ICPD Beyond 2014 Review Process :
Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHANA) Meeting
for Africa.
Accra Ghana
Dennia Gayle
Deputy Representative
5th Sept 2012
Twenty Years Later
ICPD Beyond 2014
ICPD in 1994
• The United Nations International Conference on Population and Development
• Was held from 5-13 September 1994 in Cairo, Egypt.
• World leaders, high ranking officials, representatives of non-governmental
organizations and United Nations agencies gathered to agree on a Programme
of Action.
• Was a milestone in the history of population and development – paradigm shift
on reproductive health and rights from the perspective of “population control”
to perspective of “universal human rights, poverty eradication and sustainable
• A total of 179 governments signed up to the ICPD Programme of Action
• ICPD along with the +5 and +10 reviews informed the Millennium
Development Goals
ICPD Beyond 2014
• GA Resolution 65/234 extends the PoA beyond 2014 .
• 2014 CPD and UNGASS will assess the status of the
1994 ICPD PoA implementation.
• Assessment will draw from an operational review based
on the highest quality data and analysis of the state of
population and development.
• UNFPA is leading an Operational Review through a
consultative process at national, regional and global
ICPD Beyond 2014
Three mandated reports will be delivered:
• 1. Global report on review and way forward
• 2. SG’s report to the 2014 CPD
• 3. SG’s report to the Special Session to CPD
There will be no renegotiation of the existing agreements.
The Aim of ICPD beyond 2014
Review Process
• Provide the most authoritative picture of the state of population
and development as of 2014.
• Serve as a major reference point for discussing, implementing
and monitoring population and development policies and
programmes beyond 2014
• Renew political support for the PoA and the actions required
for the full implementation of the ICPD goals
• Fully mainstreamed population and development agenda in the
UN development agenda beyond 2015 (post 2015 MDGs
Roadmap to ICPD beyond 2014 Review
• UNFPA – agency with mandate for population and
development. Designated lead agency for the review process.
• Developed a proposal detailing series of events and actions for
operational review.
• Consultations with key partners, including the Population
Division, the Regional Commissions, relevant UN agencies,
international NGOs and CSOs.
• Stakeholders meetings held to agree on the overall approach
and the timelines.
Timeline -2012
Draft Global Survey instruments ready (test and translate Global
Survey instruments) following expert review and identification of
core indicators, design of Country Implementation Profiles and
Global Survey modules.
Draft Global Survey instruments shared with UN system and
CSO/youth stakeholders for feedback. (March – June 2012 Capacity
Building initiatives at country level).
7 May
Draft Global Survey instruments shared with Governments for
14 June
Global Survey instruments finalized in languages.
15 June
Global Survey Instruments distributed by Regional Commissions.
June - September
Completion of the Global Survey Questionnaire, including national
stakeholder meetings to validate responses.
October - November
Data compiled/coded and made available to Regional Commissions.
Timeline 2013
Analysis of country data and completion of regional reports by
Regional Commissions.
April / May
Global Conferences on Human Rights and Maternal Health /
Women’s Health.
June - September
Regional Population Conferences: ESCAP, ECLAC – June;
ESCWA/LAS- July; ECA/AU- September; ECE-TBD
Draft Global Report/Report of Secretary-General completed
Timeline 2014
47th Session of CPD
6th International Parliamentarians Conference
Secretary-General ‘s Index Report on 47th CPD
Debate completed
United Nations General Assembly Special
Session on ICPD Beyond 2014
UNFPA’s Role
Global Level
• UNFPA has established the ICPD Beyond 2014 Secretariat.
• The Secretariat will coordinate the operational review of the
ICPD Programme of Action.
• A key outcome from the review will be a special report with
recommendations for action from the UN Secretary General to
be presented to the UN Conference on Population and
Development in 2014.
• It is anticipated this report will also inform the next round of
global development goals.
Regional Level
• Work with Regional Commissions /Regional Partners to ensure
alignment with agreed global process.
• Identify region-specific issues/themes and best practices for in-depth
study/technical meetings.
• Support Regional Commissions to source the country data, undertake
the analysis, and draft the regional reports (.
• Support Regional Commissions to manage Regional Population
Conferences and its outcome.
• Support to regional consultations and conferences: CSOs in 2012,
Youth Conference and population conference in 2013
• Regional report, consultations and conferences will feed into the
global report
Country Level
Work with Governments to manage the review process at country
This means:
 Mobilizing key stakeholders (CSOs and youth) to participate in
national consultations/validation exercise.
 Assisting Governments to collect data and complete survey and
national report.
 Strengthening the capacity of NGOs and youth networks to play
vital role in the review process.
The Case of Ghana
• Hosted the Africa Regional Consultation for CSOs
and Youth in March 2012.
• Supported CSOs and Youth as well as RH/P&D
focused Gov’t Partner to Rio+20 for purposes of
Linking Population and Sustainable Development.
• Advocated Gov’t for the alignment of the ICPD
beyond 2014 and Post MDG processes in country
The Case of Ghana
• Developed a national level work-plan and time lines based on
global timelines.
• Identified a review and coordination mechanism (NDPC
coordinating with support from NPC) to manage the
implementation of the review process.
• Inaugurated and briefed the Cross Sectoral Planning Group
(CSPG) to collect data.
• Data collection using Global Questionnaire underway.
• Country level Reports to be submitted to Regional level in
October 2012.
What Next?
• Dedicated global meeting on Youth to be hosted by
Indonesia (December 2012)
• Report and outcome to inform 2013 Women Deliver
conference – Kuala Lumpur (May 2013)
• International Conference on ICPD Human Rights to
be hosted by the Netherlands (May/June 2013)
Championing ICDP Beyond 2014
A Call to Action
• Contact your respective Government Counterparts and
UNFPA country offices to be abreast with your country review
• Support your Country process by providing relevant data to
enrich the national report which will feed into the Africa
Regional Report and consequently the global report.
• Visit ICPD websites for further info:
 http://www.icpdbeyond2014.com/
 http://ngosbeyond2014.org/
Together, let us deliver in a world where every pregnancy
is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young
person’s potential is fulfilled
Thank You

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