Quantum IEC
 Module 18 Objectives:
 After completing this lesson, the learner will be
able to:
– Create a Derived Function Block.
– Use a Derived Function Block in a Concept Project.
– Identify the use of a Derived function Block within a
– Zoom into and animate the internal logic of a Derived
Function block.
Quantum IEC
 The Derived Function Block
Quantum IEC
 Downloaded only one time
independent from
the number of invocations.
 Allows online monitoring at
runtime for every invocation.
Quantum IEC
 A DFB is user logic encapsulated in a
reusable module / block.
 It supports 32 input pins
and 32 output pins.
 DFB variables are internal
and local to that DFB.....
 It is created with CONCEPT
DFB Editor, using FBD, LD,
IL or ST languages.
 A DFB is graphically depicted with double
vertical lines.
Quantum IEC
 Variables:
 Internal / Local assignments:
 DFB Variables
• NO located Variables
 Constants
 Literals
 Inputs / Outputs (unlocated):
 These variables are used to define the
pins of DFBs
Quantum IEC
 NOTE: If Security is enabled, the User MUST have
Supervisor or Tools access rights
Quantum IEC
 The Process
 Develop logic in new CONCEPT program and
 Select all and copy logic code to Windows
 Close CONCEPT software
 Open new DFB:
• Create new Section
• Paste logic code from clipboard
 Test / simulate finished DFB in CONCEPT project
Quantum IEC
 DFB Programming
 Programs the same as CONCEPT projects
• Multiple sections allowed
 All specific Elements and Objects of the current
Program language can be used, Including other
 Languages available: FBD, LD, IL or ST
 Languages NOT available: SFC
Quantum IEC
 DFB Variables:
 Variable Editor, Inputs / Outputs / Variables
Quantum IEC
 DFB Variable Lookup Table:
 Inputs / Outputs / Variables
Quantum IEC
 Saving DFB’s: Save as Global DFB
 CONCEPT software distinguishes between global and local
 Global DFBs can be used in every project and DFB.
 Global DFBs have to be saved under x:\concept\dfb.
Quantum IEC
 Saving DFB’s: Save as Local DFB
 Local DFBs can be used only by projects saved in the same
project directory and its local DFBs.
 Local DFBs have to be saved under x:\project\dfb.
 A Local DFB with the same name as a Global DFB will have priority
Quantum IEC
 Selection of Existing DFBs (Example)
Quantum IEC
 Modifying a DFB:
 If you modify a DFB
• Every usage of the DFB in every project using that
DFB will be changed.
• NOTE: Remember Local DFBs have priority over
 Concept distinguishes 4 different kinds of
modification. All 4 types will result in the project file
being “Not Equal” to the PLC!!
Quantum IEC
Quantum IEC

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