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Italian Language and Culture
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Benvenuti a tutti!
• Italian Program at San Pedro HS
Italian 1 for Spanish
• Italian 1 for Spanish
Speakers covers
approximately 9 chapters
of Oggi in Italia
• Students learn vocabulary
about everyday situations
• Italian culture, history and
• Lessons are based on the
new CA World Language
• Students will use their
Spainish to help them learn
• Students are working with
Ms. Tatsiana Rosciano from
CSULB’s credentialing
program in Italian
Venezia, Italia
Italian 2
• Italian 2 covers the
grammar of Workbook
• We cover all the important
tenses in spoken Italian
• We continue our study of
culture, history, and
• Italian 2 students also
present a large research
project about Italian
designers at the end of
the first semester.
Leonardo da Vinci
Italian 3
Italian 3 reviews all the
grammar while expanding
vocabulary and reading skills.
This year we are going to see
5 operas
This fall, we will try visit
both CSULB and Franklin
Elementary School (depending
on available funds)
Students read short stories,
poems and newspaper articles
in order to learn more about
Italian culture.
We will be using more online
tools this year: Juno,
ehomework, enotebooks etc.
Students have oral
presentations at the end of
each semester.
La Fontana di Trevi, Roma
Italian AP
• We are offering Italian
AP in conjunction with
Marymount College
• Students who successfully
complete the course will
receive college credit
from Marymount College
• Credit is good for all
California public
• Students planning to go
out of state or go to
private colleges still need
to take the Italian AP
exam given in May.
• The syllabus is on line.
• Students are expected to
do college level work in
order to complete the
Assisi and the Church of
Saint Francis of Assisi
San Pedro and Italian
Language Study
San Pedro is only one of 3 schools
in LAUSD to offer Italian
through level AP
San Pedro has had an Italian
Program for more than 20 years
Parents and Community leaders
such as Buono’s Pizzeria help to
make our program strong
Check San Pedro website for
students’ homework, assignment
deadlines, Italian and Opera club
Check Jupitergrades for your
child’s grades and missing
All syllabi, class policies, CA
standards are on the SP website
I use the website as a newsletter
for parents and students
Trinita’ dei Monti e Piazza di Spagna
Upcoming events in the
Italian/ Italian-American
September 26-29 The
Feast of San Gennaro in
Hollywood – right behind
Hollywod High School
We are going to all the
operas offered this year
at Los Angeles Opera
September 28 we have 30
tickets to La Traviata.
We try to cook once a
semester, but we need
donations to buy supplies
In San Pedro, there are
festivals celebrating
Italian cities and saints.
Il Duomo di Firenze e la Cupola di
How can you help
• Check the website for HW
• Check Jupitergrades for
missing assignments and
current grade
• Ask your students what
they learned today
• Have them teach you some
• Help chaperone a field trip
• Come and visit your
student in class
• Join an SLC advisory board
so your children can get
involved in the community
Il Tempio della Concordia ad Agrigento
Mrs. Lanza
Pirate Health and Fitness House
Lead teacher: Ms.Breye-Watson
Counselor – Ms. Campbell
Students can make up quizzes
and exams up to 2 weeks after
or come for extra help during
nutrition and lunch
Italian 1,2,3, and AP
• Standards for each level:
• The CA standards for World Languages can be
found on the San Pedro website under my
• You can also find the curriculum maps for
each course
• As well as the syllabus for each course
• Click on Homework
At San
Pedro High students, teachers, and parents
• Click on Foreign
work together to make learning better!
• Click on my name and scroll to the bottom of
the page
Curriculum Maps and
• Curriculum maps for Italian 1, 2, 3 and AP are on
the San Pedro website at
• Click on students/parents at the top of the home
page; click on assignments; click on Foreign
Languages; click on my name (Ida Lanza)
• At the bottom of the page you will find all the
documents for each level of Italian
• Curriculum maps, syllabi, and World Language
Grading Criteria for
90% to 100% = A
80 % to 89% = B
70% to 79% = C
55% to 69% = D
Below 55% = F
Rubrics are provided for all project based learning so that students know exactly what is
expected of them
– Website (the new Snapgrades website)
Classroom Expectations
Class Rules
All hats should be removed
All electronics put away unless we are using them for an
Water is the only drink allowed in class
No chewing gum
Be respectful of your teacher and classmates
Outbursts of foul language result in a 25 cent fine. (I have a swear
jar, all funds go to the Italian club to help pay for club activities)
Bring your textbook, notebook, tablet and enthusiasm to class
every day
In class participation is a very important part of your grade.
Be on time and be prepared to work and have fun. (They go
Attendance Policy &
Class Partication
• LAUSD School policy: no more than 7
days absent for the entire school year to
participate in extra curricular activities.
Class participation: 15% of your grade
Class Projects
Italian 1 will participate in a
Romance Language day with
French and Spanish
Italian 3 and AP will present
powerpoint presentations of their
projects on famous Italians who have
contributed to western culture
Italian 1 and 2 present posters of their
projects on Italian cities and Italian
Links to pictures are available on
• We use many graphic organizers: double-bubble
maps, 3-2-1 chart, Say-Mean-Matter
• Students are encourage to take Cornell notes,
either in a notebook or on a tablet, which help
them study for a variety of assessments
• Teaching strategies to increase understanding:
Cooperative groups, Talk time, discussion,
Think-Pair-Share, all leading to higher levels of
Dress Code Policy 20142015
Please refer to the new dress code policy before you
Leave for school each morning
You expect you teacher to be professional and we
Expect you to be professional too
Your clothes reflect your attitude!
Dress for
Pirate Health
Focus on health, nutrition, managing and
providing medical and therapy services, and
health information.
Explore careers in Sports medicine, Sports
management, and athletic training. Careers in
Health sciences, nursing, and physical therapy.
Possible Electives:
Anatomy and Physiology, Body Dynamics, Sports
Therapy, Nutrition, First Aid and Emergency care,
Physical therapy aide
Pedro Action
SLC Theme
Public Service
Focus on law, societal issues, world events,
the role of the citizen, global studies, and
national security. Explore careers in law
enforcement and public services.
SLC Motto:
“ The more knowledge we possess, the more
our community can progress.”
Environmental SLC
“your space. my space. our space.”
Focus on the study of Corporate and Social Ethics,
Global Awareness, Environmental Science,
Development of Leadership skills, Social
Development, and Advocacy.
Business Academy
Focus on careers in business operations, business
administration, marketing and sales, financial planning,
investing, banking, and real estate services.
Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Global
Possible Electives:
Accounting, Web Marketing, Consumer
Economics, and Business Law
Go Pirates!!
Thank You
Parents !
Teachers who care!
• Your collaboration with us is very
• Without your support and help our
programs would not be as successful as
they are
• Please remember to return your
applications for reduced lunch
• This application also gives your students
access to free tutoring and SAT test as
well as reduced cost AP tests ($5 vs.
• Email:
• Voice mail: 310 241 5800 Ask for Room

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