following about the
Nombre, Pais, Nacionalidad,Lenguas que habla.
Asistente Personal
B-You are the Personal assistant to the Cuban Embassy Official
(funcionario de la embajada). A foreigner calls you. You answer the
phone with: “Diga”. Then foreigner tells you what he wants. Tell your
boss: “Oye jefe, un extranjero nos llama y quiere aplicar para una
visa.” You must ask the foreigner what your boss wants you to ask.
Write what the foreignter says. Then report back to your boss.
C-You are a foreigner trying to get a Visa to Cuba.
You call the Embassy Visa Officer to find out how
you can apply for a Visa: “Quiero aplicar para
una visa a tu país.” You must answer the
questions that his personal assistant asks.
Persona 3
-El Extranjero/Espía
Nombre: Maria Tello
País: México
Nombre: Helmut Fritzell
País: Germany
Lenguas que habla:
Spanish, English,
Russian, Swedish
Lenguas que habla:
German, French,
Dutch, Greek,
English, Spanish
Persona 1-El Extranjero/Espía
Nombre: Ali Mubarek
País: Egypt
Nombre:Sally Jones
País: USA
Lenguas que habla:
Egyptian, Spanish,
English, árabe,
Lenguas que habla:
English, Spanish,
French, German
Persona 2
-El Extranjero/Espía
Nombre: Cécile Gaudin
País: France
Lenguas que habla:
French, Spanish,
English, Italian
Nombre:Joaquin Río
País: Brasil
Lenguas que habla:
Portuguese, Spanish,
German, English
Criteria :
Excelente- Speaking is accurate. Few or no errors in speaking.
Speaks with ease. Is able to use some connectives and
rejoinders to sound more fluent: oye-hey, y-and, qué guayhow cool, caray-wow
Muy bien-A few errors but overall communicated well.
Bien-Able to communicate, but with errors which sometimes
interfere with understanding of a few things.
Así así-Communicated most of the time but errors were glaring or
and interfered with communication.
No muy bien-Forgot many phrases and had difficulty
communicating. Need prompting to accomplish task.
Muy mal- Unable to communicate effectively. Performance shows
lack of revision or effort.

3 way info gap-de donde eres