Presentation Cegos
About our people
International network of experienced &
certified trainers
10 subsidiaries plus over 20 partner companies
close to your subsidiaries and used to working with
Cegos (See map of our sites at website).
Delivery in more than 50 countries in the past
3 years.
Highly experienced consultants, who are immersed in
the global economy and used to working for big
multinational companies.
Over 350 trainers certified to our blended
programmes Global Learning by Cegos.
Trainers and coaches knowing your
business (Account and Sector’s teams)
Capitalization of key sectors best practices: Financial
services, BtoB Services, Utilities, Luxury brands, Car
industry, ..
International account teams perfectly aware of the
business challenges of their clients and fully
responsible for maximizing their satisfaction.
Ricardo Martins was born in Johannesburg, South
Africa. He has a degree in economics and YMP
INSEAD. After 10 years of experience in the FMCG
sector in the States, he joined Cegos Portugal as a
senior consultant in account management, sales and
leadership. Fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese,
he is very often involved in assignments for
international companies (Fnac, Leclerc,
BricoMarché, Danone, Eon, Henkel, …)
Cegos International Network overview
Cegos offices:
Czech Republic
Licensed partners:
Vergouwen Overduin: Netherlands
Seminarium: Chile
Ideo Factory: Morocco
Riverbend: South Africa
Agreed partners :
Cultivator : Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Pluriconsult: Romania
Esca: Morroco
Team Management : Greece
Ekser: Turkey
Methodus: Croatia and Balkans countries
General physics: US, Canada, Mexico
Global Partners International: US
Renaissance: India
Bcon: Japan
Kmac: Korea
ANC: Thailand, Vietnam
Singaporean HR Institute : Singapore
Iradat: Indonesia
FAI Asia: Malaysia
Frontline: Australia
Franklin Covey: World
Talantium: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan
Overview about Cegos programmes
Engaging programmes available
worldwide in the right format customized or standard:
26 blended programmes and
200 e-learning modules available in
6 languages and more.
Multiformat solutions fitted to international
Leading-edge contents.
Delivery format perfectly fitted to
dispersed audience and to each learning style:
In-class, Blended, Tutored
e-learning, Virtual classroom, Cascading through
internal trainers, Coaching, Open-course, Learning
2.0 portal, ...
Innovative solutions
Serious game for Sales forces
Attractive pedagogy fostering effective skills
transfer to the workplace
(3 E approach).
Systematic localized contents
& on demand customization services.
Stimulating measurement tools
Online skills assessments.
Impact measurement 3 months after the event
based on key achievements and observed
practice & behaviour changes.
LMS services for tracking learners’ work in
progress and MCQ scores.
Participants’ learning track
• •E-learning
• •Skills
• •Commitment
• • On-the-job
• • e-learning
Business results oriented learning
Innovative solutions Learning 2.0
Overview of the portal technical architecture
A top-class access to the e-learning modules on Cegos LMS (Sumtotal solution) delivered
with efficient e-services to reinforce participants experience.
 A technical system capable to host different type of resources:
E-learning modules and training programs (e-learning or blended)
Assessments (off-the-shelf, bespoke,…)
Documents (Pdf, Word, PowerPoint,…)
Classroom sessions
 A system to manage users following your organization : country,
business unit, entity,…
Key indicators and means
 E-learning tracking: Completion rates (“how many
resources have been completed?”), time spent,
score (assessment results)
 Monthly Reports and online Report Services tool
 Technical support statistics
Conditions for success
 An international technical support : access by e-mail or phone, with
Cegos European teams
 User international support and follow-up
 Resources organization
 Customized user experience
 A user complete follow-up : on-line reporting and results, e-learning
resources completion reports,…
 Constant accessible web-service
 Easy way to register participants (automatic batch registration, daily
or weekly frequency).
 Automatic user notifications: booster e-mails, closure e-mails when a
user completes a training program,…
Beyond the project
 User tutoring / mentoring
 Webinars with experts about specific topics
 Collaborative tools
Overview about Cegos multimodal learning
Blended Solutions
A training course is known as blended or multi-modal when it combines different training methods, e.g. e-Learning,
classroom training, audio, mobile, portals or games, in order to improve the effectiveness of a training programme.
One example of blended by Cegos is the packaged “Global learning” offer
Cegos off-the-shelf training activities
Elearning module catalog
Each module with a pre and post assessment
“Focus” modules
Our objective: give you the means to
Deploy the GLC programs with your clients
Create your own online learning programs
by using the existing activities
and adding your own ones
High quality contents
Cegos received the GOLD Global Learning Impact Award delivered by the IMS Global
Learning Consortium, in Barcelona, on the 11th May 2009.
