Ha habido
Había habido
Habrá habido
Habría habido
Puede haber
Podría haber
There is / there are
There was / there were
There used to be
(imperfect tense)
There was / there were
(preterite tense i.e. at one time)
There has been
(perfect tense)
There had been
(pluperfect tense)
There will be
(future tense)
There would be
(conditional tense)
There will have been
(future perfect tense)
There would have been
(conditional perfect tense)
There can be
There could be
Translate the following into Spanish:
1) Habrá otra temporada de ‘Homeland'.
2) No ha habido ningún desacuerdo.
3) No ha habido, ni habrá, nadie como yo.
4) Supongo que habrá habido mucha gente.
5) El domingo hubo un concierto genial.
6) Había una casa en la esquina, pero la
7) Ha habido muchos muertos.
8) Había habido muchas protestas.
9) Habrá habido mucha alegría.
10)Podría haber chubascos y tormentas aisladas
esta noche.
Translate the following into Spanish:
1) There is a lot of noise.
2) There was a storm last night.
3) There were a lot of people at the premiere.
4) There has been an accident on the motorway.
5) There had never been so little certainty.
6) There will be no peace for the wicked.
7) There would be less deaths.
8) I am sure that there will have been mistakes.
9) There would have been less unemployment.
10) There can be different points of view.
11) There could be a third world war.

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