District Administration Sivasagar
We have achieved SWARAJ ( Self-Government )
now we will have to attain the SURAJ (Good
-- Mahatma Gandhi.
Aims And Objectives
To develop an efficient honest, sensitive,
simplified, clean and effective administrative
To provide quick and reliable Govt Services
and IT Facilities at the door step of common
man by saving their valuable time and
Available Facilities at Sanwad Kendra
Online Services
to Citizen services like Public Grievance, Birth
Certificate, Land sale Permission, Permanent Resident
Certificate Legal Heir Certificate, Domicile Certificate etc
Access and Internet Services
wise details of Govt schemes
Prices of Agricultural produce.
public grievance service
Information about the district.
Offline Services –
DTP Facility
Digital Photography - Passport /Family Photograph.
Computer Training Course
Scanning of Photograph/documents
CD writing facility,
Xerox/Photostat and FAX facilities.
Sanwad Kendra Will Also Function as PCO
User can access various information by clicking on the links available.
 Only Registered user can access login section part such as data entry,
schematic database, Govt services etc.
User Menu
online databases can be accessed from User Menu
Online Application Receipt Form
Available Govt Services at Sanwad Kendra
Copy of Land Record
Land sale Permission
Permanent Resident Certificate
Domicile Certificate,
Birth Certificate
Legal Heir Certificate
Permission for holding Public Function
Copy of the Order of the Court of Executive
Magistrate/Revenue Court
Bakijai ( Recovery) Clearance Certificate
Registration of Complaint etc..
Service Delivery mechanism -Due
to legal implication online delivery of the
certificates etc can’t be made.
applications received at CIC / Sanwad
Kendra are delivered at D.C/ SDO’s office by special
messenger who further collects the certificates, orders
etc. issued in the D.C/SDO’s office against the
applications received earlier
Applicant takes delivery of certificate, order etc from
Online Query format to the GP wise Govt.
Scheme Database
Results of Online Query displayed in the Screen
Online Public Grievance Entry Format
MP/MLA Scheme Query Result
Departmental Scheme Entry Form
Administrative Menu
Online Query For PDS monthly Allocation
PDS Query Result Showing GP Wise list of
Agent and PDS commodity allocated to them
Estimated cost of setting up a kiosk
& Funding pattern :
cost of setting up a kiosk is Rs. 75,000/- which
includes one PC, Laser MFD, Digital Camera , Inkjet printer etc.
Funding Pattern
34% by the Stakeholder.
33% Bank Loan
33% by GAIL in the form of Subsidy.
and other support services are provided by NIC and
District Administration.
Project is designed by NIC unit of the District.
Cyber Cafe and Computer Centershave also been
authorized to run as Sanwad Kendra
Sustainability of the Kiosk
The Kiosk will economically be viable and sustainable
Low investment by KIOSK Operator
Subsidy Component
Substantial bank credit.
Plurality of income source
Encouraging response of the people in getting time
bound service and reliable information at minimal
Achievement :
from 9 CICs 20 more Kiosk/ Sanwad Kendra
have been set up.
 Application forms have been simplified, standardized
and made bi-lingual and available for download from
the website.
Overwhelming response of the public.
Substantial amount generated within short time.
Constraints and Challenges
Lack of computer centers and cyber café in the district
Mind set of Govt Functionaries, Demotivated and
resistance to change
Other Govt offices are not computerized, lack of back up
Lack of capacity, non availability of trained and tech
savvy employee in Govt system
Financial Constraints.
Road Ahead
line processing and delivery of services
 One Kiosk will be set up in each GP / Ward .
Entire project will be converted in local language
Connectivity with Hospitals, tele medicine facilty
VSAT connectivity
Addition of more services and improving the quality
of services
District Administration