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September 2009
helping you find out about the European
Union and the countries of Europe
promoting debate about
the EU and European issues
encouraging you to ask questions, give your
opinions and make suggestions to the EU
Forthcoming Cardiff EDC Event
Wednesday 11 November 2009
Welcome to ERASMUS Students
In the News…
Cardiff has been chosen to
represent the UK as a European
City of Sport for 2009. During its
term Cardiff will be the primary
city to host the UK School Games,
3-6 September 2009
September 2009
European Heritage Days in Wales
Bringing citizens together to enjoy heritage
and bridge differences in culture and language
Autumn weekend, Rudry, 16-18 October 2009
A weekend of fabulous European music and dance
In the News…
European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE)
Cardiff, 16-23 November 2009
Wales Arts International has joined ten other
cultural organisations from six EU countries
in the Practics project, with the aim to facilitate
the provision of information about EU
cross-border mobility in the cultural sector
Official launch: November 2009
Forthcoming talks, lectures and seminars
on European themes in Cardiff
All welcome
Language Courses available Autumn 2009
Croatian - French – German – Greek – Irish – Italian –
Polish – Portuguese – Russian – Spanish – Turkish
Further information:
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Vilnius (Lithuania) and Linz (Austria)
European Capitals of Culture 2009
In the News…
Sweden holds the EU Presidency
for the period July-December 2009
In the News…
26 September 2009
European Day of Languages
16-22 September 2009
European Mobility Week
European cities and towns have the opportunity
to participate in EMW to promote
sustainable mobility. The theme for 2009 is
‘Improving City Climates’
In the News…
September – October 2009
European Jobs Days
Hundreds of towns and cities around Europe
will stage simultaneous job fairs and other events
to promote job mobility
Elections in September 2009 in Europe
Parliamentary, 14 September 2009
Parliamentary, 27 September 2009
Parliamentary, 27 September 2009
112 is the common telephone number
to ring in ALL EU Member States
to get through to the Emergency Services
In the News…
EU Roaming Regulation
Entered into force on 1 July 2009
Cuts roaming costs for SMS, calls and
data downloads up to 60%
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Welcome to the Youtube space of the
European Union
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Debate Europe website
Elections to the
European Parliament June 2009
The results…
Welsh Members of the
European Parliament 2009-2014
• Jill Evans
• Kay Swinburne
• Derek Vaughan
• John Bufton

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