ViaVia Chengdu
Meeting Place for Travel Lovers
1. Mission & Concept
2. Chinese-Belgian Partnership
3. Window of Opportunities
1. Mission & Concept
• Mission: extend ViaVia Traveler Café-network in China,
starting with flagship ViaVia Chengdu
• Concept:
– Meeting Place, connecting locals and globals
– Travel & Culture Lovers, international mindset
– Intercultural Exchange, learn-do-share
Concept: Meeting Place
where people feel at ease, connect
• A contemporary blend of restaurant, bar, coffee shop, live chat,
well managed with friendly welcoming staff, multilingual.
• Tasty and healthy food; emphasize on Belgian, world cuisine.
• A window on the world, linked with the global ViaVia
Concept: Travel & Culture Lovers
a place to inspire
• Bridging national and foreign cultures by means of music, art
exhibitions, poems, courses (language, gastronomy, …)
• Provider of information & suggestions for travelers
Organizing alternative city tours or daytrips
• Stimulating discovery, amazing Chengdu.
Concept: Intercultural Exchange
• A cross-breed between Chengdu and Leuven-Brabant :
new networks, friendships
• Tourism as a leverage for Sustainable Development:
vocational education and training (hospitality, languages,
tourism product development, tour guiding, ..)
2. Chinese-Belgian Partnership
• ViaVia Chengdu, a joint venture between:
Bilic Trading Counsel Co, LTD (Chengdu)
The Living Stone Co, cooperative (Leuven)
• Strength: sharing China market knowledge, and a proven
worldwide lifestyle concept
• ‘One dream, two parties’, cooperation based on trust and
Bilic Trading Counsel, Chengdu
Chinese Partner
Chengdu located joint venture
To fine-tune the Chines market
Chinese –Belgian owned
Activities :
- Counsel
- Market research
- Representation
- Franchise
The Living Stone, Leuven
Belgian Partner
• ‘The Living Stone cooperative’ is mother organization of ViaVia.
Independent fully owned Belgian company, steady growth.
• First ViaVia café opened in 1995. ViaVia’s build on a shared
philosophy and are entitled to difference.
• Today 15 ViaVia Traveler Cafés in 4 continents:
Leuven, Antwerp, Brussels and soon Mechelen(Belgium), Yogyakarta
(Indonesia), Dakar (Senegal), Copán (Honduras), Arusha (Tanzania), Leòn
(Nicaragua), Kathmandu in renovation (Nepal), Buenos Aires (Argentina),
Mopti (Mali), Ayacucho (Peru), Valparaiso (Chili), Tonsupa (Ecuador).
3. Window of opportunities
• The ViaVia’s are part of the Belgian Joker/Living Stone group,
the result of 40 years interacting with a Living World,
built on 4 values : Openess, Equality, Dialogue, Amazement
• Growth path:
 2005
Tour Guiding Training Institute (Karavaan)
Joker Tour Operating (acquisitions 1995, 2001, 2010)
Joker Flight Brokerage
ViaVia Network
Social enterprising ‘Tourism education for development’
(Living Stone Dialogue)
Intercultural Management Company, spin-off Leuven University
(Living Stone Centre)
Window of opportunities
with Joker Tourism
• Independent fully owned Belgian tour operator, founded in 1981
Focus on small group, contact oriented and adventurous travel
Pioneer in sustainable tourism. Award winner 2007,2009,2010.
 Developing thematic tours:
Guided tours similar to other ViaVia locations,
specific tourism walks: history, architecture,
philosophy, poetry, gastronomy, nature, sciences, …
 Intelligent IT Tourism:
Product development and support: maps,
translation, applications (I-pad, GPS,..) …
Window of opportunities
with ViaVia Network
• Today 15 ViaVia across 4 continents, more to come > a high
potential for worldwide promotion, exchanges, co-creation.
 ViaVia: network strength
Mutual promotion and marketing
(see International Sister Cities Tourism Alliance - philosophy).
 Virtual counter spanning the world
Allowing people from all over the world to connect & discuss.
 Young travelers, different expectations
Young travelers require specific tourism information: maps and guides
with age - focused data will enhance the attractiveness of Chengdu.
Window of opportunities
with Living Stone Centre
• Intercultural competence development for business people
 Intercultural Management Workshops
A set of codes and other resources to build rapport, to deepen relationships
that lay the foundations for successful cooperation.
 Living Stone Gateways: ‘Global leaders travel’
A high-end travel concept offering introductions to local networks and indepth, expert-led programs. Destinations: Europe and bespoke.
 Tourism Industry ‘Vocational Education & Training’, with Living Stone
Dialoog: ‘Tourism for sustainable development’.
In close cooperation with the educational sector and local
authorities, to fill in gaps and strengthen professional capacities
(see chart).
NEED ASSESSMENT: stakeholder diaologue
Civil society
Local community
Private sector
Education institutions
Alignment with tourism development strategy and planning
Vocational Education & Training
Training 1
Training 2
Training 3
Training 4
Training ofTrainers
4 Tourism
modules +
Front office
Tour Guides
Tour Operating
& Authorities
‘Improve Your Business’
Improved competence to support tourism development