Pedro Alvarez
By Greg Susi
Biographical Sketch
Pedro Manuel Álvarez Jr. is a Dominican-American professional baseball third baseman for the
Pittsburgh Pirates. Álvarez has been nicknamed El Toro, Spanish for "the bull", because of his
strength and muscular power.
Pedro Alvarez es muy
Pedro Alvarez es fuerte.
• Born: February 6, 1987 (age 26), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic-grew up in Brooklyn,
New York
• Salary: 700,000 USD (2012)
• Nationality: Dominicano
• Current team: Pittsburgh Pirates (#24 / Infielder) -third basemen
• School: Vanderbilt University
• Drafted: drafted by the pirates 2nd overall in 2008 then he was brought up in 2010
• Education: Horace Mann High School, Vanderbilt University
Achievement 1
He played in the 2013 All-Star game along with his teammates
Jason Grilli and Andrew McCutchen.
Pedro Alvarez practicar deportes.
A Pedro Alvarez le gusta jugar al béisbol.
Pedro Alvarez es deportista.
Achievement 2
In 2013 received the silver slugger award. The
silver slugger award is given to the best
offensive player at each position in the
National League and in the American League.
This award shows Pedro’s impressive skill at
the plate.
Pedro Alvarez es bueno.
Pedro Alvarez es famoso.
Personal Thoughts
Pedro Alvarez is an amazing player, and I think he is one of the best third basemen in
the National League.
He is very humble and always tries to credit his success to his team.
I also admire him because everything was not just given to him, he had to work hard
for it, and he had to earn it.
Él es trabajador.
Él es modesto.

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