Indian Education Act
Indian Education Division
NM State Department of Education
• Equitable access and educational opportunities
• Maintenance of Native languages
• Study, develop & implement positive educational systems
• Increase tribal involvement & control
• Cooperation among NM, Arizona, Utah & Navajo Nation
• Formal government to government relationships
• Relationship – state & urban Native Americans
• All parties work together
• Tribal approval of curricula development
• Alignment of BIA & public school systems
• Parental involvement
Indian Education Framework
• Governance
• Teacher & Principal Quality
• Parental/Tribal Involvement
Assistant Superintendent for Indian Education Division
Indian Education Division:
• Assist school districts & tribes
• Assist in curricula development & implementation in languages,
culture & history
• Assist in instructional materials development
• Establish Indian Education Advisory Council
• Enter into MOAs with designated tribal educational entity
• Establish Office in NW New Mexico
• Require districts to obtain a signature of approval on Indian Policy &
Procedures (IPPs)
• Establish programs to increase teacher & principal quality
• Assist in curricula development in tribal history & government
• Develop a plan for a post-secondary investment system
Indian Education Advisory Council (14 members)
• Four representatives from Navajo Nation
• Two representatives from Mescalero & Jicarilla Apache Nations
• Four representatives from Southern & Northern Pueblos
• Four representatives from urban, BIA, Head Start & general public
Government-to-Government Meetings
• Representatives of Tribes and Pueblos
• State Board Members
• Governor’s Office
• Office of Indian Affairs
• Legislators
• Indian Education Advisory Council
• State Superintendent
Teacher & Principal Quality
Support services for
• Native American Teachers
• Native American Principals
Continued professional development for
• Educational Assistants
• Teachers serving American Indian students
• Principals serving American Indian students
Teacher & Principal Quality
Increase Native American teachers and principals by providing
• Recruitment & retention
• Academic transition programs
• Academic financial support
• Teacher preparation
• Continued professional development
Funding to Native American teachers to obtain
• Administrative licensure
• Reading Specialist licensure
• Special Education licensure
• Bilingual or ESL endorsements
• Passing score on NTE
Teacher & Principal Quality
Funding to Native American non-degreed students & educational
assistants to obtain
• Teacher licensure
• Native Language & Culture licensure
Funding to non-Native teachers & principals that work with Native
students to obtain
• Reading Specialist licensure
• Special Education licensure
• Bilingual or ESL endorsements
• Professional development in multicultural education
Tools for Quality Teachers –
Curricula & Instructional Materials
Culturally Relevant Curricula & Instructional Materials
• Culture
• Tribal History
• Native Languages
• Tribal Government
Developed by
• Tribal elders
• Tribal Departments of Education
• Official Language Teams
• Native language practitioners
• Private organizations
Parental/Tribal Involvement
State-level Indian Education Annual Status Report
District-level Indian Education Annual Status Report
Reports will be in a brief, understandable format
Included information:
• Disaggregated student achievement
• School safety
• Dropout rate
• Attendance
• Parent & community involvement
• Educational programs targeting American Indian students
• Financial reports
• Current status of IPPs
• District initiatives
• Use of variable school calendar
• District consultations with parent advisory committees
Funding & Proposed Budget
Create an Indian Education Fund – a categorical fund
Two million dollars to begin implementation of the Act – non
Proposed Budget
• Prepared by SDE to align with the Act
• Based upon SB 115 & HB 150, last two Govt-to-Govt meetings,
January 15 Practitioners meeting, and final allocation
• Proposed budget shared with House Appropriations Finance
Committee (HAFC) & Senate Finance Committee (SFC)
Proposed Budget
• Expanded Indian Education Advisory Committee
• Government-to-Government Meetings
• NW Office (personnel & office set-up)
Teacher & Principal Quality
• Native American Teachers & Principals
• Native American Non-degreed Students
• Non-native teachers & principals
• Support to pass NTE
• Long-Term Delivery Service Model & Higher Ed. Study
Curricula & Instructional Materials Development
Exemplary Programs

Indian Education Act