National Honor Society
Induction Ceremony
Dec. 6, 2012
N.H.S. History
• Founded in 1929, United States
• "To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a
desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to
develop character in the students of secondary schools.“
(NHS Constitution)
• At ASPV for over 10 years
• Carlos and Kevin – Bookmobile 2011-2012
• Alejandra – Nuestros Abuelos nos Necesitan
• Debora – Educational posters for Public Schools;
Reading with local school children Nuevo Vallarta
• Shreeda – 3 groups at Casa Hogar orphanage
Leadership through Service
Sharing the joy of reading since 2006
Reading with children
Como ser promotor
de la lectura
CONAFE rural schools
Reading advocacy workshop
spring 2011
Nayarit Public Schools
Reading Advocacy Workshop
Spring 2011
School libraries
Verde Valle
¡Compartiendo la pasión
por la lectura!
award 2009
continued Rotary support
• Debo
• Carlos
• Andrea
• Emily
• Kali
• Jessica
• Lillian
• Kevin
• Ale
• Laura
• Dani
• Shreeda
NHS 2012-2013

National Honor Society