II Chronicles 7:12-15 NIV
II Crónicas 7:12-15 NVI
the LORD appeared to him
at night and said: “I have
heard your prayer and have
chosen this place for myself
as a temple for sacrifices.
“When I shut up the
heavens so that there is no
rain, or command locusts to
devour the land or send a
plague among my people,
el SEÑOR se le apareció una
noche y le dijo: «He escuchado
tu oración, y he escogido este
templo para que en él se me
ofrezcan sacrificios.
yo cierre los cielos
para que no llueva, o le ordene
a la langosta que devore la
tierra, o envíe pestes sobre mi
II Crónicas 7:12-15 NVI
II Chronicles 7:12-15 NIV
if my people, who are called
by my name, will humble
themselves and pray and seek
my face and turn from their
wicked ways, then I will hear
from heaven, and I will
forgive their sin and will heal
their land.
Now my eyes will be open
and my ears attentive to the
prayers offered in this place.
si mi pueblo, que lleva mi
nombre, se humilla y ora, y me
busca y abandona su mala
conducta, yo lo escucharé
desde el cielo, perdonaré su
pecado y restauraré su tierra.
Mantendré abiertos mis ojos,
y atentos mis oídos a las
oraciones que se eleven en
este lugar.
Haggai 2:1-9
The Challenge (1-3)
 Disappointment
The Command (4,5)
 Be strong
 Work
 Do not fear
The Covenant Confirmed (6-9)
 “I will fill this house with glory”
 “The glory of this present house will be greater
than the glory of the former house.”
 “In this place I will grant peace”
Artist conception of
Solomon’s Temple
Artist conception of
Zerubbabel's Temple
John Calvin
“The minds of the godly were heavily depressed,
because the Prophets had spoken in high terms
of the Temple as well as of the kingdom: the
kingdom was as yet nothing; and the temple
was more like a shed than what might have
been compared in glory with the former

II Chronicles 7:12-15 NIV