We play soccer,
o Nosotros jugamos el fútbol.
They begin the game.
o Ellos comienzan el partido.
You (s. informal) find a ball.
o Tú encuentras una pelota.
He gets a magazine.
o Él consigue una revista.
I repeat the question.
o Yo repito la pregunta.
 With
your row:
o Take turns reading your Spanish explanations of
your idioms.
o Other group members will try and guess the
idiomatic expression.
You will notice that there are quite a few Tener idioms (see
vocab 3 and handout from yesterday)
As a class you will be making a poster to help remind you of
the Tener idioms.
You and a partner will be assigned one of these idioms and
be given part of a poster to decorate. You must include:
o What the idiom is (example: Tener calor)
o An example sentence (example: Cuando digo que la maestra es
estúpida, no tengo razón.)
o A drawing that is COLORED and as beautiful as you can make it
demonstrating the meaning of the idiom in the example sentence.