EDC News, May 2009
helping you find out about the European
Union and the countries of Europe
promoting debate about
the EU and European issues
encouraging you to ask questions, give your
opinions and make suggestions to the EU
Language Courses available Spring 2009
French – German – Greek – Irish – Italian – Polish –
Portuguese – Russian – Spanish – Turkish
Further information:
+ Short Language Courses available June
2009 to prepare you for a summer holiday:
French – German – Italian – Portuguese – Spanish
Further information:
Forthcoming talks, lectures and seminars
on European themes in Cardiff
All welcome
Europe Day Quiz
Thursday 7 May 2009 7:00pm
Free Buffet
To mark Europe Day 2009 the European Documentation Centre is
organising a light-hearted EURO-QUIZ to test your knowledge of all things
European – the people and countries of Europe, food and drink, history,
sport and the arts (and even a few questions about the European Union).
There is no cost to take part, and a free buffet with wine and soft drinks will
be provided. During the evening we will be taking a collection for charity.
To register your team please send an email to
by Thursday 30 April 2009
In the News…
Cardiff has been chosen to represent the UK as a
European City of Sport for 2009. During its term
Cardiff will host the UK School Games
In the News…
Vilnius (Lithuania) and Linz (Austria)
European Capitals of Culture 2009
In the News…
The Czech Republic holds the EU Presidency
for the period January-June 2009
Europe without Barriers
In the News…
Sweden holds the EU Presidency
for the period July-December 2009
Elections in May 2009 in Europe
Lithuania: Presidential [1st Round]
17 May 2009
Switzerland: Referendum
17 May 2009
Germany: Presidential
23 May 2009
In the News…
1 May 2009
5th Anniversary of the enlargement
of the European Union, uniting eastern
and western Europe
EVE is the new electronic platform for the dissemination
and exploitation of results of projects supported by
programmes implemented by the European Commission’s
Education and Culture Directorate-General
Spring Day 2009
Spring Day for Europe is an annual campaign that is open
to all schools in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
Teachers are encouraged to book one or many days in their
calendar to involve their students in activities that focus on
debate, interaction and reflection on European themes.
Spring Day enables young citizens to express their views
and make their voices heard in Europe.
Council of Europe is Sixty, May 2009
European Court of Human Rights
is 50 in May 2009
112 is the common telephone number
to ring in ALL EU Member States
to get through to the Emergency Services
Looking for information on these subjects
or anything else connected with Europe?
Please ask EDC staff
or use
April 2009 – March 2010
is now freely available to libraries, schools
and public bodies in Wales
Please ask for details
Welcome to the Youtube space of the
European Union
Have your say…
Debate Europe website
Elections to the
European Parliament June 2009
Political Parties with Candidates in Wales
The European Commission and MTV launched
on 8 April 2009 an EU-wide initiative called
Can you hear me Europe
which is aimed at prompting young people to make their voices
heard by voting in theEuropean Parliament elections in 2009

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