Comments by parents indicate that the following are key strengths at the
- A lovely ethos, warm and welcoming, high quality of care, mixing
between year groups is lovely, there is a real sense of community, a
truly nurturing environment. There is a real sense of collaboration
between staff/ parents/carers and the community. There are lots of
opportunities for parents and carers to get involved in school life.
Inclusive – bring out the best in children. Children are valued.
- Excellent communication; the school keeps parents informed in all
areas of education. Texts, newsletters and messages of
encouragement, information about curriculum is really great. The
school is incredibly well run and organised.
- Fantastic staff – all the staff are appoachable; they are always friendly
and welcoming. Teaching staff are of a high quality. Strong leadership.
- Excellent behaviour. High standards and expectations of behaviour
clear routine and discipline. Children are well behaved and very happy.
Strong values and Golden Rules are really good. Love the golden star
awards and badges.
Comments by parents indicate that the following are key strengths at the
- Excellent curriculum. High standards of learning and still a focus on
enjoying learning. Children make great progress. Excellent delivery
of curriculum/ trips /lessons. Class assemblies and Nativities are
excellent – children love them. Individual children are helped.
- The ReCap Parenting courses have been excellent. Parenting
workshops on spelling, maths and the curriculum really useful.
- The school is always trying to get better and improve.
- Lots of fundraising activities.
- Sports Day was great this year. Lots more events. ‘What a special
day for kids and parents.’
- Excellent facilities and resources – the grounds, reading material,
the new minibus. The school breakfast and after school club are
Parents came up with lots of ideas but based on the majority of
responses, parents would like to see the following things to improve our
school further…….
- Continue to develop sport – hockey, netball, running, put more
emphasis on training children up to compete in events.
- More extra curricular activities/ clubs - additional clubs for KS1,
more sports / games clubs and other clubs, modern foreign
languages, music clubs.
- Redesign the school website so that it mobile/ tablet friendly.
- Use the forest more, continue to make use of the outdoor space –
buy more equipment and apparatus.
- Continue to provide lots of parenting workshops. More ReCap
Parenting courses please.
- Give even more notice of meetings / visits/ class drop ins for
working parents.

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