Into Film is an education charity that
seeks to put film at the heart of
children and young people’s learning
and cultural experience.
Justin Richards
Programme Coordinator
Yorkshire and the Humber
What is Into Film?
• Founded from charities First Light and FILMCLUB
• National Lottery funded through the BFI
• Film education for 5-19 year olds
• Learning through film watching, critiquing, interaction
and filmmaking
• For use in classroom or after school or in non-school
settings (libraries, youth clubs, cinemas etc.)
What can Into Film offer
primary schools?
• Film clubs with FREE DVDs from our curated
catalogue of over 4000 films
• FREE educational resources for teachers and pupils
• FREE filmmaking resources, competitions and
opportunities to work with professional filmmakers
• FREE training and development for teachers
Into Film clubs
•Over 800 clubs across Yorkshire and the Humber
(in schools, libraries, youth clubs and cinemas)
•Films from all over the world, from the dawn of
cinema to the latest releases
•Review of the Week and other competitions
•The Into Film Show every month
•Talent Development
•In-school visits and film industry events
Watching films
• Watching films can help:
• Promote discussion in the classroom
• Promote critical thinking skills
• Help young people challenge each other’s behaviour
Into Film Resources
•Simple one-page resources
•Detailed themed resources (e.g. Roald Dahl, Anti-
bullying etc.)
•Curriculum-linked pupil activities with PowerPoint
presentations including built-in film clips
•Review writing guides
•Filmmaking guides
• 5,4,3,2,1: Filmmaking in an hour: Making films with very
little experience, budget or equipment
• Record and Playback:
Using filmmaking in the classroom to
enhance learning
• The Long Take Challenge:
A recent competition we had
getting young people to make a film using one long take with no edits.
• See It, Make It:
A project with professional filmmakers working
with groups of young people over a period of weeks
Training and Development
• Film literacy and filmmaking CPD delivered by Into
• Tailor made CPD for different curriculum areas
• Variety of lengths of CPD from 30 mins to whole day
• Events for teachers to attend or the option of wholeschool INSET training
CPD example: Primary Literacy
The 3Cs and 3Ss
Using the 3Cs (Camera, Colour, Character) and the
3Ss (Sound, Story, Setting) will give you a framework
for analysing film clips to improve literacy, critical
thinking and analytical skills with your class.
First of all… roll the dice!
‘Hair Swinging in Playground’
CPD example: Primary Literacy
The 3Cs and 3Ss
Use the questions on the sheet to help you focus on one
particular area of the film…
…some examples
What can you do next?
• Use Into Film’s free filmmaking guides and teaching
resources to enhance your lessons
• Register your interest in attending our free CPD courses
• Sign up for the Into Film newsletter
• Start an Into Film club
• Get in touch with me…
How to get in touch
Justin Richards
Programme Coordinator for Yorkshire and the Humber
0207 288 4546 / 07540 913 788
Any questions?

Justin Richards – Into Film