Carmelo Anthony
By Tyler Wanner
Biological sketch
• Carmelo was born in the bronx in New York.
• His dad was Puerto Rican and his mother was
African American.
• He attended Towson Catholic High School.
• In 2003 Carmelo was drafted to the Denver
• Crmelo es de New York. El Papa de Carmelo es
de Puerto Rico.
Achievement #1
• Carmelo is a 6x NBA All-star. He won them in
2007-2008, 2010-2013
• Carmelo es talentoso. Carmelo es deportista.
Achievement #2
• Carmelo won the NBA scoring title in 2013 to
beat Lebron James and Kevin Durant.
• Carmelo es trabajador. Carmelo es bueno.
Personal thoughts
• Carmelo is one of the greatest NBA players. I
think that one day he will be inducted into the
NBA hall of fame. I also think he will win a
NBA championship. Carmelo es bueno.
Carmelo es deportista.

Carmelo Anthony