Grito de Lares-Puerto Rico
Por- Rachael Markworth
Basic Features
• Falls on September 23 every year.
• Grito means shout or outcry and Lares is a small town in
western central Puerto Rico.
• On September 23, 1868, 600-1000 men who were
poorly armed, no protection, and had no training went to
Lares and waved their flag to proclaim the birth of Puerto
• This outburst was originally planned for September 29th,
but there was much betrayal between people.
• In 1969, September 23 was
finally declared a National
• Puerto Rico finally received
provincial status and gained
Spanish Citizenship.
• Lares is now a historic sight and
is considered the birth place of
Puerto Rico Nationalism
Importance of Grito de Lares
• This is the one and only day for Puerto Rico to celebrate
their independence.
• Reasons for insurrection: poverty, slavery, taxation, lack
of opportunity, and military rule.
• Puerto Ricans wanted their independence for Puerto
Rico to become its own independent nation.
• Me gustaría participar en esta
celebración. Me gustaría mirar los
puertorriqueños celebran su
independencia. Me pregunto si celebran
como los americanos. Creo que sería
divertido celebrar con ellos. El
celebración sería una experiencia
asombroso para mí.
Grito de Lares Memorial

Grito de Lares