Class of 2010
IB Diploma and Honors students
Kong Yang
 Honors speech: the Computer Science
 CAS activities: Tennis, observing art
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
raising Monarch butterflies
 Looking forward to in college:
Independent learning
“Stealthy Honor”
Matt Wells
 Honors speech:
 CAS: soccer & golf
 Advice for underclassmen: Don’t fall
behind on your work
 Will miss about HP: friends and free
“steady humor”
Lor Vang
 Honors Speech: Spino Cerebellum
Degeneration and sense perception
 CAS activities: Community youth work and
 Looking forward to college to: meet new
 Advice for parents: Support your children
“Judicious brilliance”
Libby Stone
 Honors speech: “Body Language”
 CAS activities: Orchestra, gymnastics,
Simpson shelter, musicals
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
touching a deer’s heart
 Theme song thus far: Prelude to the
Bach Cello Suites
“Incisive Clarity”
Ellie Schneider
 Honors speech: Color Theory in Advertising
 CAS activities: Volunteering at Longfellow
Elementary, HP newspaper
 Most valuable project in high school: the
english oral during Junior year
 Will miss about HP: some people, the funny
teachers, and being a part of HP tennis
“Gentle Honor”
Nate Rue
 Honors speech:
 CAS activities: Hockey, tennis, tutoring
 Will be missed at HP for: always varied
hair styles, and never varying good
“Radical Precisions”
Erin Prizant
 Honors speech: Autism
 CAS activities: Archery, SPNN video editing,
 Looking forward to college: Getting more
experience in editing and motion graphics
 Advice for juniors: Do all your college stuff
and testing in the summer after your junior
“Singular Voice”
Joey Otte
 Honors speech: Physics of Frisbee
 CAS activities: Coaching baseball, playing
music and frisbee
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
incubating chickens
 Advice for teachers: Don’t overwork your
 Theme song thus far: ‘These colors flee the
“Soul of the Game”
Mark Macapagal
 Honors speech: Culture and tradition in the
 CAS activities: Tutoring for children’s
 Looking forward to college: the freedom to
shape own future and education
 Will miss about HP: the comfortable social
environment that allows me to be myself
“Truthful humanitarian”
Shelby Malcolm
 Honors speech: Languages taught in high
 CAS activities: camp counselor, Wabasha
National Eagle Center volunteer
 Most valuable project: Did Dinosaurs exist?
 Will miss about HP: all her friends
 Advice for parents: Get involved in kid’s
school life
“Gentle Strength”
Mai Nhoua Lee
 Honors speech: The Medical Ethics of
Designer Babies
 CAS activities: Band, Asian Culture Club,
Salvation Army, Lao Family Soccer
 Advice for underclassmen: Sleep now,
because you will not be getting any later…
 Theme song thus far: ‘Live like we’re dying’
“Wickedly Brilliant Thinker”
Andrea Lane
 Honors speech: Comparing the
curriculum of various high schools
 CAS activities: jewelry making, softball
 Will be missed at HP for: thoughtful
civic actions, and low key kindnesses
“Soulful Honesty”
Elena Kronmiller
 Honors Speech: Flaws with the Myers
Briggs Personality Profile
 CAS activities: Badminton, food shelf
 Advice for underclassmen: pretend to know
what you are doing, even if you don’t.
 Looking forward to college: being in a new
environment, with independence!
“Worldly Balance”
Derek Krautkremer
 Honors speech: Steroids in professional
sports around the world
 CAS activities: Mission trip to New Orleans,
 Favorite memory from kindergarten: my
class had a pool full of rice we got to play
 Looking forward to college: being able to
study a specific area I am interested in
“Righteous Ease”
Sean Kopp-Reddy
 Honors speech:
 CAS activities: music and tennis
 Advice for teachers: Homework has
fallen out of favor with current high
school students… There is no longer
any reason to continue assigning it.
 Theme song thus far: ‘Rancid’
“Ironic Sincerity”
Miles Davison
 Honors Speech: Interpretation of Rap Music
 CAS Activities: Basketball, music, senior
class council
 Most valuable project in school: 9th grade
biology rap
 Looking forward to college: being away from
“Honest Quest”
Jack Coyne
 Honors Speech: Steroid use in sports
 CAS Activities: Tennis, Jazz Band, Tutoring,
Food shelf
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten: Flat
Stanley and Grandparents Day
 Advice for underclassmen: Don’t
procrastinate, and have fun in high school.
“Judicious Energies”
Joshua Corner
 Honors Speech: analysis of ‘Howl’
 CAS Activities: Theater, speech, and
volunteerism at Cedar Cultural Center
 Will be missed at HP for: the raised
eyebrows as he poses a ‘But you could
think about it…’
“Subversive Potential”
Tierney Broberg
 Honors Speech: Apartheid in South Africa
 CAS Activities: service trip to South Africa,
golf, piano
 Most valuable project in school: The French
IB oral, because it was one of the most
terrifying things I have had to make myself
 Will miss about HP: her friends
“ Steady Integrity”
Owen Boardman
 Honors Speech: ‘Politeness Overvalued’
 CAS Activities: tutoring, speech, and running
 Favorite memory from kindergarten:
learning to breakdance
 Advice for teachers: Don’t take it personally
when people are not interested in what you
have to say.
“Sees through the obfuscation”
Andrei Bergthold
 Honors Speech: Chess in Schools
 CAS Activities: Teaching chess, playing
 Most valuable project in highschool: the
WWII timeline for history
 Advice for parents: Let your children be the
masters of their own fate. The power of the
creative mind is unstoppable.