What made the difference : the pedagogic approach of our off-the-shelves e-learning solution,
the added value of the technology used, and the focus on localization
The Learning Impact Awards recognize the use of technology to improve learning across all
education segments and in all regions of the world. The finalists were evaluated by an expert
panel of judges and the attendees at the IMS annual Learning Impact conference and Summit
on Global Learning Challenges (please visit the website for details)
5 e-learning modules from the Project Management are referenced by the PMI and have a
value of 1 PDU per module for PMP certified participants (PMP® or PgMP®). Besides, Cegos
train more than 200 persons to the PMI certification, since 2005.
Cegos Group is registered as Education Provider since 7 years.
The e-learning modules have been designed by authors who conduct open-courses in
universities, business schools, and in-company training in more than 30 countries around the
world. They have also published many books in their field of expertise.
The authors are accredited : “Ken Blanchard - Situational Leadership”, “Stephen Covey Seven Habits”, “Process Communication”, “Human element”, MBTI ® , FIRO® (Will Schutz
method), PMP,…
They come from international Universities and Business schools (Cranfield School of
Management UK, EAP France, Reading University UK, Paris IX Dauphine,…).
The e-learning catalogue
 Inside the portal, the e-learning catalogue will be organized into 10 libraries.
 Each library is built upon collections of e-learning modules:
Focus on the e-learning module : 6 key relevant features
 Highly operational and updated content :
Cegos academics and authors have based the design of the e-learning modules on universal theories from our partners
and on their in-company training experience.
Modules are yearly reviewed and updated by the authors at the creation anniversary date.
 Learner-centric pedagogy :
Up to 25 different types of activities to have the learner constantly proactive and maintain his/her motivation and interest
 Friendly user interface :
Interface easy to understand : no waste of time to understand how to navigate (very intuitive, next/previous button)
Screen fully dedicated to the content, the menu does not interfere with the learning space
 A learning environment with tools and tips :
Summary synthesis, quick cards, notebook,…
 A multicultural and multilingual approach :
The modules have been localized by our local consultants/partners and adapted to local cultures so that people can
easily apply the skills and know-how according to their daily job and practices.
The e-learning modules are available in several languages : French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish,
Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean. The learner changes the language inside the module.
 Each e-learning module has a pre and post assessment :
Having these 2 assessments enable the participants to measure their progress before and after following the module.
An intuitive and user-friendly interface
Banner displaying the title
enables learners to situate
themselves within the
Tutor presenting
and concluding
each module
Clear learning goals
that should be
validated at the end
of each sequence
Take notes, save
and print them.
Navigation and
function bar
Get learning
Quick cards, additional
information, downloadable
Switch with
subtitles if required
Bookmark functionality
enabling the user to
restart the module on the
last screen viewed
Focus modules
Duration: 10 to 20 minutes (average = 15 mn)
Objectives: learn best practices by applying
them in a real interactive study case
Content is structured into two or three steps
or key learning points
The structure is clearly visible on the introduction screen
allowing a free navigation
Audio and visual material:
Videos showing people in real situations
Questions asked to the learner to choose a strategy
Combination of scenarios depending on the choice
Final conclusion oriented to help the learner to put in
practice the learning
Duration: 1 to 5 minutes (average = 3 mn)
Objectives: illustrate a learning content with
some video of experts
Content is structured into three or four
sections or key learning points
The structure is clearly visible on the screen in the form of a
visual sequence (transition titling)
Audio and visual material:
The tone of voice is operational and concrete
The content uses a lots of examples
And illustrates what is said:
• Display key words or phrases on the screen
• Use diagrams and flash animations
What would you choose Cegos for your project ?
The pedagogy expertise :
Highly operational content : Our consultants and e-learning authors are daily confronted to companies realities.
Highly structured modules with objectives and sub-objectives
Learner centric approach to ensure pro-activity and reflection from the participant
The multilingual e-learning modules as a standard (no added costs):
All modules are at least localized (ie adapted to local culture) in English and French. 80% of the catalogue is localized in 6 European
languages. Half of the catalogue in 10 languages.
The Project Management and International Support, as a standard :
Flexibility and rapidity to implement projects thanks to a skilled dedicated international project team
Technical and pedagogic support
The new solutions and best practices
Experience of more than 80 years in Training industry
Expertise of 10 years in customized e-learning
Off-the shelf modules : interactive, international design, cross-cultural, up to date, user friendly, easy to understand,…
The Highly competitive pricing
Our business model will offer you a quick and high return on investment
Flexible business models fitting your needs

Cegos Off-the-shelf presentation