By Lifestreams
The Problem
Groups privately communicate, plan and share ideas
and media every day but…
…email isn’t
…and social isn’t private.
People live their lives in groups – larger than just one person, but
smaller than their entire social universe
Micro-niche apps are burying users and fragmenting communications
People need one, private place to manage all their groups
Groupology, by Lifestreams, keeps all your groups separate, but puts all
your groups in one place.
- Each group has a conversation stream that flows with time and can
hold any kind of content, from photos to documents to links to
locations. Forget email, Dropbox, Evernote. Do it all here.
Simplicity & Privacy
• Create a group, invite members, share content – that’s it.
• A group is a single, searchable stream with past, present
– and future (for upcoming events and scheduling)
• Your stuff is private and it stays private.
• Groupology is a walled-garden, separate from your email
and your social networks.
• Same interface and content across your iPhone, iPad
and desktop – everything is stored in the cloud.
• We don’t read your content.
• You won’t accidentally post something to a public
Our Technology
Lifestreams was developed by world-famous computer
David Gelernter, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at
Yale University,
and Eric Freeman, PhD, former CTO of Disney Online,
now our full-time CTO.
Their work has been profiled extensively by the NY
Times, Economist, Wired, Techonomy and most recently
by the Wall Street Journal.
Our IP is patent-protected.
The Team
 Daniel Gelernter, BA Yale 2010 (CEO)
– Co-founded the current effort with Peter Prosol; Member of the original Lifestreams test-group at MWT.
– Led IP team for Managed Interface Tech. Co-inventer of patent-pending New Universal Interface.
– Key designer of distance learning software for the online university UR, and co-inventor of recursive web technology DIG.
Oversaw development; now in beta.
 Brian Duncan (COO/CFO)
– Technology executive with significant experience in operations, finance, business development, metrics and strategy.
– Oversaw technology business operations and finance for Disney and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation.
– Led business development effort at two technology start up companies.
 David Gelernter, PhD (Chief Scientist)
– Professor of Computer Science at Yale, recently profiled in NY Times, Wall Street Journal and The Economist.
– Co-inventor of Lifestreams. Is called the originator of the Cloud (
– Author of Mirror Worlds, “one of the most influential books in computer science” (Technology Review). His work with Linda
inspired Java and Javascript. Anticipated systems such as Google Maps and Second Life.
 Eric Freeman, PhD (CTO)
– Co-inventor of Lifestreams with David Gelernter.
– Former CTO of Disney Online.
– Bestselling technology author of the “Head First” programming series, with nearly 400,000 books in print in eight languages.
 Peter Prosol, BA Yale 2008 (CMO)
– Corporate strategy consultant for Deloitte; previous strategy experience with Capital One and IBM.
– Exclusively C-Suite clients, including the Chief Executive, Financial, Information, Marketing and Strategy Officers.
– Project work includes business strategy design for a major technology transformation, market analysis, customer analysis,
competitive intelligence, pricing and channel strategy development, financial analysis and modeling.
Where we are, where we’re headed
Groupology app now is now in alpha on
desktop, iPad and iPhone
Conducting testing with a wide variety of
groups to determine best use cases
Public launch coming January 31st
Monetization will be through the proven
freemium model of charging for exceeding
storage limits
Real-world Use Cases
Music producer using Groupology to share and discuss music and video
with other producers
Students using Groupology to share photos and chat on a “study break
Football fans using Groupology instead of a forum or Twitter to live-stream
the game
Rock band using Groupology to post photos and videos and schedule their
upcoming gigs
Professor using Groupology to distribute materials to his class, schedule
classes and collect assignments
Family using Groupology to share photos, plan upcoming vacations, and
keep a living record of those vacations
Startup companies using Groupology instead of email to communicate and
collaborate within the company
Yale Class of ’64 and West Point Class of ‘72 will be trying Groupology as a
replacement for email communications with class members
Our coming
2 -Gen