Expressions using TENER
There are some expressions using to be in
English that use the verb TENER in Spanish.
Instead of saying ‘I am’, ‘you are’, etc. with
these expressions, in Spanish you say ‘I have’,
‘you have’, etc.
I am cold
I have cold
you are hungry
you have hunger
These expressions include:
to be cold
tener frío
to be warm (hot)
tener calor
to be hungry
tener hambre
to be thirsty
tener sed
to be afraid (of)
tener miedo (de)
to be in a hurry
tener prisa
to be sleepy
tener sueño
to feel like . . .
Tener ganas de . . .
Remember to conjugate TENER before using
these expressions!
I am hungry
you are thirsty
he is warm
we are afraid of ..
you feel like eating
they are sleepy
Tengo hambre
tienes sed
tiene calor
Tenemos miedo de . .
tienes ganas de comer
tienen sueño

Expressions using TENER