“Consummate Strategist”
Luis Benavides
 Honors speech: How playing in a band
develops life skills
 CAS Activities: playing in a band
 Most valuable assignment in
highschool: the computer dossier
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
snack and nap time
“The Edge of Valor”
Wendy Batch
 Honors Speech: The future - is it here?
 CAS Activities: working on house on Pine
Ridge, volunteering at Planned Parenthood
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
Performing ‘Somos como las Flores’ in giant
flower costumes
 Advice for underclassmen: Befriend the
exchange students. You may end up
making a life long friend!
“Luminous Analysis”
Sarah Alvarado
 Honors Speech: Global warming and
environmental progress
 CAS Activities: music, NHS volunteerism,
 Most valuable project: the 15 minute English
oral- it helped me overcome my fear of orals.
 Advice for teachers: Keep the work going
and motivation high, and take short breaks.
When we take long breaks its difficult to work
hard again.
“Clarity of Intellect”
Tiwa Ajibewa
Honors Speech: Ethics of sports heroes
CAS Activities: running, Haiti relief
Looks forward to in college: studying abroad
Advice for parents: encourage your kids
Theme song thus far: ‘Forever Young’
“ A Man’s Wisdom”
Sebastian Zeck
 Extended Essay: The Influence of Anarchism
and Politics on the Case of Sacco and
 CAS Activities: photography, music
 Will be missed at HP for: the ease with
which he entered into class discussions,
leaving others feeling welcomed and
“Independent Vision”
Kate Siess
 Extended Essay: Aristotelian Love in
Pride and Prejudice
 CAS Activities: Children’s Hospital
Super Volunteer
 Will be missed at HP for: her
dedication to service as a fundamental
good which needs no other reward.
“Genuine Action”
Abby Setterholm
 Extended Essay: Philosophy and
Practicality: An Analysis of the Purpose of
Hadrian’s Wall
 CAS Activities: theater, Model United
Nations, mission trips
 Looking forward to in college: studying what
I am actually interested in, meeting people
from around the world
 Advice for teachers: remember that students
have lives outside of school also
“Seeker of Truths”
William Robertson
 Extended Essay: The Finn Ski War
 CAS Activities: volunteer music
counselor, skiing, sound director/JCC
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
finding my lunch box after someone
threw it on the roof of the school
 Will miss about HP: the diversity
“Valor and equanimity”
Christopher Penning
 Extended Essay: The Soviet Regime’s
Effect on the Musical Career of
Mstislav Rostropovich
 CAS activities: cello, soccer, tutoring
 Will be missed at HP for: his ebullient
nature and universally kind manner to
others- even at 7:51 am.
“Thoughtful abandon”
Jack Kolb
 Extended Essay: The pursuit of the four
minute mile
 CAS activities: running, Math team, Habitat
for Humanity
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten: snack
time (I wish we had it in HS)
 Advice for teachers: Keep up the good work,
and don’t lose your passion for what you do.
“Humane Brilliance”
Sher Her
 Extended Essay: Imperialism on the Eve of
 CAS Activities: United Hospital Volunteer,
Youth Literary Program, tennis
 Looking forward to college: Life on campus,
being on my own
 Advice for underclassmen: Do not
procrastinate, stay organized, and know your
due dates. Be active in your community.
“Sincere Truth”
Cynthia Hang
 Extended Essay: Religious Influences on
Medieval Artwork
 CAS Activities: Volunteering at Museum
Magnet school, making jewelry, tennis
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
crawling on stage instead of using the stairs
at graduation
 Advice for parents, underclassmen, and
teachers: Don’t worry about it
Ananda Guneratne
 Extended Essay: The Measurement
Problem: Schrodinger’s Cat Revisited
 CAS Activities: Speech/debate, Model UN,
NHS, Math team, bicycling
 Advice for underclassmen: Have fun with
your projects and assignments. Learning
can and should be fun, not stressful.
 Theme song thus far: a unnamed tune I
made up that I whistle from time to time.
“Renaissance Sensibilities”
Jerusalem Gobeze
 Extended Essay: The Role of the Media in
the Rwandan Genocide
 CAS Activities: Tutoring, theater, knitting for a
 Looking forward to college: pretty much
 Will miss about Highland: the HP Thespian
and Momentous”
Sonal Chakrasali
 Extended Essay: Symbolism in Da Vinci’s Art
 CAS Activities: volunteering at Longfellow
Elementary, badminton, art
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten: being
friends with someone after knowing them for
a few minutes
 Advice for parents: Trust your kids- you
raised them after all!
“Lithe Intellect”
Elizabeth Boyd
 Extended Essay: Tourism- a Study of
Cologne, Germany
 CAS Activities: Stage crew, STLF, softball,
 Most valuable project in high school: the
extended essay
 Looking forward to college: All the different
types of classes!
“Practical Abandon”
Rose Bowen
 Extended Essay: How far did the Hominid
Fossil specimens ‘Lucy’ and ‘Ardi’ contribute
to the scientific understanding of human
 CAS Activities: Camp counselor, NHS,
tennis and badminton
 Favorite memory from Kindergarten:
Learning songs in spanish
 Advice for teachers: Make due dates very
clear- keep patience with struggling
Kimberly Andrews
 Extended Essay: The Chemistry of Luminol
 CAS Activities: Soccer, Orchestra, coaching
youth sports
 Most valuable project: the extended essay
 Will miss about HP: teachers and friends
“Singular Humanitarianism”
Thank you, and Good Luck!

Class of 2010 - Saint Paul Public Schools