An essential safety training tool for
the modern world
Safety – You can not afford to ignore it
• Safety is a matter of great concern to
everyone today, be it a public sector company
or a Pharma, IT, Chemical Industry or even a
Nuclear Station !
• It is humanly not possible to avoid every
untoward incidence but preparedness is the
key to minimum damage.
• Most important aspect of preparedness is
Safety Trainings
• A report shows that 63 % of safety lapses are
because of lack of training !
• Some of the worlds biggest disasters were by
Human Errors (Not intentional but due to lack
of knowledge)
• Hence international standards like OSHAS
18001: ISO 14000 : ISO 27001 etc. always
emphasize the importance of Safety Trainings.
STK – Safety
Training KIOSK
Desktop Model
• STK is a Safety Training KIOSK
• STK is a complete solution
with necessary hardware &
software which can help in
creating Safety training
programs with almost no
• STK also provides a rich
library of industry specific
safety majors , which can be
customized for specific
• One can even create a
classroom if the no of users is
KIOSK Models
Desktop Model
Standup Model
Documentation of Safety Training
Play Training
Quiz &
Fail ?
Take the test again
Issue a
Passport with
Photo &
Validity Date
Safety Passport / Certificate
Reports for Audit
STK Functional Specifications
• Administrator Mode – This module is used for
creating various training programs.
• User Mode – One can create various users and
run specific programs based on type of user
• Full SELF KIOSK functionality – The user mode
offers controls like Always on the top, No
Max/Min, No Exit without password for
security etc.
STK – Features
• Multiple programs for different threats.
• Every program can have various types of pages…
Display Pages – Predefined Templates
Navigation Pages – Button to navigate through
Quiz Pages – Quiz pages for an online exam.
Contact Pages – Information about important contacts like
Police , Fire Brigade , Hospitals etc.
• Evacuation Maps – Maps & Icons for Fire Safety.
• Create specific programs specific for a
department or work skill eg. Drivers, House
Keeping Staff , Helpers etc.
STK – Features
• Multilingual – STK is Unicode Compliant hence
supports any language.
• Multimedia – STK also supports Text, Images,
Voice, Videos, Drawings, Maps, Icons etc.
• Help for hearing-impaired – Visual help for
hearing impaired can also be generated very
easily using this system.
Display Pages
Navigation Page
Quiz Page
Quiz Page
Evacuation Maps
Contact Pages
User Interface
Multilingual Interface
Quiz Display
Desktop Version
• Suitable for small
• Admin + User on the
same machine.
• Necessary hardware +
software with a touch
screen interface.
• Small foot print.
Enterprise Version
Creation &
KIOSK Classroom for
Web Access
• Suitable for large
• KIOSK Classroom with
• Stand up KIOSK for
• Web Access Across the
STK – Enterprise Architecture
Creation & Monitoring
KIOSK Classroom for Employees
KIOSK for Visitors
Web Access across Enterprise
Technical Specification
• Resistive type Touchscreen KIOSK with 17” or
19” Display.
• Mini-PC attached to the back of Touchscreen.
• Development Platform : C # , ASP.NET
• Back End SQL Server / SQL Server Express for
Desktop Unit
• Optional Printer for printing Certificate /
Security Passport
• Very user-friendly and even security department can create a
program without any prior training.
• A user mode helps in creating multiple programs and run the same
by login in as a specific user.
• Equipped with all KIOSK functionality hence minimize, always on
the top, exit only with password etc. are provided and hence any
kind of misuse can be avoided.
• Attach Images, AVIs, text and all other types of information.
• Import & Export facility for easy transfer of information.
• Easy editing & maintenance.
• Can support aids for people with hearing disabilities.
• Navigation through various programs.
• Quiz for judging the preparedness and storing the scores.

STK – Safety Training KIOSK